Fort Lauderdale Florida Vlog #8 / Fantasy Football Draft / Tiki West super fun Day Partying

Fort Lauderdale Florida Vlog #8 / Fantasy Football Draft / Tiki West super fun Day Partying

all the different colors are different
positions P you’re hosting you want to say something to those cheer fans on the
because I was late with the wings in the liquor and has been taking bullshit okay okay
your fans love you your fans love you peewee okay
no I fist bump last night who you did did he stutter stutter look at the wind
the winds picking up Oh disaster nine out of ten what do you thinks the best
so far yours Jerry where are you you’re the worst
RKO minds away Roger Lagasse I have the most combined championships out of
anyone here how many how many a lot you don’t even know how many hey Mon doing
good job Luke doing a good job cheering it up
that’s your squad the Bears who’s your favorite player who is he you don’t know
okay yeah they switch a lot don’t they alright go bears go did go right all
right you like all the Chicago teams or just or just the Bears I had I know enjoy a happy together you
guys have never played it down skipped good job I’m on my radar looking last pic Kelsey
would have been I would have got him put you to cooks who’d you take party having
cooks going to state oh you’re up soon who you look up next week Casey you want to run some old guys Randy’s
old guys blew up all the shoes dude you can see if your J Street
yeah you ready to go boom 10% ownership and the team for the baldwin ok it’s on
it’s on the youtubes it’s official it’s all the youtubes he’s like if I’m
winning money off it was handler Crowder yeah yeah I just say whatever you think
J I really want to go to dirty I’m sorry hey J I went to that uh by the Walgreens
the the alcohol store today to get the fireball where you got the vodka the
vodka night yeah I bought I bought I bought it today I bought the alcohol
steal anymore either just because that doesn’t matter
no one asked that yeah all right Christian Christians doing is mandatory
shot alright who do you got Washington Redskin okay I like that I like that for
C Peter why did the draft just go to hell why guys smoking over here it’s
over what what round five out of 50 where a third of the way through it just
went to shit it just went to shit a third of the way through that pay you
donkey shit with 60 points I guess he’s not
available in the keeper that was liable on 14 that’s how you make a tight entry
oh my god happy well you had to get rid of one of the
big cell backup tight ends for big Shirl and you don’t even shop this when you
jump in a big you don’t call me up oh man inception where you guys what are
you watching deception and what do you need what do you need more has more than
watching all the time what Sammy Watkins more fantasy points then more fantasy
points $10 big money bet okay all right it’s on YouTube it’s official he knocks
the ball in the pool then he jumps in it gets it we feel there’s the MOOC pong
king over there ty sticks you want to shout out the
Instagram Tommy you got to I got five okay like you were working on it like
for the rest of us it just we willed it I had to just work on yeah you had us
because you work on it but like the free wheelers he was the better made-up name I only guys thought it
would work on John give me that Rick Montgomery I don’t know who that is
who’s Rick Montgomery we don’t like visible play damn you got someone
looking for an invisible sheet over there that’s so fucked up Jason do you
want to critique that that I pick before running back in Cleveland guys score six
points a game listen the guy who drafted the worst team of the day so far you
guys get together on that terrible terrible kopi you want to give
your p gut fans do you have fans on the and the web you want to give you want to
give out your your Instagram second slide in your lighting your DMS you want
them to slide in your DMS I don’t remember you don’t remember
I think it’s peewee wmp okay tight end if you do then you definitely need
another one then right and I played with zero if I could oh my god Shawn this
gronke gronke has to be up there right yeah he has to be the first tight end what they’re doing over there conspiring
illegal who’s looking good P what teams looking good teams looking hi you mad
bro suspended 40 hurt hand knows QB jets got shit it on worst league is RKO
second you mad bro damn those two we can clear off the top who’s the best name
third third worst is friend of the devil fourth is love love the haters terrible
terrible there’s one player I never played it down never if everybody’s
chair sounded but how do you forget I knew drafted him like did you just tell me to drive for
anybody I think so let me film P thanks for being a star like Sabrina star bro
