Fantasy Football Draft Board Software – Trades

Welcome to this walkthrough of PrimeTime Draft Football. In this video, I’m going to show you how quickly and easily you can set up trades using PrimeTime Draft software. By default, the owner of a slot or a pick
is the team at the top of the column. However, you can change the owner of a
slot by using the “Slot Properties” dialog, which is accessed by
“long pressing” on any slot. A “long press” means clicking and
holding the mouse button down until the “Slot Properties” dialog box appears. Let me show you how this works using an
example. Let’s suppose that “Team 4” really,
really wants the first pick in the draft. So, he negotiates with “Team 1” and they
come to an agreement to make that happen. To set this up on the board we’ll first swap
their first-round picks. I’m going to temporarily move the clock
so that you can better see what’s going on. So I’ll click and hold the mouse button
down in this first slot until the “Slot Properties” dialog box
appears. I’ll change the owner to “Team 4” and
click “OK”. Notice that the slot now shows that the
pick is owned by someone other than the team at the top of the
column. I’ll then change the owner of this slot
to “Team 1”. A couple of other slots were involved in
the negotiated trade. So, I’ll also change this slot’s owner to “Team 1” and this slot’s owner to “Team 4”. In this example we traded the same
number of picks between the two teams. But if your league allows it, you can
even set up trades where someone gives up more or fewer picks than they receive. So, the trade is now all set up on the
board. Let’s see what happens during the draft. Let’s put the clock back to the first
slot. Notice that whenever the clock moves to
a slot that is owned by someone other than the default owner, you’ll get
this reminder dialog box. When we make a selection for the first
pick in the draft, notice that the animation shows “Team 4” as the one who has made the pick. Also notice that there’s a little “i” icon in
front of the player name. That icon is used to indicate that the
player is owned by someone other than the team at the top of the
column. When you put the cursor over slot with
the “i” icon, a “tooltip” will show you who the actual
owner is of that player. You can even change owners after a pick
has been made. Just “long press” a slot with a drafted
player and change the owner. Although trades can get pretty
complicated, PrimeTime Draft software makes it easy to include them in your
draft. For more information about PrimeTime Draft Football or to try it yourself, visit us at Thanks for watching.

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