Fantasy baseball prospects to stash

ANDY BEHRENS: We’re only about a week and a half into the season. We’ve already seen some young prospects make a difference in fantasy leagues. I want to talk about that next wave coming up. And I think we have to start with Trey Turner, a shortstop in the Washington Nationals organization. You look at the way he started the season. He’s 7 for 15. He’s reached base at least twice in every game he’s played. This is a kid with plenty of speed– 29 steals last year. He’s got more doubles power than actual home run power, but a very interesting prospect. Hit well over .300 in the minors last year– again, plays a premium position. I think when he comes up, and it could be soon because there’s a need in Washington– when he comes up he has a chance to be a serious fantasy difference-makers. We can stay in the same organization and look at pitcher at Lucas Giolito. There’s a pretty good chance– it’s easy to argue anyway that Giolito right now is the top overall prospect in the minors, regardless of position. He’s huge. He has a big fastball. He’s got a great curve– dominant stuff. You look at the minor league career– he struck out 10 batters per nine innings. His first start of this season was tremendous– four innings, only one hit allowed, four strike outs. He’s going to be in the big leagues very soon, I think, certainly before July. And I think he too could be a difference maker for fantasy owners. Then I want to look in the other league, in the American League at probably the best pitching prospect waiting to come up, and that’s Minnesota’s Jose Berrios, who I can’t believe did not come up last season. I think he would probably be the Twins top starter, top arm right now. Again, there’s a clear path for him. You look at his first start the minors this year. It was five innings, nine strikeouts. You look at as his minor league history. It’s tremendous. Last year 175 strikeouts in 166 innings. And the kid rarely walks a batter. So he’s already polished. He’s ready to go. I’m happy to stash him for the second half of the fantasy season.

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