🏈Tayden Dyches Awesome Flag Football Game!

(audience yelling) (“Workin” by Jamesthemormon) – Hello, Dyches fam. Today is a beautiful, sunny, warm day. 82 degrees. Everyone’s saying it’s fall, but I’m not willing to accept that. I think it’s gonna be
summer all year this year. What do you think, Koi? – Mmm. Maybe. (Christina laughs) – Winter’s gonna come. – Winter is not gonna come. Don’t say that, Nikoi. I don’t even like that word. – What? I like winter. I like summer. I like spring. – She’s such a cutie liking everything. – I like everything. – [Christina] Nikoi, where are we headed? – My gymnastics. – Gymnastics. So, she has gymnastics, of course, during rush hour. And as if that isn’t bad enough, to have to try to get
there during rush hour, the traffic lights are not working today. So it’s taking us, like, 10 times longer than it should to get there. Dang it, Nikoi. Are we gonna be late? – Uh-huh. – Trying so hard for me to, like, feed the baby, get ’em ready so that we can leave at a decent time. And then we leave, and
then the lights are out. This is what being a family
of six people is like. There is way too much going
on and it’s mass chaos. But we know we’re gonna make it. So Nikoi has gymnastics. I’m taking her. Tayden has his first football game of the season tonight, and we’re gonna meet up with them after. So it’s gonna be a fun time. So you guys should hang
out and come along! – Alright, guys. Guess what today is. – My first football game. – It’s game day! We’re excited. Are you excited, bro? – Yeah! – Is it bright for ya in here or what? – Yeah. (laughs) – So, we’re just getting ready to head out to see this dude’s first
game of the season. Tayden, good luck, buddy. Do your best. We love you and, yeah, hopefully mom can get here and record some of the game. Or hopefully I get a few minutes, maybe a break or something out there, where I can record from the sidelines, but we’ll see. – Yep. – [Josh] K. William, say, “Go, Tayden!” – Go, Tayden! – [Josh] Get a touchdown! – Get a touchdown! – Yeah, let’s go, guys. – [Christina] There she is. Miss gymnast America. How was it, sis? – Good. – [Christina] Just good? – Mm-hmm. – [Christina] Not great? – Well, great, because
I only had two real, like, one finger on back handspring, ’cause I didn’t really feel Ms. Crystal touching me. – [Christina] Wow. It’s like you’re doing it all by yourself. – And I only had one finger on standing back handspring. – [Christina] Hey, and we saw your one-handed front walkover. And you did that all by yourself. – Yeah, but then it got, like, hard. – [Christina] That’s okay. You just gotta practice
a little bit more, huh? Great job, sissy. (audience cheering) (whistle blows) – [Josh] That a kid, Tay! Good job, Tayden! (audience yelling) (whistle blows) – [Josh] Come on, smile buddy. Where’s a smile? Where’s a smile? Come on. He won’t smile for me. Okay, guys. So after a victorious win, Tayden, where are we eating at, buddy? – Chik-fil-a! – [Josh] Chik-fil-a! The
spicy chicken sandwich. William. (blowing) (Josh laughs) – [Josh] William, do you like Chik-fil-a? (blowing) – [Christina] Is it hot? (laughs) – [Josh] Do you guys remember the Chik-fil-a dance? – [Christina] Chicken nugget dance. – [Josh] The chicken nugget dance. How do you do it? Chicken nugget, chicken nugget, chicken nugget. – William, show us the
chicken nugget dance. – [Josh] Chicken nugget, chicken nugget. (laughter) – I’m so proud of Tayden. He seriously did awesome in his first game of the season. Tayden. How was it buddy? – Fun. – [Josh] Fun? He’s trying to eat, guys. Christina, how was gymnastics? – Busted! Nikoi did awesome, like always. – [Josh] Did you record
anything for these guys? – Yeah, a little bit. She was working on her
