the fantasy football rapper it’s the entourage yea
we’re coming for the throne even with the 12th pick we ain’t worried about
shit especially guys like the football fix
his team gonna be the one that needs repair talking about metrics dude nobody
cares and beast you’re nothing but a puppy to me you’re ass 16 should
be in the minor leagues expert yeah I’m stealing your fans they said they
can’t trust someone that won’t show their face
why this dude in the throne all he do is updates I’m talking about chase then
there’s nation he the one out here really clout chasing saying that Lamar
will be better than Baker and I never met a prophet that wasn’t a faker say
you like Gurley but aren’t a risk-taker good luck with that just ask show if he
don’t get Henderson the league might close and state of mind you really pissed me
off had me hype for a league that never took off the analyst I kind of like him but
all that number-crunching won’t get you win couch you need to sit your loud
ass down ain’t no chance in hell that you take in my crown finally my main man
Joe but those who counsel others needed the most just ask anyone that draftee

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