Fantasy Football Week 6 Waiver Wire Pickups, Adds, Stash’s & Streamers

Heyo,! welcome to the fantasy Scout I’m Tal and this is the waiver show. Let’s start out with the quarterbacks just need a one-week fill-in because you have Drew Brees or Matt Stafford on buy and look for Jameis Winston and Mitchell true Brisky Both are on powerful offenses with great weapons and they’re both coming off a bye week which makes them fresh and prepared Jameis Winston has a lot of talented target ins toolbox Mike Evans DeSean Jackson Chris Godwin Adam Humphries and Cameron great if the run game can step up which they might do with Ronald Jones Hopefully getting a bigger role coming out of the bye week And this team has a tremendous offense that should be able to beat the best of defenses Plus they have a great schedule with the Tampa Bay defense giving a place of all sizes This week against Atlanta and going forward Jameis should be a top 12 quarterback True Biscay schedule isn’t great. But this week’s matchup could be a good one in Miami Dolphins defense has looked good at times but they’ll wear out and by the end of the game, they’ll give it all up. I Fear with this start true Biscay is that the Bears get ahead of Miami and run more than they throw Otherwise in the quarterbacks. We got Baker Mayfield Playing as the chargers who haven’t been that great. I Haven’t been as advertised if he’s still out there though I would take him for a streamer and he has season-long up side also Look for Blake bortles might be there at 40% owned in ESPN And climbing he’s playing against Dallas this week which isn’t a great start, but he solid and Going forward he should be a top 12 quarterback as he has been I Want to talk about Taysom Hill too, but I think I’m going to write about him in a whole article So I’m just gonna leave that, you know, like him and Lamar Jackson are kind of in similar situations, right? Running backs Nick Chubb will have been forgotten Maybe in this waiver wire, but I would pick him up if nobody else has you shouldn’t forget about him. He’s super uber talented and Let’s it’s worth noting that Carlos Hyde has had injury issues in the past Although I think he’s passed those issues still Nick Chubb is a worthy Yass – the big pickups of the week in the running back category or Alfred Morris and One of the Eagles running backs because the JA he went on IR JJ e on IR big news, which means one of these running backs are gonna be fantasy relevant to the rest of the season Well, I like Alfred Morris as a pickup because he’s going to get a nice workload I’m skeptical of the whole offense his ability to score points and In Kylie’s check faltering both touches and targets and I say spend your fabric leans more wisely elsewhere I Think the Eagles will have more opportunities to score. So I would rather have a piece of that offense It’s either Korn Clemente or Wendel Smallwood I was really high on Clemente last season as well as coming into this season You should see my season-long best ball leagues. I thought there was a chance Cory Clement would take the job away from JJ without injury glory comment’ was injured last week, but it seems like he should be ready to go this week If he’s healthy, he’s the better back to home Smallwood is a great filler But if he’s the only back and the only healthy back, he’s gonna get you fantasy points So when the smaller he’s also to pick up There’s some other players of stash you can consider. Dr. Forman Marley Mack and Robert ermine and Of course, I mentioned above mukacheve my favorite put him on the bench and ask questions later is Ronald Jones He’s on a high-powered offense and he’s really good running back. He’s Quantifiably a better running back than pay me barber, but we don’t get to that. We don’t want to get into that So I’d say that he’s gonna have an opportunity to be the main Back on the bus. You should emerge sooner than later Wide receivers are a dime a dozen, which I probably say every time I look at wide receivers But it’s worth it’s worth talking about some of them like keiki cruelty Has two weeks in a row as a start and he’s doing good things 22 target 17 receptions 160 yards and a touchdown That’s gonna continue You need past catches and Houston especially since their running game is not working and this really may only feature Alfred blue without Lamar Miller again so past catchers on the Texas equals good Mike Williams if he’s only 46.2% of these so if he’s available grab him, he had a couple of down games maybe people dropped him he bounces back I think in week 6 against Oakland chris Godwin Cristian Kirk Taylor Gabriel Gabriel Donte Moncrief Dede West Berkeley Sean Higgins partly sunny marques Valdes scantling Robbie Anderson and the bye week players cameron meredith and tre’quan Smith are all among my favorite wide receivers to break out in the second half of the season that are less than 50% owned and That’s pretty much it for the receivers tight ends difficult to pick week to week but cameron brate is my top tight end pickup this week because he’s got a connection with Jameis Winston already and The fact that the whole team is rested and OJ Howard isn’t playing Brate is probably a top ten tight end while while OJ Howard is out Possibly even when he’s back because they have that like connection. Like I said, Austin Hooper is boom or bust and I usually avoid him deep leagues Or people who like to take some Gamble’s may be interested in Hayden hurst and Hunter Henry Henry’s due back sooner than later and He’s on the Chargers who score a lot and Rivers loves his tight ends Hurst played this week in his first action back, but I Don’t know. He’s risky to have because so many tight ends over their (Ravens) Defenses get the bangles. They were nasty get them despite this week’s matchup against the Steelers The Bengals are going to be playing steelers at home But they got many of their Defensive players back that are now healthy and are looking studley. Otherwise, you got the Jets. They look good too Kickers Ok kickers are crucial even if you don’t like it Kaimi Fairbairn on the texans He’s good because they can move the ball downfield, but they consistently get stopped in the red zone While Zuerlein line is out. I like Cairo Santos. Ryan sucup is an amazing kicker with a great leg Oh, that’s pretty much it. I pretty much Appreciate you I’m gonna get better at this Thanks for watching thefantasyscout. You have a wonderful day and night and I hopefully you pick up some good waiver claim pickups. Let me know if you have any questions get me at a thefantasyscout on Instagram – fantasy Scouter on twitter or you can check out my website at Good night

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