one-handed front walkover. – [Josh] Nice. Did you get it down? Were you close? – [Christina] She actually did it by herself a couple times. – [Josh] She did it by herself? – Yeah. It wasn’t the prettiest, but she did it by herself. That’s all that matters. Getting better. – [Josh] Do you like gymnastics? – Look how big this is! – [Josh] Oh, wait, let’s see if we can see you through it. Like, make a crazy, like, oh my- – [Christina] Oh, look at William’s, Dad. – Whoa. – [Josh] Whoa, William. Those are some big fries. Big as Nikoi’s head. Nikoi, look at me and smile. Act like you’re gonna take a bite of that. – Whoa. Mama. – [Josh] Okay. – [Christina] That’s a big one. – [Josh] Okay, Chik-fil-a. – Hey guys. So, tonight I have a softball game at 9:15. So I’m gonna go hang out with my buddies. And play some softball. Meanwhile, Christina is at home getting all the kids to bed. I feel bad for her because it’s always a little chaotic. And it helps to have two people wranglin’ them children of ours, gettin’ ’em to bed. But anyways, it’s also nice to have a little break. Because, yeah. I’ve been putting in a little overtime lately with the helping out with the kids. With school, homework, cooking, cleaning, dishes, whatever I can do to help Christina. ‘Cause that lady isn’t
getting a lot of sleep. And physically, you know, she’s still not a hundred percent. Anyways, interesting side note, I’m listening to When the
Kids Go to Sleep podcast. If you guys don’t know what that is, it’s Shay Carl and Colette Butler, from the Shaytards. They have a podcast. And they have, like, 160 episodes so far, and I have listened to,
like, 140-something. I’ve almost listened to
all of them in the last, I guess it was probably the beginning of this year, is when I started. And I would highly recommend it. I think if you wanna, like, know a lot about, if you wanna know more about, like, what I believe, what me and Christina believe. We’re very similar in our beliefs to what Shay and Colette are. So if you wanna know more in depth, they go more in depth in their podcast. And they talk about
their personal beliefs, religion, and all that stuff. So, if you wanna know more about our beliefs, go check out their podcast. They’re super good, so. Anyways, I just thought I’d let you guys know that. Because I’ve invested a lot of time listening to their podcast. And it’s been good for my brain, so, maybe it would be good for your brains. I don’t know. So go check it out. Let me know what you think. But now, I’m gonna get psyched out because I’m gonna go hit some softballs! And hopefully I don’t suck tonight. So wish me luck, guys. Fingers crossed. Nothin’ better than a little softball on a beautiful night. The weather’s perfect. And I just love playing
baseball and softball. But yeah. It’s something my dad did for, like, 20 years. So I spent a lot of time
going to softball games. And me and Troy, my brother, have spent a lot of time
playing softball together. So I really enjoy
getting together with him and hanging out with the bros. So, they’re looking at me like I’m a weirdo. (“Take Me out to the
Ballgame” rock instrumental) – So I just got home from softball. We were victorious. And we won, like, 22 to one or something. It was amazing. – They would’ve been fine without you. – Yeah. No, they would’ve. There was 12 guys, so. Anyways, but Christina said, “Hey, I need some Jimmy Fallon ice cream.” (laughs) – Have you guys tried it? It’s awesome. – Let’s show ya. Oh, and I not only got one, I got two. So we don’t even have to share. – Josh knows I don’t
share well with ice cream. – And you know I don’t
like to share well, ever. – The Tonight Dough. And what a better way
to eat The Tonight Dough than by watching… – [Josh and Christina] The Tonight Show! – Anyways, that’s gonna be it for the Dyches fam today. It’s been very eventful today. – We’re tired, that’s why
we need some ice cream after a long, hard day of busyness. – Yes, and to relax. (kisses) And hang out with another
adult with no children. – All of our children are asleep. Yes! – K, guys. If you’re new here, please subscribe. And leave us a comment below so we can get to know you better. Thumbs up, as always. And we’ll see you guys- – Tomorrow! – Tomorrow. Peace out. – Love you, guys! Peace out, friends. – (kisses) We love you. ♫ Are you gonna find it, baby, my way? Are we gonna grind or are we gon’ play? ♫ We gon’ give it time,
but never gonna wait ♫ Said it either black
or white, but not grey ♫ Are you gonna find it, baby, my way? ♫ Are we gonna grind or are we gon’ play? ♫ We gon’ give it time,
but never gonna wait ♫ Said it either black
or white, but not grey ♫ I said we out here grindin’, we workin’ ♫ I said we out here grindin’

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