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Welcome everyone to the sports gambling pockets. I’m Sean stacking the one agreement with my
partner in pics, Ryan, real money. Kramer, what’s happening? Crime dog. So much to get
to show so much content, so much action, so much activity. We are back from our awesome
weekend in a Washington state hashtag Goku [inaudible]. We’ll be breaking that down in
amazing detail on the college picks podcast. So stay tuned for that. But now it is a, we’re
taping this Monday afternoon, pre Monday night football and uh, you know, daily fantasy football
picks. But before we get to that, we have to talk about the miles Garrett situation.
We have actually obligated to hello hotspot,
strong. There’s no place, there’s no place in the game. Napalm takes flying for both
sides of the issue. We’re going to weigh in with our own opinion, but as luck would have
it, a writer for the program was actually at the game. He’s a Cleveland Browns fan.
He was there to witness the melee at first energy bank stadium or something like that.
Joining us on the line, Matt, too. Sick. Matt, what’s happening?
Okay. Not too much guys. Happy to be here. Happy
to get the truth of the story out there. Oh yeah. Wow. First of all, uh, sorry. Tough,
tough luck on the Browns this year. Get that, get that out of the way. I don’t
know if you’re a big follower of the show, but I offered the entire world a Superbowl
future. Hey, well look out though. They’re right in the mix. Stop it anyway. Well, what
we have really, we have important things to get to. First off, have they come up with
a nickname yet Matt for the incident, you know in the Ron our testing we had the malice
at the palace rhymed. Pretty nice. The problem with the Brown stadium, not really awesome
for rhyming. Have, have you heard any sort of names for the incident?
No, I have not yet. But you know, it’s typically known as the factory of sadness. So I’m sure
there’s something along those lines that could be, that could be used.
Okay. The fact that of sadness workshop, something on factory of sadness turned to the factory
of badness when miles Garrett committed assault against Mason or enough. Okay. You’re there,
you’re watching the Browns win. That’s awesome for you. Even though I bet the Steelers, so
I was kinda pissed off, but walk us through it going down where you were sitting and just
the vibe in the stadium. Yes. So first, you know, the Browns were winning
by a lot so they were already covering the game. But I think it’s important to bring
up that the second half line was even so that point it was tied and Freddie kitchens pulled
a cowardly move and didn’t kick a 40 yard field goal and punted take support that. No,
that’s really, that’s, I mean at this point, if you do that in the NFL, you should just
be fired on the spot. Come on. You gotta kick a 42 yarder.
Exactly. You know, do it for the fans out there supporting you who probably about the
second half line as well. And I think that’s important to note because that’s why miles
was playing so hard. He said, you know what, I know my Browns fans and they doubled down
about the second half line. I got to get this ball.
Yeah. So I mean if you’re a Browns fan and maybe you had some season wagers, not looking
great, some early games not looking great, you’re looking to make hay a while while things
are going your way. You see a great opportunity. They’re up 14, nothing, but it feels like
they got the foot on the gas and uh, why not just go for the second half line? So you,
you think that possibly miles Garrett was jacked up trying to close things out, maybe
get a strip sack like in that 40 Niners game, a fumble Rooskie for a defensive touchdown
to help the second eco seem to be a very thoughtful man. So I do like this angle. He’s a big time
Cleveland guy that’s going deep. I like, he knows that Matt and the rest of the dog pound
weight, they double dip. They’re feeling good. They’re winning the game. Everyone’s on that
second half. So he was just trying to do his part. Love it. Yeah. So Matt, you watch, you
watch the play go down. Uh, I mean, are the fans going nuts? Are they booing? Mason Rudolph,
are they, uh, are there any fights in the stands going, uh, going on? What, what kind
of happens there live? Yes. So at this point, you know, we did a
win at home, which doesn’t really ever happen. So we already got people hugging and kissing
and acting like it’s the greatest day of their lives. And it’s Pittsburgh who this is a team
that Ben Roethlisberger has more wins and first energy stadium than any Browns quarterback.
So the fact that we’re beating them at home, it’s, you know, to create and say we could
have right now. And so next thing we know there’s a, there’s a fight breaking out. People
start cheering like crazy. I’m actually on the other side of the stadium, but I’ve got
friends who are down on the end zone area who said they tried rushing in, which I think
would’ve been really incredible. Oh man.
Fans on the field by the Steelers as well. Oh man, that would’ve been so great. Instead
of, you know, instead of like a Pouncey kicking, kicking miles, Garrett in the head, you have
like Browns fans getting Johnny from the tire shop, hitting him over the back of the head
with a chair or something. Oh man. Yeah, exactly. And then, so for, from my view,
what happened was, you know, miles was fished out the play hard for all those fans who won
that second half line. And then next thing he knows he’s getting attacked and kicked
in the groin. Which Myles Garrett, the big man, right? I’m pretty sure Mason got him
big target area for [inaudible] off there, you know? Exactly. But so he sees the scrap
that’s about to go down and he goes, well, you know what? Mason seems like an okay guy.
He’s not wearing his helmet. I better put it back on for him.
So he was, he was, it was a safety move by miles Garrett to be like, Oh Hey. I mean,
reminds me of Billy Madison. I didn’t break the rake. I was testing the rigs durability
and the rakes made a woods. I thought it would want to be with its family in the woods. He
knew his people in Cleveland. He knew not only were they going to be on the second half
line, so I got to get that ball, but he knew that they were going to take extreme offense
from Mason Rudolph kicking him in his giant dong. Yeah. And wanted to make sure he had
his armor back on. I like this. I like it because there’s plenty of space in football
for that. There’s no space in football. We’re trying to murder another human being, but
if you’re trying to put his armor back on, I’m on board with this narrative shown.
Yeah. All right, so here’s my take on the whole thing. First off, who’s asking for your
take the listener. Okay. Mason Rudolph again. He clearly instigated it by trying to rip
off miles. Garret’s head. And uh, I come from a place where, Hey, if you want to start shit,
that’s fine, but you can’t, you can’t be upset with the way it gets finished if you’re the
guy starting. Right. So one little nugget. I would say this maybe don’t attack someone
who happens to be a teammate with Pouncey. Yeah. We don’t know what he gets into off
the phone. I didn’t post photos of Pouncey who is always stands by his teammates. And
you know that by a guy who’s the only guy who’s been photographed with a free Hernandez
hat and tee shirts. So he’s a guy, very loyal teammate. He’s going to start, uh, you know,
kicking a miles Garrett in the head. What really annoys me, and all these takes
were like, this was a salt. This is a song. Obviously miles get across the line. You shouldn’t
be allowed to beat another player with their helmet. That, that’s fair. He deserves to
be suspended. But let’s dial it back when we’re talking about him getting arrested,
him facing charges sit the kid down for the rest of the year, opening day next year. He’s
back in the league now. You can’t just have these guys all jacked up off testosterone.
