Female Soccer Star Attacking Other Players

jr has exposed me to the greatness that
is otherwise known as elizabeth lambert she is a college soccer player who has
been in the media lately because she is gets behind %uh you have to watch the video
to understand exactly what i’m talking about so it’s going to be a we’ll talk about it pain starting for the season estimates
for the federal reserve lambert person questionable place throughout this game your pain lambert fighting for position
level in a place for them you’re fighting for sure on the way
conflict please keep going on in other states involved this is c_n_n_ headline on occasion
there might be just downright bonds forty in and write back here we’ll ever
grandchildren involving at least displays the lion’s head of a point
please or mine monday february have pulled some insight
on about snapped their head off with it going forward or you disappeared from a gold medal select
restaurant that seventy seven a large lambert goes into the heart diseases trips to b_y_u_ player politicking replace that wanted to get a
reality card yellow that more often as they get over
there you see some strings taken both ways b_y_u_ words of one male b_y_u_ one
point the griggs okay so i wanted a couple points before
you talk about how %uh abusive this girl is %uh they didn’t really disciplinary to
begin with okay she got a yellow card and the kinda let it go however videos of her abusing these other
players was put up on youtube and of the deal went by really got ten million hits yeah i saw it yet last week that’s right and as soon as i went by role that’s when she got kicked out of the
soccer team witnesses so ironic because in soccer if you believe in some ways direction dot blots seek
emmitt go flying out the aqua hot until you look so the other guy is a red card
and they get up with it so that magic fingers but also the pallet wrinkles broken you
spread a little thing at a solar power a you people anniversary date but italia woman suckers the exact
opposite at least what do you think people heads largely but qualify altered all through the primarily are yellow card now you’re covered those incidents
especially the one where she pulls the ponytail %uh the girl was pulling on her
shorts college yet to come out of she didn’t have it coming i mean i was a an
insane reaction no one should react that way but you can see that the other players are
doing something that triggers that type of reaction right but then it has that other one there’s
that one hundred other incident where she kicks that are on the handed and according to anything on that case
right now that there’s no there’s no excuses and then they’re people you look
when you play ball to set up that happens by giving in little rock for a while but
as somebody that’s a good way over the top and you go out for a rerun of
something that cut your legs out from underneath in the fall on your head that’s not called upon i mean it’s one
thing to be jockeying for position or something flowing in this case fixable experiment
and an actor you know and together like corporation sears
their internet now i know i know and the bad guys but i can’t take a nonstop around the
world watching that video i don’t know what you want i don’t know
why how do you think of i don’t think that what she did was
right the page i’ll get a wrong but the sheer palsy nets of this girl is home
wary i think you’re getting a little too upset about woman pal notified it has nothing to do with women collar i
do not supply overlooked lambert proposing like she
doesn’t care you know she’s just like yeah i’m gonna be concerned about if i don’t know what body cavity raleigh
does not get little like is double dipping sauce on the list was going to do with already that started scarry that first instance
the tick dot was there in the stomach malice this
wouldn’t call it what happened is that from happening in that now i’m not saying that of a society to
do this i like this part of the children really and we got a lot of crazy develop that is fine got what you are using the technology of
%uh citizen kind of thing are you there ratio well on your address a little bit
sit area like that signal but nothing is %um unless he stood up and to the wrong she
took it over boris you’re reacting guys are being pregnant women she set out his
plan to be able to back and i are you not do you think cheesy because you like
the way the girls number looked on the back what do you think that i have a great force they did a little
things that jabber as your reacted i’m not going to say that she didn’t right but they started something instincts are
doing well then started so i think it will make my mother sheila started
earlier which is crazy well i’m a strong as almost all we’re able to get
excellent randomly pair yes p_m_ who is the does enjoy a ball sports %uh if he said and scroll stars by jetting around the
stomach they said so and they are doing convicted it so i think detective if the side was against the
says watch how the w r u player dancer in the
stomach i think we can believe that she jeevan
stoic first decisive when you look at it we can see that how mulligan is that omp again because of because the
settlement up she didn’t do the right thing cdu brutal
beat down about his girls and that was badass but she was that he was that he was
traded blood and scenes that are there was wrong almost beyond self i cannot go
there with you guys but %uh i guess they didn’t think they had %uh overkill one of the instances one of the girls might have been fighting back but very but she didn’t like wild things about
another team by the end of it are not prepared for a but they have no
double continue to do i’m just saying look but interior i keep a gangster you know i wrote united gangsters
lambert that stuff at what kind of of the direction the new since this
happened a few weeks ago than those of us is she said to apologize and rescue
money or she’s has been for that mom indefinitely was his junior
summations next year above the rest but one of our section of
the was %uh a house just to see counselor asahi
guest i have that i have that %uh according to the article lever is
seeing clinical psychologist on campus to help her better understand how
actions says also speaking to your place and taking other steps in order to try
to return to the team %uh in the spring by that’s why i join you guys she’s not
michael jordan it’s not like you to look at those of lambert it’s really let him
down that she’s gotta go talk to the micro don’t do what i did units this bring it down breakdown pentagon to
archaic we have a role we have a room watch more clips at the young turks on

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