Adonis Watt – The Blind Football Player With NFL Dreams Shares His Vision Hero Story

my name is Adonis Watt. I’m 14, I play
football, wrestling, and basketball, and track. My favorite sport out of all of those is
probably football. If you sign up for it you have to be all in. The Adrenaline rush Wheb you get the ball, There’s just no other feeling like it. especially when you make a big
play. I’m always impressed when I take a second and say to myself that he does
all this and he’s blind he lives his life fearlessly and I think in today’s
age these kids are so fearful of mistakes or what’s holding them back
Adonis’s character is evident in his decisions based on how to help him
navigate the difficulties of what we take for granted each day so whatever
your burden is understand that you can overcome it. I’m definitely proud of
knowing that I’m working as hard if not harder than everybody else. Waking up
earlier going to school and keeping everything good especially my grades. we just had to really see things
differently and when Adonis went blind I felt like I went blind and like I
felt like I don’t know the plan anymore but as a parent you want your kid to be
okay and if your kid is showing you they’re okay it’s kind of hard for you to
not be. you know? he’s an upbeat young guy I’m constantly talking to him asking a
lot of questions. “Does blindness make you feel down a little bit?” and he always tells me “No it doesn’t bother me.” He’s going to do
whatever he want to do. Basically you just use your pointer fingers and what I wrote
was Adonis going to the NFL. His mantra is “just do you”. you know whatever
it is you want to do. whether you’re blind you’re deaf you’re in a wheelchair
whether you’re trying to get a job interview maybe you deal with depression
maybe you got bullied whatever the situation is just do you that makes me
feel like okay we got this he says we got it. doesn’t matter if you’re an
athlete or a student or a person that work in your workplace work ethic is the
key to success you know that’s still saying that work beats talent when
talent doesn’t work he does have that fire he wants to move forward he wants
to get better and he works on his details the smaller things even though he
doesn’t have sight he has great vision he knows that it’s all about driving for
what he wants he’s totally taken me outside of my comfort zone when I
demonstrate different exercises for people it’s all about what they see with
Adonis it’s more about explaining and it’s about the feel of the exercise in
the process what’s happening is I’m kind of stretching out my imagination coming
up with different ways of doing things I think I’m benefitting more from
training Adonis than he’s benefiting from me. the first time I really met him and
started talking to him he was really funny so like I knew she’s gonna be a
good friend because we made each other laugh. Some of his Pickup lines. He has some great pickup lines. One of them was “I was blind until I looked into your beautiful Eyes” [Off Camera] “Does that Work?” Everyone Simultaneously “yes” one of his touchdowns he got the handoff
and he just ran right through the hole kind of, checked a couple kids, and he
scored we were all going crazy. yeah that was a cool moment. he gets a lot of
credit for touchdowns it so I think it’s only fair that he you know accepts
responsibility for the turnovers as well Over. turnover turnover I think we
recovered the other one. when we went into this we were thinking he’s gonna
inspire children you know with low vision and now we’re realizing he’s
inspiring different types of people. he’s showing people in the world that
whatever your situation is, it shouldn’t stop you from doing whatever you want to do
if you’re passionate about something go chase it you know just do you and just
put in the work to get where you wanna go join other vision heroes at the vision
of Children Foundation to help discover cures for genetic childhood blindness
and other vision disorders visit for more information

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