Put them in like gladiator situation and then things get out of hand a little bit. Go, Oh
wait, well you’re trying to kill each other. Yeah, of course. That’s what the whole game’s
about. It’s insane. It’s insane. Where people like that’s assault with a deadly weapon.
If I, uh, if I hit someone with a football helmet, then I would go to jail first off.
No, it’s not a deadly weapon. People are robbing liquor stores with a football helmet. Like
give me the money or I’m going to beat you to death with a helmet. Multiple people have
gotten hit in the helmet by. This has happened before. At the high school level, at the college
level, Richie incognito, that guy, his brain was fine clearly after it and they don’t die.
You’re not going to kill an NFL player by hitting them over the head with a helmet.
It’s going to hurt. It’s not going to feel good. You shouldn’t do it. And to compare
it to, yeah. If you punch someone, you can sometimes kill them. But if you punch someone
on the football field, should you go to jail? No. We just learned this in hockey all the
time. We just learned that there is always a first
for everything. Right. Up until a couple a week ago. No one had ever owed deed on marijuana.
And then Deon waiters show showed us that you can O D on marijuana. So perhaps this
could have been the first head football helmet murder of all time. But I’m going back to
this narrative that he was trying to just put that helmet back down cause he did, he
did have the helmet oriented in a way where he was trying to slide it back on the head.
It wasn’t a side blow to the temp. Sean. I personally believe on top of kicking
him in the dong. He probably may or may have said something slightly out of flammatory.
We’ll leave it at that like maybe he like, it doesn’t always fly to say yeah I have black
friends just cause they’re on your team. You know I’m going all in on Trump.
Yeah. Who knows what Mason Rudolph said there. He deserves some of the blame and then again
pounce. He’s trying to stop this guy to death again. It was a defensive thing. But in, if
we’re trying to compare it to the real world, if you start kicking someone in the head and
trying to stop them, you would go to jail for that as well. Does Pouncey deserve to
go to jail or face charges? No, of course. Now when buddy Ryan punch Kevin Gilbride in
the side of the head on the sidelines, did he go to jail? No. Did he file charges? No.
And if Mason Rudolph files charges, I mean dude, good luck. Good luck. Good luck playing
in. Who is the kind of guy that would do that? So Matt, uh, how, how’s the situation in Cleveland,
are people upset that Gareth’s suspended indefinitely? Are they optimistic about the Brown’s going
six and O and making a run? What’s the feeling and believe land right now?
Yes. So first to, uh, just to give you a little recap of what it was like post-fight um, that’s
pretty, pretty, pretty proud of all the Browns fans cause the stadium started cheering extremely
loudly, which, you know, could be viewed as a bad thing. F that type of fight. And as
miles left the tunnel, the city of cheer to him, like he had just scored the game winning
drive. So I think the browse hands were behind them. Um,
[inaudible] and then going into the feeling now is I think
most of Cleveland’s pretty upset that the NFL broke their own rules because in the CBA
you cannot suspend someone indefinitely for on-field actions. So right now we’re looking
forward to Wednesday and that appeal hearing to try to get the truth. If anything they
owe him. I’m thinking a three game suspension would be right. Put on the same level as Pouncey.
Yeah. You know, or your other buddy Kareem hunt, you know,
I mean if Tyree kill is suiting up on, on tonight, on Monday, then there’s a, there’s
a place in the league for miles Garrett. I mean how can you see it any other way?
Exactly. And just to let you know, that was old Korean. He is a born again Christian.
So this is new Korean. You can’t, we can’t hold him to his past actions.
God has forgiven him. It’s time. It’s time to move on. This is my favorite part showing
everyone in [inaudible]. Just like everyone in new England became a physicist talking
about PSI. Everyone in Cleveland is going to be a bonafide lawyer talking about them
verbiage in the CVA. That’s a great point. They got the a, you know, ins and outs of
the collective bargaining agreement. They’re, you know, going to talk to Troy Vinson over
there in the league. And I learned, so I did not know that. That’s a great, that was a
great little nugget and that’s the kind of stuff you would only know if you’re a Cleveland
Browns fan set out to defend Myles Garrett at all costs. All right, wait real quick.
There are, there are free Garrett shirts already I assume, right?
Oh a hundred percent yeah, they’re all over the streets.
Nice. Okay. Cause I’m just going to say it. If not, we gotta make them.
Yeah, they’re, they’re out there. And the last thing I think they are missing, one big
sign is that the Steelers organization sent Mason Rudolph back on the field with no concussion
testing a guy that pretty much we were afraid you were going to be able to read five weeks
ago or whenever that was when he got his clock cleaned and they to take his face mask off
and they just sent it right back out there for the next play. Whatever’s the, where’s
the protocol? I gotta be out of this. It’s so well thought
out defense. I’m really intrigued to see what the prosecution’s going to bring to the table
because, well, Ryan, hopefully a Wednesday when the appeal goes down, justice will be
served. Myles Garrett will be given a reasonable suspension and a Mack and enjoy seeing him
out on the field again someday. All right, Matt, appreciate calling in and uh, before
we go Browns this week, lane 10 and a half against the dolphin, do they cover the spread?
100% and they might hit the [inaudible]. Oh wow. Love it. Hammer the Brown hammer.
The Brown’s much like Myles Garrett hammered Mason Rudolph with his helmet. All right,
thanks for calling in Matt. Take it easy. All right, thanks.
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man? And Sean, I was waiting for this call all
week. I do. Do you have anything to say? Let’s talk about this Eagle situation. Correct.
Congratulations on winning a winning a regular seat.
