FOOTBALL – FSU Highlights

[CROWD CHEERING] Ah, yes. A little extra electricity
in the air tonight as we welcome you to Scott Stadium,
where a near-capacity crowd is on hand to watch this
much-anticipated showdown between the ‘Hoos
and the ‘Noles. Looks at a four-man front. Here comes the blitz. They pick it up. Perkins– wide open man as he
hits the tight end, Cowley, in the numbers on the left side. Reaches into the air,
still dragging defenders. Inside the 25 to the 24. Matched up on Nick Grant
to the bottom of the field, but he’s going to
hand the ball off. This is Laborn to the backfield. Run down by Jordan Mack. Mack rips him down
back at the 18. Junior out of
Chantilly, Virginia, swings his foot into this one. Looks like it’s
got the distance. It is good. He’s got Jamari Peacock
on his right hip. Claps his hands, takes the snap. Blitz coming. They pick it up. Perkins steps in to throw. Fires down the middle. That’s complete. Joe Reed hit at the 6-yard
line, just inside the numbers, and he’s going to be
knocked off his feet. Waits on the snap,
takes the snap, hands it off to Taulapapa. Around the right side. Reaches for the end zone. He’s got it. Touchdown Virginia. Reed goes into motion. He’ll go inside of Reed. Perkins looking that way– left. Lobs this one to the
back of the end zone. He wants Reed. Reed makes the
over-the-shoulder catch. Touchdown Virginia. Now in motion, Dubois. They’ll hand it
off to Taulapapa. Taulapapa fighting his way. He’s in. Touchdown Virginia. Waist-high snap. Rifles it down the middle. Caught by Dubois. He’s alone at the 30,
trying to shed the defender. Cuts it inside numbers. He’s to the 20. Still running down
the far sideline. Out of bounds to the
15 of Florida State– Hasise Dubois. It’s a handoff. Taulapapa leaps
into the end zone. Touchdown Virginia. Bryce Perkins claps
his hands once. Takes the snap. Scrambling– nowhere
to go with it. Rolling to his right. Still nowhere to go with it. Now rolling to his left. Weaving around. Dodges another defender. Now he’s going to
throw on the jets. Can he get to the end zone? Cuts inside. And he scores. What a play by Bryce Perkins
on the two-point conversion. Virginia with the
seven-point lead. That’s taking care of business. Two seconds left. One second left. The snap goes right to Akers. Akers trying to get to the side. He’s stopped, and
that’s the game. Virginia wins it. The Cavaliers, in the most wild
finish you could ever draw up, have taken down mighty
Florida State 31-24. What a weekend. Charlottesville,
eat your hearts out.

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