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    Restless Mind

    Cupcake was laughing. Interesting, if he watches football.


    Jason Knight

    Colin wants to just be the center of attention and saying everyone think he can still play is a joke, all of his long balls were floaty as fuck… Hello, and he was a running qb btw which he did none of that in this. He is just a spoiled brat trying out for a back up spot, no one needs the circus he will bring as a BACK UP!



    Was NFL fault trying to force him to make a decision within 2 hours? So really how fair was it? Sounds to me like he did the correct thing an had his own media crew. Bravo Colin


    Robert Thurman

    Wtf is he laughing at


    William King

    the waiver is so basic you can find a copy on the internet http://prod.static.colts.clubs.nfl.com/assets/docs/tickets/2017-combine-waiver.pdf



    I would never and I mean never go see any game with Colin Kaepernick in it. He is a racist that deserves to be homeless!


    Ringo 13

    Who cares about the waiver, just go show up and throw the ball under their conditions because you want a job in their company


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