Oh wow. Don’t be that guy. No, I mean our defense
played awesome. The uh, the, you know, the offense looked like complete dog shit. No
one could catch a ball. No one could get open. Uh, Carson Wentz struggled at times, but I
mean, you know, he moved the ball down the field and the final drive. Got it. Nelson
Aguilar his hand, he’s got to catch that ball. He’s horrific attracting balls. If you, if
you watch the play live, you’re like, Oh wow. That was kinda, was that a bad throw or did
he drop it? Trust me, he dropped it because every time there’s a ball in the air that
Nelson Aguilar has to figure out where to go. He just can’t do it. I, it’s insane. They’re
paying this guy $9 million. And that’s not to absolve. When’s like when’s definitely
a needs to complete some of those passes and be a little sharper, but they are just, he’s
just getting, he’s also getting no help when it comes to the game plan and the receivers
owl, Shawn, Jeffrey not being out Jordan Howard not being there, that hurt them. But the Patriots
came in, they played better. They, they won the game. I mean, if you’re a pats fan, you,
I think you have to be a little bit worried about the, uh, about the offense. But I mean
the defense came up and, uh, the defense has been playing great all year with the exception
of that Baltimore game. So that’s my, uh, least buy a steak. I can give you peanuts.
What are your thoughts in the game? Yeah. You, you just NFL analyst over there
that was very, uh, by, uh, by partial I guess is down the middle. Whatever that was.
Document was not it because he was much angrier last night as the game was happening. Well,
it was, I mean, how would I not get angry? I’m an Eagles fan. They have a legit opportunity
to beat the pats at home and they just can’t close things out. They were up 10 nothing
and then the pet’s got 17 unanswered and they just couldn’t respond with anything on the
offensive side of the ball. It was super frustrating game. And, and you know, I’m not, I’m not
using this as an excuse or a cop out, but there were a number of plays where they were
just got the hands on the pick but dropped it that, uh, Edelman rip out of the fumble
was bang, bang, play. I mean, I would’ve liked to see a reviewed at least. Uh, there’s just
a lot of like close calls that they could’ve gotten a turnover, but they didn’t.
So that’s a big reason why they lost. They lost the turnover battle one to zero, which
isn’t a huge thing, but they definitely had opportunities to possibly even get a interception
with a return and just fucking wet the bed. So that’s why I take, how about that? They’re
very, they’re very average team right now. They [inaudible] I’m throwing my voice out
yelling at these sacks of shit. Uh, they have six games left. They’re certainly, uh, a decent
schedule. Their hardest game is probably Seattle at home, maybe Dallas at home. But then they,
they have the giants twice. Very winnable Redskins, very winnable and Miami. Very winnable.
So they, there’s, there’s an opportunity to be had here. I dunno if they’re going to step
up or not. That’s kinda up to them. But yeah. Fucking pissed off. I, what do you want me
to say? I, I, you know, we, uh, I was, uh, on a three point San at wazoo firing out.
You know what, being up in Washington state, I was ready to put the pads on. I’m ready
to leave it out on the field. I questioned some of the Eagles’ players on offense. I
was very happy with how good the defense looked. I mean, some of that I think is Brady is just,
uh, you know, not playing at a extremely high level, but, um, yeah, I think the defensive
secondary looks way better. And everyone thought I was a Homer by saying I wouldn’t play a
lot of the, uh, Patriots DFS guys because I think they figured out the secondary a little
bit. Uh, now that they got mills and Darby back. And I think that’s somewhat true. We’ll
see once Seattle comes to town, cause that’s a much bigger test because of how good their
offices. But I think they’ve figured things out a little bit on the defensive side.
So that’s one positive. Wow. All I had to do is laugh and you just continued digging
further and I got a lot, I got a lot about what the team needs. We spent a little time
with a, with a college head coach. And next thing you know, you’re spitting coach, speak
at the Philadelphia Eagles show. Well that’s the irony is coach leach doesn’t like to talk
football. Everything else is on the table. But we’ll, uh, we’ll save that for the college
picks podcast. We’re here to break down daily fantasy football. Give out our DFS picks.
Talk about the Eagles losing to the Patriots. Wow. I mean, you know, penis starts out chirp
and what have I gotta I gotta respond. Well, we lost, I’m not going to be, why did
he baby at about a third fucking pile of trash? I almost took down the fat head. That’s, I’d
be more disappointed in my city that they didn’t take out mr Dave Portnoy from Barstool.
They just allowed him to leave the stadium in one piece. Come on. It’s a baby fucking
wheel that you guys were tough. Yeah, we are. I mean, some of the players aren’t though.
They gotta figure shit out. All right, pina, let’s, let’s move on. Who are you starting
for quarterback this week? Why? How much you pan? Let’s, let’s talk shop.
Yeah, man. I mean, look, our boy over there questionable with Winston. I think that’s
a pretty obvious route. I think you can also go, Ryan, if you want to pay up for it. But
let’s go off the beaten path here. Man and look, uh, is it gross? Is da bitten, you know,
pretty much you know exactly what you’re going to get from this guy. Yeah. But I think you
can kind of throw the rule book in what past performance has been out the window when you
play a team like the Cincinnati Bengals and that is Mason Rudolph at 5,500. It’s just
too much value in my mind to, to kind of pass up here. And if you ever were going to have
a ceiling game, uh, it is against said Cincinnati Bengals who I’ve said time and time again
have no interest in playing football. Yeah. They hung around a little bit, uh, this past
week with uh, Oakland. Uh, but in the end, you know, absolutely not. Look, that was um,
you know, maybe more of an indictment of Oakland just not playing, you know, getting up to,
to what they’re supposed to. But I mean car torturing them for two 92 ran all over them.
Um, I want a lot of exposure in this Pittsburgh game. And as you’ll see, I think you can do
it very cheaply due to the injury injury situation there.
Wow. So, uh, while I, I painted, we almost had the same shit quarterback again. I learned
last week. It sucks when you dig too deep into the pile of shit. Cause Ryan Finley,
not only did he let down everyone named Ryan, he also let down myself in the Cincinnati
bangles, my game up just a hair. And I went to a guy
who was coming off, back to back. Sean, you wouldn’t believe this, but Sam Darnold Hmm.
He’s coming off back to back 20 point games, the slinging Sammy. Hilariously the jet scored
exactly 34 on both of them and he had exactly 19 completions on 30 attempts in both of them.
