Forgotten NFL Moments – 1999 St. Louis Rams vs. Baltimore Ravens Game

when the NFL schedule was revealed for
the 1999 season very few were probably interested in the st. Louis Rams
Baltimore Ravens match up but for those who witness this game no one could have
expected what was to come 90s sports nostalgia presents NFL
forgotten moments the 1999 st. Louis Rams Baltimore Ravens game and don’t
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soldier material this week one matchup between the Ravens and Rams was far from
being the marquee matchup after all st. Louis was coming off of a 4 and 12
campaign in 1998 in fact the Rams only averaged 5 wins a season from 1990 to
1998 as for the Baltimore Ravens they weren’t
too competitive since moving from Cleveland after the 1995 season however
very surprisingly and unpredictably these two teams would wind up being the
next two Super Bowl champions the amount of talent and both sides was remarkable
and was relatively unknown at the time to football fans starting off with the
st. Louis Rams this game was the birth of the greatest show on turf Mike Martz
was the architect of this high-powered offense and this was his first game as
the offensive coordinator for the Rams this was also the first start for an
unknown quarterback at the time would wind up going into the Hall of Fame that
quarterback Kurt Warner who threw his first touchdown pass in this game and
became the starter after Trent Green was lost for the season due to an injury
during the preseason everyone underestimated Warner who went on to
post a historic season at the QB position in 1999 this was also the first
game for Marshall Faulk in a Rams uniform would go on to be perhaps the
most dynamic pass catcher from the running back position ever
thanks to the heart system were over this was also the first game for rookie
wide receiver Torrey Holt who had amassed over 13,000 receiving yards
during his career also making contributions for Isaac Bruce who
accumulated over 15,000 career receiving yards when the best left tackles ever
earn Orlando pace in addition Tony Horn was an all-pro
kick returner and guard Adam Timmerman played at a Pro Bowl level
a quick note also Chad Lewis caught a pass during this game for the Rams Lewis
then would go on to become an all-pro tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles
meanwhile on the other side Baltimore’s defense had a good mixture
veterans and talented young players were still developing which led to their 2000
record breaking season the 99 Ravens defense was led by perhaps the greatest
middle linebacker ever and Ray Lewis alongside the master motivator were
all-pro caliber players in Rod Woodson Peter Boulware
Chris McAllister Michael McCreary and Rob Burnett in addition the Ravens had
an all-pro returner in Jermaine Lewis and identically to the Rams at one of
the greatest left tackles in history and Jonathan Ogden interestingly Baltimore
starting running back for this game was priest Holmes would go on to be the NFL
Offensive Player of the Year in 2002 but with the Chiefs this game resulted in a
27 10 victory for the Rams at times both teams were sloppy with turnovers and
several penalties but there were moments when the greatest show on turf displayed
their dynamic offensive precision this may have been Warner’s worst games in
the 1999 season as for the Ravens the quarterback Scott Mitchell had accuracy
issues and thus struggled converting on third downs which forced the Ravens
defense to be on the field for much of the game on the other hand Ray Lewis was
all over the field making tackles recording a sack and had an interception
as mentioned earlier this game was a battle between the next two Super Bowl
champ several players displaying their
hall-of-fame caliber talent no one knew it at the time but this was
a matchup of arguably the greatest NFL offense against the greatest NFL defense
yes it would be next season’s Baltimore Ravens who set a record for the fewest
points allowed in a 16-game season but the full core players was there except
for defensive tackle Sam Adams who is signed after the season to beef up their
interior defensive lineman as for the Rams yes other team scored more points
in a season but keep this in mind during most of the Rams games in 1999 st. Louis
would get out to big leads early and quickly which resulted in blow ups and
secondly at this time the secondary was allowed to be more physical with the
wide receivers as the illegal contact was not quite being enforced and the
quarterback was not quite as protected back then if the greatest show on turf
was able to play with the rules they have today that makes it easier for
offenses to score more points it’s hard to imagine teams have great success
stopping the greatest show on turf yes I may be over exaggerating a bit and I do
understand that 2000 Ravens were much different team than the 1999 Ravens and
arguments could be made that the 2000 Rams were better offensively but how
often does a matchup of the course for the greatest NFL offense goes up against
the greatest NFL defense and what’s unique is that no one knew it at the
time when this game was being played

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