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    crime news

    Stupid AF


    Omega Glitch

    Take em out of the hood but can’t take the hood out of them.


    mercedes gomez

    Stop arresting people for marihuana


    ThisGrl Here

    Another LOW IQ Wakandian. Idiot


    Exculpatory Shōgun

    Oh wow, you put somebody in jail for a plant, and for a 2nd Amendment inalienable right. Gee golly, I love paying taxes to lock people up for a plant and an inalienable right….

    smfh f'ing idiots.


    Dennis Depends

    Wait are thought all americans can have guns? Or wait i forgot he was black and apprently only white americans CAN ONLY HAVE GUNS in this country! Racist police


    Proud2be White

    Let's see…an NFL player arrested for drug and a illegal weapon. And, of course, he's black.


    G Sterling

    Is that a tarantula on his head?


    Renna S

    You guys are lying go to TMZ Sports. they got the story right this is not even a true story marijuana is legal in California and some other state Marijuana is nothing they treating is marijuana like it's cocaine it's marijuana you guys you guys are so stupid and behind times this is not the fifties this is 2019 get a life.. he went to the gun range with the gun and it had gun range bullet's ..he didn't have the right bullets in the gun to drive around with it he didn't take them out..


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