Football terminology in Dutch (soccer) and ordinal numbers.

If you are a man… and you are learning the most common words
in Dutch… then… you need to know this! This is a special lesson dedicated to Dutch words related to football. But what if you are a girl? Well, Dutch girls actually know a lot about football as well. And… sorry about that… in this lesson included some grammar you need to know as we are going to talk about the ordinal
numbers… So actually it matters for both of you, when I say: stay tuned! I am online Dutch tutor Bart de Pau and this is “1000 most common words in Dutch”, the online video course in basic Dutch vocabulary with additional exercises on I created 40 lessons. Each lesson contains 25 of the most frequently used Dutch words. This is lesson 22 about football. And I know there are quite a few people watching
this in the US; so this is about what you call soccer! [THE FOOTBALL] When we use the article “de” we talk about
the ball itself. And with the article “het” we are refering
to the game. [FOOTBALL (SOCCER)] [THE GOAL] [THE GOAL] [THE FOOTBALL TEAM] That word of course comes from the number
eleven (=”elf”), the amount of players on a football team. [ORANGE] “Oranje” means the colour “orange”. But when we talk about “oranje”, it can also refer to our national football
team. And now the positions in the field. [THE STRIKER] [THE MIDFIELDER] [THE DEFENDER] [THE GOALKEEPER] Another word is: [THE REFEREE] [THE YELLOW CARD] [THE RED CARD] So at least now you know three colours: In lesson 35 we will come back to the colours in detail. [THE FIRST HALF] For those who don’t know. A football game has 90 minutes, two halfs of 45 minutes. [HALF TIME] [THE SECOND HALF] And time to deal with the ordinal numbers, called in Dutch: “rangtelwoorden”. They indicate a rank. Ordinal numbers acquire “de” or “ste”
after the number. Exceptions are “een” and “drie”. All ordinal numbers from 11 to 19 acquire
[de] at the end. And from 20 till 100 they get [ste]. You will learn this further in detail in lesson 15 of the course #dutchgrammar. Ok, let’s go back to the football game. Now you will understand this: [THE FANS] Or “the 12th man” which is another word
for the fans. [THE FAN] [TO KICK] The noun is “de schop”, or more frequently
used: [THE KICK] Which comes from the verb “schieten” which means: to shoot. [THE SAVE] And the verbs is: [TO SAVE] [THE ASSIST] [THE FREE KICK] [THE PENALTY KICK] Although we use the English word penalty as
well. [THE CORNER KICK] And here we can also use the English word:
corner. [OFFSIDE] [THE CHAMPION] And that’s what we were in 1988 after winning: [THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP] And if you win… you are: “eerste”. Now, “Europees Kampioenschap” is a long word, and therefore we mostly use the abbreviation. [THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP] And this is the one we would like to win: [THE WORLD CUP] or for short: [THE WORLD CUP] Our best result: “tweede”. We were 3 times in the final already. But every time we lost. It’s a bit of a national trauma. Well, let’s hope that one day I will need to redo this lesson. If you liked the lesson, click the thumbs-up button and share it on social media. Subscribe to my youtube channel for weekly videos to learn Dutch! See you next lesson. We will talk about verbs again.

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