Belichick & Saban (2019): The Art of Coaching | Last NFL Match Up (Clip) | HBO

In his two seasons with Miami, Saban compiled a 15 and 17
record, and as it happened, his last
Dolphins win came late in the 2006 season,
against his old friend. ♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ ANNOUNCER: I don’t know if you
wanna expose Tom Brady to this. He’s taken a beating
all day long. GIL SANTOS: This has been a
horrendous day for the Patriots. BILL BELICHICK:
What I remember about that game
is we couldn’t do anything. That was a long flight home. -(LAUGHS)
-Plus, there’s that
stupid little locker room over there, which I mean,
it’s like… a third of the size
of this office. We’re hot, we’re tired,
we just got beaten. You know, want to hit
each other over the head with a chair. (SIGHS) But playing against you
was hard. I mean, I remember sitting
in those quarterback meetings
with Brady and, you know… It was different each week and, uh, we knew we were
gonna get something different. We’d try to figure out
what it was, and then we usually guessed
wrong and couldn’t f– You know, and it was just–
It was hard. So certainly one of the best
days of my coaching career was the day you took
the Alabama job. -Got out of Miami.
-(LAUGHS) I don’t– I don’t believe that.

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