Fantasy football – Odell Beckham jr

hey guys what’s up?! Today I am going to
about Odell Beckham Jr. Picture of Odell Beckham jr. (OBJ) doing Whip / Nae Nae and one handed catch and title “Hate or Hype – Odell Beckham 2015” So I think the fact that Victor Cruz might take away Fantasy Football points away from OBJ is kinda analogous to the fact that Le’veon Bell might be taking away points from Antonio Brown So some things against Odell Beckham that have come up the recent discussion is that he is not going to repeat last year, it was just 12 games. Victor Cruz might be back on the same side as the fact that he has
won 12 games and he’s done so well also The claims that Odell Beckham is going to be terrible are a little bit out of place. He is going to be on a good track. I Is Antonio Brown really that much better than Odell Beckham Jr? Is there any discussion about the fact that Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown are on the same team? I fountately had the opportunity to have Le’Veon Bell on my team last year so I had the opportunity to watch him alongside Antonio Brown with Ben. So its kinda weird that Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell are both top picks for their position and they are on the same team. Inevitably one of them is going to get injured or not get the same pass protection. For me the most interesting is going to be to watch Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell unfold

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