Breaking down changes for Virginia Tech parking and traffic patterns for football games

pack your patience if you plan to tailgate at the hokies opening home football game on Saturday there are big changes in parking and traffic patterns 10news reporter Bertram art alladhi explains why you could ultimately save you time after a huge win over Florida State Virginia Tech is expecting a sold-out crowd at this weekend’s football game as thousands of football fans get ready for the game and I’m excited because my first home football game as a hooky Marco czarsky of Virginia Tech says drivers should expect a change in the flow of traffic on game day really we’re excited because now we’ve got a lot of the South Gate and 460 construction behind us those roads are effectively open while there’s still some work being done with the new 460 South Gate connector visitors can expect a smoother experience going to and from the game when you head to the game the new South Gate entrance has got two lanes coming in and police will have it going such that you’ll be coming in all the way in without interruptions right to your lot how to exit after the game they’re gonna close the roads going in and move traffic even quicker going out before and after the game the roundabouts will be positioned to where cars will not need to stop so that is going to make the flow of traffic much much easier and faster before and after the game for more information on parking or traffic go to our website at WS LS calm in Blacksburg producer Marta Lodi 10 News working for you

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