Pretty impressive four touchdowns in his last game. And now who do they have shown the affirmation
Oakland Raiders who shut down Ryan. Phil, I’m going back to that matchup. Cause even
with the Raiders looking somewhat competent over the last two weeks against teams with
dog shit, offensive lines, a lot of parallels here. I’m still confident they know how to
give up yards. I’m still confident. I’m actually a little confident this jets team may have
figured some of their offensive problems out. Sam Darnold. Yeah, I’ll say I’ll, I’ll even
dial it back a little bit more. Sam Darnold looks pretty good passing the
ball right now. Hey, I was always kind of a Darnel guy over the others, but for 800,
this is where, I mean, he’s literally in that Mason Rudolph range where, yeah, I thought
about going Matt Ryan then immediately smack myself in the face. Uh, I thought about going
Russell Wilson, there are some options out there, right? You want, you always want to
fade Philly in that secondary, even though Sean claims they’ve gotten better, they were
just playing a shit. Tom Brady last week. That’s up. It’s a baby fucking wheel man.
I don’t know if you saw this show, but my book, he has a Tom Brady prop up a couple
of Tom Brady pro. Really? Uh, one of them, and I would love to ask Christian pina this,
will Tom Brady throw a pass for another team? Yes. Is plus 1000. No is minus 5,000.
It’s a pet man. I always think about this, right? Because he is the one player I can
really think of that like Peyton Manning at the end. It was so weird to see in a different
uniform. Eli Manning on the benches weird. Like he’s the one guy that for you know, hasn’t
seen. We haven’t seen that weird thing yet. Right. And I think that with the one obvious
one was always going to be San Francisco, you know, close to home, his idol, Montana,
all that. Now you have Jimmy G there. W it’s not like he’s going to go there and ride off
into the sunset when you have your franchise quarterback for the next, you know, very many
years in San Francisco. I think with that being kind of correlated, I think San Francisco
was the only other possible outcome ever. But we have seen bill Bellacheck. Do you know,
that would be the craziest. Uh, but we have seen everything and have come to expect the
unexpected. What’s the no minus five prison?
[inaudible] yeah, I mean,
no value. Well listen guy, I would throw this out and then we can move on. Um, John Gruden
might need a quarterback Headon with a team to a new city in LA.
Get our shit going mentally. I don’t know. I don’t know. I think Gruden would want Brady.
I dunno. Brady would a want to play for Greg Brady doesn’t like Vegas. Not enough avocados.
So you want us to play, I think it’s, what, three more years is that, uh,
great. Three more years would take them through the 2022 season, I believe. Right? Well that
you can also bet on this Sean plus a plus 200 on 2022 being his last season, he would
be, what? 44. That’s ridiculous. And he said, he always said he wants to play
to these 45. Well that’s probably about right. Feels like
his window could be close. Hope he doesn’t see miles Garrett along the way. Okay.
All right. My quarterback. I also went to the bargain bent. This guy’s only 5,500 but
I love his matchup. He hasn’t looked amazing, but he’s looked pretty competent. And that
is a Jeff Driscoll $5,500 and sneakily the guy was running a decent amount, eight cares
for 51 yards. That’s a nice little boost there. 7.5 uh, fantasy points last game against the
Cowboys and now you’re going up against the Redskins. He’s actually, I’ve been averaging
23.3 fantasy points per game, which is pretty good. You’re going up against this Washington
secondary, which looks uh, you know, just the Washington defense in general has a lot
of holes. They look bad list. We can think it’s safe to say, or four games in a row without
scoring a touchdown. The offensive side of the ball. That puts a tremendous amount of
pressure on your defense. And uh, I think Driscoll, he’s ready is they’re ready to rock
and roll. Our buddy, a friend of the program pinned Tanti nicknamed of Driscoll, the pistol.
I don’t know if it’s going to catch on, but $5,500 locked me up. Yeah.
Jeff, just real quick. Uh, Sean, before I move on, Jay, you’re not going to spend an
extra hundred dollars for Carson once. Wow. How the mighty have fallen. Sean, how the
mighty of you don’t have to say another word. I know how you feel about the Eagles. He’s
not, he’s not running the ball for eight carries and 50 yards. Then maybe I would do it. All
right. Who’s your, who’s your running back? Pina.
Yeah, man. Theme of this lineup is fading really bad teams as, as it comes to work out
this week. Uh, not necessarily the escalate man, but how about a guy that’s, you know,
a pretty heavy favorite going up against that. What I would call it, the second worst team
in the league and he’s at home and that’s Nick Chubb. Pretty obvious kind of, um, you
know, thought process on this as mop up duty, all that type of stuff. And as you’ll see
with the second running and back, can I get a little bit creative with this? Uh, but look,
chocolate has been, you know, as advertised, uh, you know, in this offense with this team
man really has and he’s been a little bit touchdown dependent. The receptions is obviously
going down with hunt there. Uh, but you’re looking at pretty safe double digit floor
here and that 8,100, um, against this Miami team where they should, uh, again, it’s Cleveland.
Anything is possible. Uh, but in theory men a really nice game script for him and a guy
averaging just about just a hair under 20 fantasy points per game. 8,100. Nick’s job.
I think he might be an escalate this week. He’s at least he, he might be the cutoff.
Yeah. What do you have to be to actually qualify for the escalator on? I dunno, bar, it’s probably,
I guess the Xeikon and Barkley are a little cheap this week due to the defensive match-ups.
Sean, I’m going to go, uh, I’m going to go back to a guy we thought might be an Escalade.
Uh, but then it turned out his team sucks and his coach doesn’t know how to use them.
And then his coach bench, the starter, Andy Dalton, he brought in a guy named Ryan who,
who’s a piece of shit, not like most Ryans. Uh, and he’s had to lean back on this guy,
Joe Mixon. Sean, what’d you believe in the past two weeks? Joe Mixon forth in touches.
Hmm. Yeah. He seems like he’s kinda, I mean he
was out for a little bit. It seems like he’s found his mojo a little bit.
I’m going again, another guy that, you know, he, he took a swing off the field, didn’t
miss any games for it, but I’m miles Garrett indefinite suspect. Joe Mixon is 5,900. Yes.
It’s a tough matchup against the Steelers, but again, volume, volume, volume. I think
Joe Mixon, he got a touchdown last week. He had 30 coward carries the week before that.
He’s been getting involved. I’m going to pee, I’m going to roll with it. And I also, uh,
maybe Cincinnati sticks around against Pittsburgh. This is a big game for them.
Yeah, I could, I actually could kind of see that. I, uh, yeah, I don’t know about that.
