Fantasy Flames & Lames – Week 2

[MUSIC PLAYING] BRAD EVANS: Kicking off week two’s fantasy flame, it’s got to be Jimmy Garoppolo, AKA the Godfather, in Foxborough, who was tremendous in the desert on opening night for the New England Patriots, a guy that had 8.0 yards per attempt, completed over 70% of his passes for just north of 260 yards and a touchdown. He did have a fumble loss in the game, but largely was impeccable. Really playing to the short to intermediate field, which is his strength. And this week he gets the Miami Dolphins. Now, the Dolphins were average– actually kind of really exceeded expectations defensively up in great Northwest against the Seattle Seahawks. But still, on paper, this is a very mundane secondary led by Toast, as my esteemed colleague Tank Williams likes to call him, Byron Maxwell and Bobby McCain. Both were only average in cover scores in week one. I think on roughly around 35 or so attempts, it’s going to be a very efficient high fantasy impact game for Jimmy G, something right around 265 to 275 yards through the air, probably additional 10 on the ground, with two to three touchdowns. He’s a bargain-basement buy in Yahoo DFS, and if you’re a concerned Tyrod Taylor owner, somebody you should definitely get in your lineup. Speaking of Tyrod and the Buffalo Bills, I am down on Shady McCoy. He’s got to be my lame of the week. Now he exceeded my expectations. He was on my lames list in week one against the Baltimore Ravens, largely because he found the end zone. He didn’t necessarily put up banner numbers in the total yardage department, but because he converted that fourth-and-1 opportunity he ended up being a firm RB2 in 12-team leagues. I’m not sure that’s going to be the case this week against a stingier foe in the New York Jets. The Jets allowed just 2.9 yards per carry week one against the kitties of Cincinnati, really containing Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard, though Hill did splash six. With Sammy Watkins an enormous question mark– and if he were to sit, McCoy’s going to see nothing but stacked boxes. Regardless, this is an ironclad front line, and I think it’s really going to bottle up McCoy. I don’t think he exceeds 80 combined yards and will not find the end zone here in week number two.

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