England Vs Croatia football match at Wembley – Dhruv watches it Live!

Hi.. Friends… I think you have guessed it? So today we are gonna go to the.. England Vs Croatia game… In wembley stadium so. we are getting ready now.. Come on! England! look here.. my train ticket ! so now we are going to
go and catch the train come on, lets go! In london Bridge now! I’m gonna take the underground Tube… to get to Wembley Stadium! We got one Sandwich for me! and some water… and some chips for me… and my Dad’s got a wrap! I found the way to underground station ! so come on lets go ! I’m going to go in the
next train now guys.. Looking for the train to
go to Wembley Central come on.. I found it.. Wembley Central ! Up there… Can you see it guys? We are in Platform 9 and we have’nt got our train yet ! so lets go and .. see if our train’s here ! We got our Train ! lets go… Its leaving ! lets go on Daddy ! Now, I bought some.. England stuff ! it has England flag.. and this is for… you can put it on Stick it on the car.. or you can stick on your bedroom so everyone thinks England
is the best team… so come on! Lets go! Look guys! I’ve got my hoodie on now! and it says England here.. We are walking towards… to the Wembley football Stadium! We are trying to find the entrance ! This is my first game ! England vs Croatia! My first time going to a football… match and my dad… has been to one game.. KANE !!!!! Harry Kane…. is coming ! Come on England !! England! England ! The first half is going well… and its still nil-nil But Croatia nearly got a goal ! Come on Walker ! what ???? England ! England ! England ! Modric !! Modric ! I can see you Modric ! So now England have swapped side.. half-time has finished So now…. Croatia are on the left ! and… England are on the right ! Come on Rashford ! Ahhh… England have got to find a way ! England ! England ! Goaaaaaaal !! England !! Yes….. ! Haa..Haa.. Its 1-1… Harry Kane… England are winnng… by 2-1 Croatia got 1, England got 2 ! England leads…. and who scored the goal.. ? It was Harry Kane… I enjoyed this match.. Hope you enjoyed it as well.. England won the game ! So…you can hear the Song !! Its Coming Home !! See you soon ! Byeeeeee !

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