Mason Rudolph, a little more skeptical on that side, but I also went to the Cleveland
backfield but I wasn’t with the Kareem hunt for $5,600 yup. I just like how many targets
this guy’s been getting. I like that they’re involving them in the past game again. Eight
targets, six catches. He only, he had six attempts for 12 yards rushing the ball. Now
I feel like that feels like that’s due to go up, but I love the past catching. I mean
if they’re going to get eight, nine targets at a Kareem hunt and he’s only $5,600 I think
the Miami defense is really down and uh, Cleveland coming off the Thursday rest is a, is a good
spot for, I mean I like the Chubb play as well, but I think there’s still value at Creem
hunt for 5,600 okay.
Peanut, who’s your second running back? As I said, guys, I don’t normally ever do
this outside of maybe some Patriots situation. Sean, you stole my thunder man. Love Korea
Han at 5,600 and I’m doing it. I’m pairing them with Chubb rather than going with a Mayfield,
a Landry stacker or backup or something like that. And you’re getting, look man, this target
share is kind of getting insane. Eight and nine from a running back at 5,600. Uh, this
is, you know, number one, it protects me in the case of, you know, Chuck going out with
an injury, it would all fall to hunt and I’m going to get all the reception totals of hunt
with the yardage on the ground of Chubb, gives me all the rushing exposure, uh, four touchdowns,
which as we know against that Miami defense should come somewhat easily. Again, disclaimer,
this is Cleveland, so we’ll figure it out as we go, man.
But you’re talking about, I mean, what a 34 ish, uh, you know, in terms of average by
their fantasy points for this backfield in a, you know, probably one of if not the best
match up on the board aside from that Cincinnati team, um, like you touched on it, Oh man.
Kareem hunt at 5,600. And I will say this for anyone out there, you need to start playing
some Kareem pro Kareem hunt props in that prop market of receptions, uh, receiving yards
over cause that’s how they’re using them. And he’s kind of been in that David Johnson,
uh, mold where you’re looking at like, you know, I mean he was starting out two and a
half, I believe last week was four and you’re getting that pretty easily on him. So as another
aside, but Hunter 56, it does seem, it does seem to take bookmakers
a while, like get, even with levy on bell, they, they re, they, it’s just like, they
won’t [inaudible] go past that four and a half, five and a half
threshold. And sometimes it’s just like taking candy from a baby.
Yeah. Sean, I’m not, I’m not doing the Escalades
this week. They’re in the shop and this is just a value problem. Uh, Derrius Guice is
back Derrius Guice looks pretty good and dairies guys plays with, for a team with a quarterback
that’s not ready to play quarterback in the national football league.
Yeah. Where are you going to play something there,
Sean? I was giving you the opportunity. He’s only 4,700 what you, what did you look for
me to play? Oh, I dunno. Look, you looked like you were about to play something off
the soundboard so I didn’t want to get in the way. Coming off a seven seven carry 24
yard game, two targets, one catch for 45 yards and a touchdown. I get that. Skewed his points.
He was never going to be heavily involved in game one.
What? Look, they’re going to need it and they have
a pretty good matchup against the Detroit team that is not doing either. Not the most
proficient team stopping the running back seek just had a big day. Yeah, I really liked
Derrius Guice Tanner for those who maybe have forgotten who Derrius guy says go watch his
highlight reel of the preseason before he hurt his knee originally. Dude looks legit.
I love the price point here. 4,700 I did pull out an escalate and I think, I think he, I
think he qualifies for escalated status this week. Alvin Kamara at home, back to back $100.
Played him last week. I like him again this week against the Carolina Panthers. I mean,
Jesus Christ, I was so wrong about the Panthers. I thought they would show up at home. The
Falcons Falcons just came in and just kick the shit out of them. That was really bad.
Uh, their defense looks to be just horrible and they’re at home now.
They go, uh, to new Orleans, that kind of, uh, rebounded in Tampa Bay. I think they’re
going to be juiced up again. And even though the saints put up 31 points, correct me if
I’m wrong, right. Just gut instincts. It seemed like drew Brees is still struggling with some
three does not look good. He doesn’t look good. And why not? Why not have a guy in the
lineup? Alvin Kamara 10 catches 10 on 10 targets. That’s insanely efficient. He’s cheap too.
I mean, if you think about it, like say last season he would probably be $1,000 more. Yeah.
And he’s coming off a game. No touchdowns. Great. A regress to the main spot here for
Camara. I think he gets a score and I think he has a big game at home in the dump gimme
album. Camara $8,200. Peanut who is your first receiver?
I do like that. And putting in Rudolf and hun. Let’s do it guys. Julio Jones against
this Tampa secondary. I mean he should probably be a lot more than, than any thousand. Um,
I mean Michael Thomas. Yeah, I agree. Um, you know, kind of being unprecedented, but
I would, I mean, Julio is in the spot of all spots. I think you can’t go back to that well
with Ridley if you really wanted to. Uh, but they, um, when you compare this out man, the
type of teams that, uh, the, uh, Tampa is, uh, you know, comparable to, uh, this, this
could be a, the absolute monster game from Julio. Um, look, it’s Tampa. We’ve been doing
this in some form or fashion all year. Julio Jones, 8,000 at home.
I was trying to find a way to fit a Julio, Evan’s Godwin and Ridley into a lineup. Just,
I feel like there’s going to be some fireworks in this one. Yeah, I was going to save it
for the flex spot. Dick Olson would have been upset, but you got to play Jones this week.
Shockey is all hell, you know, 14 games. He’s played against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in
his career. 10.6 targets, 7.3 receptions, 121 yards. And basically he’s averaging a
touchdown, a game. So it’s a penis point. I think he probably should be the highest,
uh, highest valued receiver this week. And he falls what, 1300 short of where Michael
ThomasThomas’, which feels, yeah, I also, I also got Julio Jones, $8,000
that feels like a steal. It feels like I’m robbing at $8,000 in the dome against his
Tampa Bay defense. Tampa Bay has gotta be deflated. I, I think they’re going to, it’s
going to be tough for them to get up for this game. Atlanta on the main, on the other side,
back to back division wins. It feels like they’re the team that’s gonna kind of be frisky
in the second half. And maybe granted they’re not gonna make the playoffs, but play, play
hard, seem to rally around Quinn and, uh, Julio Jones, he was one of the vocal guys
that said like, Hey, que isn’t the problem. We gotta take care of business. And they certainly
have, I didn’t see this coming. I didn’t see back to back, uh, awesome performances by
the Falcons. So hula Jones at 8,000, I think that’s a must start. P news, your second receiver.
