Carp Fishing The Gardner Tackle App

So, you’re on a fishing session, the rods
are out, you’re relaxing in the bag. You may have even got bored of going through the dodgiest
sites on the internet. Why not take a minute to download the Gardner Tackle App. It’s a
really useful single stop solution to getting a wealth of information relating to everything
Gardner Tackle related and general fishing information that your find useful and catch
you more carp. It also links through to product pages, our social media which is constantly
being updated and our very popular YouTube channel. There’s a weather application on
there, so you can even keep an eye on what the weathers doing whilst you’re on the session,
so you know whether or not you need to zip the door down. It’s everything there, just
free to download. It was an industry first and it’s been a really useful application
that we’ve had a lot of good feedback on. Take a minute to download it before your next
trip and then you can spend a bit of time looking at something that is not quite so
risky on your phone.

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