Brandi Chastain And World Cup Players Surprise Chicago Girls’ Soccer Team

– I am so fortunate to live in this time where we’re celebrating
young girls like Elizabeth – [Kelly] Yeah. (applause) – And we have, we have
women like yourselves being role models and mentors. And myself, Julie Foudy and the US Women’s national team players, we played with some girls in the Development
Academy through US Soccer. – [Woman] Were they dying? – We surprised them. (laughing) Oh yeah, come on, I mean, I didn’t have women to
look up to on team sports and so this is like, this was kind of a jaw dropping moment and kind of a little bit of paralysis. Our mantra is, “Protecting
the future of the game.” And this is exactly what we’re doing by giving these young women an opportunity to see themselves in the future and to say, “Why not?” – Yes. (applause) I love you. – [Woman] That was great. – All right let’s take a look
at what you did in Chicago. (upbeat techno music) – Behind us in this big dome are some unsuspecting US
Soccer Development Academy players thinking that they’re here just for some soccer practice. – [Brunette Woman] Oh no they’re not. They are not here for soccer. – See these lovely ladies from the 2019 Woman’s
World Cup winning team. (cheering) – [Brunette Woman] The
really cool thing is too inside, these players, they’re legit. They could one day actually be playing for the United States Soccer team so we’re here just to give them a little inspiration. – And thanks to Allstate we have this opportunity. – Are you ready?
– Let’s go. – Let’s go, come on. – [All] USA, USA, USA, A (upbeat techno music) – [Man] Everybody understand the game? – Okay, one or two touch for right now. (gasps) (background noise drowns out other sounds) (upbeat music) – [Woman] Hi guys. (upbeat music) (women chatting) – When I saw the US Women’s National team walk through those doors, my jaw dropped. This can not be happening. – We’re speechless. It’s crazy. – [Brunette Woman] How we doing? – I didn’t know what to do.
– I didn’t know what to do. – [Blonde Woman] Little bit of shock? – They’re my role models and they’ve built this new foundation for women especially so I’m just so happy to meet them and finally get to know them. – Do you guys still get like, really nervous before like, games where like, so many people are going to be watching? – Yeah. I get nervous
before every single game and it’s just something that like, I know I share nervousness with some of my teammates. (laughing) And just, it’s nice to know
that you’re in it together. – We all have a
responsibility to each other and to the game to make sure that we take care of it and that we use it in a
way that’s going to help celebrate all woman. – Seeing veterans like Brandi and Julie – And then like, all
the new generations… – It really is inspiring. That could be us one day. – Like, if they can do it, I can do it. (upbeat techno music) I will never forget this day. – I don’t even know if I’ll
be able to go to bed tonight. – I have the ball,
– How did this happen? but I need the picture. – I mean I’ll definitely remember it. – When we would travel to Europe, they would call us USA, so we became USA, USA, USA, A, is our cheer. Are you ready? Everything you have. One, two, three, – [All] USA, USA, USA (cheering) – That was a lot of soul.

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