Look, you talked about it, you foreshadowed it, Ryan, of course. And going back to that
other side and we’re going Mike Evans. Yeah, this will probably be a little bit, uh, dependent
on Winston. You can obviously pick a pivot to some other great options on the board at
that $7,300 price point. I want both sides of this shootout. I want the over, I want
props. I want every part of it. We’ll probably end 1710, just because this looks so obvious.
Uh, but look, Evans at 7,300 should not be 700 less than Julio in kind of the spot of
all spots against this trash secondary. So my Gavin’s 7,300
not only is it Mike Evans, it’s Mike Evans coming off two relatively down games for him
and typically the last time he had to down game shown he came back with a 17 target game
followed by a 12 and a 16 target game. He’s Winston’s guy and I think you’re absolutely
out of your mind. If you don’t get two receivers in this matchup. I’m okay if you want to go.
God, when here, I think God when looked pretty damn good, uh, with some of those runs last
week. God, when is $100 cheaper? There’s a chance I can make a swap here. I just, you
got to go with one of these, one of these Tampa Bay receivers because James Winston
is throwing some interceptions and Atlanta for whatever reason, they’re playing defense
now. Well yeah, Mike, Kevin 7,300. Yeah, it makes
sense. I would, uh, I don’t think he’s an injury report isn’t out yet, but he did get
popped in the arm. Just keep an eye on that. I’ll go to Gaza. I’m getting one of them.
I, uh, for my stack, give me Kenny Galladay at the Redskins and he’s coming off a very,
very low game. Five targets, only one catch for 34 yards. I think Matt, Patricia, he’s
no genius, but you got to look at the game plan and go, we got to get Kenny Galladay
the ball and I think he’s going to get a shit ton of targets against this. Just a very suspect
Washington defense. And same reason I like Jeff Driscoll. I love me some. Kenny Galladay
love the matchup here. Uh, Detroit seems to be playing decently hard. I think they’re
going to get up to win a conference game here. So yeah, give me Kenny Galladay at 6,600
peanut, who’s your third receiver? Man, it’s a weird thing to do, but when you
look at this injury, uh, you know, situation in Pittsburgh, you’re looking at Juju. Oh,
you’re looking at, um, other guy, I forget his name, but now who gets thrust into this
kind of one role? And that’s James Washington, uh, at a price point that is incredibly cheap
at 5,000. This is what we always talk about, kind of, you know, backups, play with backups.
Not that Washington was kind of benched, but, um, he’s going to be thrust into this role
with these injuries to this wide receiver core. And you’re talking about a stack at
a what, ten five combined on Rudolph in Washington that’s, you know, should be the most prolific.
Uh, I mean, it’s a weird thing to say, but definitely the kind of, you know, best quarterback
on the field and with Floyd green out, I mean, maybe you could argue Boyd, but probably at
least the fastest receiver on the field at this point from Pittsburgh. Um, I want a part
of fitting the Cincinnati team. I’m doing it with the Rudolph in Washington stack at
a very cheap price of 5,000 for wa Washington. Uh, Sean, again, I didn’t go Escalades this
week because not only do I have bone to bonafide, what do we decide we’re going with Gulf streams
to bonafide Gulf streams in, in, in the garage. I’ve got to make room for what I think is
a third and that’s mr. DJ Chark jr as his mom calls him. Listen, it’s just targets.
Again, we’re back to this situation where this guy 12 targets nine targets, but Ryan,
that was Gardner Menchu, which by the way, guard teaser alert out to the college episode,
but Gardner Minshew literally fucked every girl in Pullman period like that. That dude,
he [inaudible] 21 targets in two games with Gardner Minshew. But then what happens when
Nick foals comes back? 15 targets tuck touchdowns, 33 points. Price was not adjusted enough.
Now give me a chart. Everyone wants to say DD Westbrook, but it’s
clear that a baby Chark over there is the number one guy to go to in Jacksonville and
yeah, decent matchup for sure. You could talk me into a full [inaudible] stack. Okay. Definitely.
I went for my third receiver, $4,400 at home against the Denver Broncos. Give me Cole Beasley.
That’s right. Kobe’s like has kind of had a sneaky, a hot and cold fantasy. He had three
weeks there where he had a touchdown and a pass. Two games, no touchdown. But he has
you know, four for 74, four for 38. I think Chris Harris is going to be on John Brown
and I think there is going to be some opportunity. Uh, you saw some of the other guys besides
digs getting involved for the Vikings. I think there could be some similar opportunity for
Cole Beasley. We know Josh Allen likes to run around and he seems to find a cold Beasley
and some of the situations Denver pass rush could have him moving around.
I could see him getting some safety outlets and PPR and uh, I think he gets a touchdown.
I think he gets back to his, a TD weighs only $4,400 at home. Give me Cole Beasley peanut
before we, uh, talk about you’re a tight, tight end over there. Sorry, I can’t help
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some of the sharpest lines out there. Again, all you gotta do is head over to ACE per head.com/ace
G P a spread.com/s G P P. and what are we doing? Tight end. It doesn’t look like Arizona.
Arizona’s on a buy, right? Two touchdowns. By the way, let’s tau for
a second because before he even stepped on the field last Monday night, I told you Ross
Dwelly against the Cardinals. And what does Ross, what does Ryan real money Kramer deliver
to the clients? Two touchdowns. I saw someone bet it plus 800. That’s nice man. That’s a
nice little wager. They’re over at my book. E. dot. Ag custom prop. I apologize. Peanut.
Okay. Oh, you’re fine man. It’s it’s gift that keeps
on giving it just on hiatus this week. But let’s go to something that was opposite man.
There was a trend out there that I was taken advantage of for seemingly every two plus
years and that was that the saints hadn’t allowed more than 40 receiving hours to a
tight end, uh, really forever and this year it, whatever reason, I don’t know what changed
in their game plan. It is been the exact opposite man. And they are giving up touchdowns. They
are giving up everything. I mean Cameron break, it’s 10 for 70 against you. Um, I mean you,
and you’re talking about guys like named Scotty Miller that are, that are lighting you up.
This is this, this Saint’s defense is broken. I think we know that it’s not a where it was
close to last year, but that’s the one thing that is really, really flipped on its head
where they went from being basically the elite of the elite and now they’re, you know, bottom
of the barrel. And then again, couldn’t tell you why, but
I’m going to keep riding it until it doesn’t come in. And, and that’s Greg Olson at 4,100.
A nice little price decrease obviously due to, you know, not having the best of years,
but you know, in a matchup where like I said, for whatever reason they can’t figure out
they’ve forgotten how to cover the tight end. Uh, he has really, um, you know, integrate
spot situationally here. Uh, for, you know, the, the security blanket. It should be all
McCaffrey. It should be all Olsen in that backend. So you know, a nice seam down the
middle is very, very likely here for a touchdown and at 4,100 I couldn’t pass it up. So Greg
Olson, 4,100 Arizona is of course on by Tampa is now in
the number two spot giving up points to the tight end. So if you want to get sneaky and
you don’t want to drop Julio in your lineup or maybe you want to go Julio and Luke stocker
or Julio and there’s another kid, uh,
I think you’re getting too cute there cause neither of them did much last week.
But when you just go a little bit further down
the list because Arizona and tamp are like Arizona is averaging giving up 21.4 DraftKings
points per game against the tight end. That’s insane. Yeah. Tampa 18.4 they haven’t even
played great tight ends. It’s like raw again. Tampa 18.4 that’s pretty impressive too. But
right down that list after green Bay in Dallas at 15.2 and 15.1 respectively, the Oakland
Raiders, where do I go? While I’m stacking and what I’m going to do is I’m going to stack
a guy who Darnold has taking a liking to coming off a game with five targets in a touchdown,
109 yards. He had eight targets a couple of weeks back. Love the matchup. I’m going, Ryan
Griffin again, I’m going back to the Ryan. Well, hopefully this one does not. Disappointment.
Ryan Finley, 4,200 Ryan Griffin. All right. I know I was a passion my birds,
but I can I do it out of a place of love. Gimme Zacker it’s at $6,000 at home. He’s,
he’s the most reliable option in the seagulls offense. 11 targets, nine catches and Seattle
not amazing against the tight end. They’ve you saw, I mean how well Tampa Bay moved the
ball, but I think they’re, what? Eighth in fantasy points allowed to the tight end. The
Eagles are at home, back against the wall game. Certainly for them. You know, Carson
Wentz has looked uncomfortable at times. He’s going to go with the guy he’s most comfortable
and the only pass catcher he really has chemistry with right now is his God or to a certain
degree. And Zach hurts. And Zach hurts is way more
expensive at 6,000, but I think you’re almost guaranteeing double-digit targets. So give
me or it’s $6,000. Peanut, what are you doing for your flex spot?
The rare double tight ends, man. I did it and you know, a little bit cash strapped as
I went. Kind of big on Chubb, Julio, uh, in Evans here, but I don’t hate it in this matchup.
Let’s talk about Tyler Eifert for so long. He did what? He went three for 30 and a touchdown.
Um, look, you know, Kramer’s boy over there, Ryan Finley has uh, taken a liking to him.
Man. He’s getting more targets, more volume, four, four, nine. Um, but you know, since,
since kind of coming in there, um, and you know, off a game where he did not have a touchdown,
still had four targets, only 21 yards. But if you, you know, bumped that up to six, you’re
getting double digits, which is just what he did against Baltimore. So look, is the
ceiling high for a guy like [inaudible]? No, but all I’m looking for is his classic. Maybe
I get four for 40 and a touchdown and I’ll take that at $3,100. Allow me to do so much
more elsewhere. Uh, so [inaudible] at 3,100. Mm. I uh,
I’ve been going after this Bill’s team from time to time and their inability to stop the
run and I think we’ve seen it before. Who do they have this week, Sean? They have a
team that is going, they are going after the running game hard. They’re going after the
running game early. I will say almost put Devante Parker in the lineup at Cleveland
because he, you know what, I’m sticking to this Devante Parker turn. I was going to go
fill up Lindsey. Oh, okay. Cause I liked the matchup, but let’s stick with the Avanti Parker
cha 10 targets the past two weeks. He’s averaging like over eight, over the past four. And everyone’s
going to tell you, Oh well the Cleveland pass defense, they’re pretty good. Right? That’s
when they had an all pro pass rusher coming after him. Yeah. I think it’s pretty safe
to say he’s not playing this week. Right? Well, he’s going to appeal, but yeah,
regardless, highly unlikely. He might play again this season. He’s not going to play
this week. There’s, there is, I will say this, there is always that weird thing sometimes
where they get the injunction. Okay, well here’s what I’ll say, but I agree. I would
be very surprised since we record so early in the week, I apologize to my clients. You’re
going to have to pay attention and be aware of how to play chess and not always check
your checkers for a second because I’m going to go Devante Parker, but if if Garret’s out
there and then they have this whole like when one for miles like he did, he’s not in a attempted
murder. Then I’m going to pivot to Phillip, Phillip Lindsay against his Buffalo team because
he’s only 5,200 and I found that a little bit low. I know Freeman’s been getting involved
and getting the touchdowns, but Buffalo specifically just gave off a bunch of passing yards to
Caitlin pool Hodge. Like who? Yeah, so I know I just throw out two guys. They’re the official
plays Devante Parker because miles will be down. The pass rush won’t be there. And Oh,
by the way, Fitz magic likes this guy. He’s the only other NFL guy in his team. I mean,
I know they signed Allen Hurns but yeah, John and that’s why you gotta stay tuned that gambling
podcasts for tailoring podcasts on, we’ll post
a, any sort of updates to the DFS lineups is the injuries, the craziness. Of course,
throughout the week. I, uh, I didn’t have a ton of cash, kind of went big on some of
these, uh, receivers and running backs. But, uh, in the old, the slot, I was a slot, I
went double tight end as well. Gimme Cameron parade, $3,600, maybe I’m chasing a little
bit off that 14 target, uh, 10 reception game. Uh, but he didn’t get a touchdown. And I do
think there is whatever sort of connection between Jamus and camera bright I think is
real. And again, he’s coming off a huge catch game, so maybe regress a little bit, but I
think there’s a title or a touchdown potential here and I still think he’s going to get a
decent number of looks. Uh, Winston just really seems to like thrown to him and at $3,600
against Atlanta, uh, I think it’s worth the risk. So yeah, give me a camera break. 3,600
pucks, pina close things out here. What are you doing on the defensive side of the field?
And as, as we can go back and forth on this, on this Philly new England thing, man, I think
we can all agree that, uh, to this week we are all Patriots as my dear friend Robert
Kraft would say against these Alice Cowboys. Look, Dak, I dare you to do it against these
friends if you do it. And, uh, I’ll tip my cap. Uh, but at this point, man, how do you
go? This is, is this the best defense in the league? Has to be right.
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, look, Dak Prescott is, uh, in over
his head here, and if he does it, God bless him. Uh, I don’t see, I mean, you got Gilmore
on Cooper, you gonna obviously they’re going to game plan with, with Collins and all these
linebackers to stop or to stop Zeke, uh, and make Dak beat you from the pocket while taking
away his number one option. And if you remember how bad he was without Cooper, I think you’re
about to see that version of Dak Prescott, new England Patriots all day long at home
3,300. I, uh, not to get into the game breakdown,
but I will be interested to see if new England is going to struggle against Dallas and their
powerful offensive line and running game. Uh, even if they decide to say, Hey, look,
a little more Jackson did. Maybe we run deck when we run Dakota. I know he practices those
hips levels before each game, but maybe we psych them out and we run a, we run a little,
uh, power power option. Uh, but I mean, no. At this point, new England’s defense is very
clearly the best, best defense in the league and not priced, uh, like at this weekend.
And you’re at home. What’d you do, Kramer? Well, two options. Honestly, I had $2,500.
So I’m not working with a ton of like I’m not, I’m not playing the Eagles against dangerous.
That’s just not smart. Denver popped up to me because now they’re getting after the quarterback.
I feel like theirs, their floor is pretty high because of those sacks. I just worry
that if that’s the wrong kind of defense, like this is the Josh Allen gets loose game.
Maybe he’s an interesting play for me. I’m fading Mason, I’m fading. Piano’s quarterback.
What have you seen from this Pittsburgh offense that makes the, I know the bangles are trash,
but the two lowest priced defenses this week are going up against good match-ups in Cincinnati.
He’s at home, so I’m going to go bangles for 2100. I’m doing the running back defense stack,
but I can even, you could talk me into Miami against Cleveland. Sean like these matchups
and these defenses. I don’t understand like Mason Rudolph, like that defense has been
[inaudible] playing really well and Mason Rudolph is still
finding ways. Yeah. Pittsburgh’s defense has been keeping them in games and uh, yeah, I
mean anyway, price is wrong. Rudolph just put up seven points on the road and it’s Cleveland.
Now granted, Cleveland’s defense is a lot better than Cincinnati, but I also took Cincinnati,
I had exactly $2,100, so it was between wow. Really? It was between the bangles and the
dolphins defense for me. Take the home defense, take the home defense. I mean, peanut pointed
out they’ve, they’ve not been amazing. They, they’ve played decent though I think, uh,
against the Raiders. Maybe they get up for, uh, this division game against Pittsburgh
and yeah, I mean, maybe a Mason Rudolph is, you know, still, uh, in his, I mean, he, Mason
Rudolph looked really bad. Um, he certainly could have a good game. If they come in, they’re
coming off as they rest. I think that’s a two concussions in a couple of weeks. We’ll
do that to you, right? Yeah. Plus a life, a life altering near death experience. Ah,
all right. Before we, uh, close things out, what do we, what are we thinking waiver wire
guys? Peanut, what do you, what any, uh, any guys jump out?
Man, don’t, I mean, what are we weak? A little love. I mean, waivers are kind of one of those
things that I think, yeah, I think they, they don’t, they even kind of shut off. I mean,
the, the ones that I had kind of circled here, I’m obviously Marlon Mack departing with his
injury. You have Jonathan Williams out there who is not owned anywhere. Ryan touched on
Sam Darnold. Look man, I mean the jokes or the jokes with them that is for sure. Uh,
but you know, serviceable. Um, obviously the kind of the, maybe this is more of a name
value play. Um, and when people see him, but both Scarborough man, a heavy workload, um,
you know, plotting back, I always say this, I wondered when, or I wonder still when we’re
going to see Damien Williams from Alabama who was drafted to new England on that side
of stuff and we haven’t really, like, it’s, it’s obviously it’d been the Michel show,
um, and he’s done great. But that kind of ACE in the whole Navy breaks that out randomly,
you know, in playoffs. Um, you saw Harry on that same side of, of new England receivers
in new England. Waiver wire picks up that could, you know, with the door set injury
post touchdown after giving him out on this show last week, no big deal, um, could become
a part of that offense. And Randall Cobb coming back is really kind of the last one I had
circled. You know, when William William is going to
show up probably a four touchdown game against the chiefs in the playoffs. That’s what he’s
going to show up. Just get the fresh legs banging out a peanut tucks the Scarborough
one’s interesting because when we watched him at Alabama, we saw a guy where it’s like,
damn, that guy is big. He looked a lot like Derrick Henry and in some cases I feel like
people thought he might be a better version of Derek Henry in some regards. Never really
got it done. Now he has the opportunity. Looked, looked pretty. I mean, I’ll be honest, I’m
going to give Patricia A. Little credit. Uh, I went on this season when one of us decided
to say, Hey, this Detroit team might be scrappy. They might, they might fuck around and accidentally
win eight or nine games. Uh, I think this is that version of the team. So, uh, kudos
to them. I like the Scarborough and I think at this point, Gus Edwards, I know he’s a
backup, but he’s one of these backups who not only is going to give you points, kind
of like the Latavious Murray role. He’s going to give you a defined amount of
points. But if for whatever, if marking or where to get hurt, Gus Edwards is a very,
very, he’s a season winner at this point. Yeah. What he put up last week, you put up
a hundred yards in, in backup duty. So I think Gus Edwards is the kind of guy you grab and
it’s not only a serviceable guy, maybe even for next week with some guys on by, but it’s
also a guy that could, could end up winning your league. And then, I dunno, what’s your
take on J a Jai? I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t pick up mr bone on bone himself. No, I, I would
not pick up J a Jai. I mean they like, they like Austin Scott. Um, I don’t think Jordan
Howard’s during Howard seems like he might be back and then miles Sanders. I don’t, I’d
be surprised if a GI gets a lot of work.

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