the homies for life yeah Louis for life right there they’re hard to find
sometimes you know they are by the way I grew this beard in a week okay
okay hey you should be doing all right get him painting skip gonna get him
hating with this one keep them hating oh yeah that’s the plan I know my mom we
know we do it’s in my blood it will not happen it will sell when I was oh shit it’s a store it’s a
celery sticks celery your celery buddy you got anything anything to say to your
fans your mukbang stardom you old fat rob what’s the next mucket buck been
gonna be Tommy two weeks what is it gonna be from oh oh wing stop wing stuff
get that Rick Rick hop Ross who you picking I’ve got a winner good what you
got fat Rob son okay what you got what you got this is the way this is the last
year’s winner right here right oh shit how do you feel your chances are this
year be nobody’s got a chance always got a chance the wrong one wrong one what round away
in like five or so we’re only around five or six people were around seven we
were halfway through we got more shit show coming up cutting it drunk girl
walk to the bar he’s like Shane you want to shout out you want you want anybody
to slide in your DM Shane you want any fan you want anybody to slide in your DM
Shane your instant queue for seven aquariums to 24/7 aquarium Sawyer all
your aquarium needs your best reefer your best reefer he’s got a website it’s
legit Cam Newton the Heisman winner their
money up on this is there any money basket pool all right we’ll be back
people five buck go Zeus gets 5% if I win it outright will win what outright
the whole league you get five Zeus gets 5% of the cut
okay alright do we care what sue she gave you or does that not matter I guess the whole two inches from the ground
two and a half yeah get it right get it right 49ers prediction the 2017 year six and
ten you’d be happy okay alright we still got a long way to go
okay let’s to represent give prediction for your squad Cowboys this year
record-wise 2017 12 women yeah yeah you like sushi experience see it’s for
vlogging so you can see right fiction for your squad the Patriots this
year 2017 here well that seems gonna go 19 – no real NFL real NFL night – no
100% book it here I’ll take okay secondly here though I’ll
be struggling to get six points let’s be honest who do you thinks gonna
lose loser who was in it right now I hate admitting machaca I hate uh yeah
make someone a fuckin stole him right for a long time like ten years almost
gave his ass now he’s growing on because he knows I’ll fuck him up yeah that’s
smart soon as she’s known all along idealist a sudden step out of line
so ChaCha’s teams looking strong one last year you’re not the most hated
though skips got that huh at least you’re something right what I’ll do
whatever for the content whatever for the views what we got going on over here
Christian or anything Timo uh what happened Oh looky Luc’s Luke’s the man though
look at that board look at that secure that board like nobody’s business lose it now little next to that hey guys what’s your Instagram come on we’re
gonna get you the baseball game come on bitch let’s go
what’d you do I tried to jump the fences of a baseball game my team I’m sorry I
said left field you are good enough to make the team Wow we might today hold on you know you don’t tell everybody you
want nothing to do with that I want nothing to do in ten out of ten 10 out of 10 laws it’s your money up and
I’m serious I have know maybe like back in the day you gotta fight what about
stalking not like some other people yeah Brian started it didn’t do shit Brian another Redskin Christian biller is
brother Redskin keep it home team Oh every uh-oh everybody this is my
arch-nemesis and basketball this is my arch-nemesis we used to go at it every
week for for one a year two years two years fireball could actually sweat out
of somebody into it this was the first person I ever smelled alcohol on we’re
playing basketball one morning hilarious I think that’s the he he went for a
layup and he missed the backboard he just walked off you you missed the
backboard and just walked off he just watch he just walked off the court it
was enough for that day no story no no I seen the first han-soo guillotine
himself I’ve seen it I’ve seen it I’ll meet a nyquil eyes the nyquil eyes the
night cool i sir put you right to sleep the next I know loops the next looks the
next best I seen that yeah he gets it from his Pappy Paul Aidan’s on the next
the next round she’s already done jujitsu be ready did
you already give your prediction before your boys are going to be this year no I
thought the Cowboys there you’re in a felt to 1105 okay you’re gonna win the
Super Bowl will 11:05 you’re gonna sweet squeak in on the wild-card you’re gonna
win the division 11050 K gold ain’t doing shit hey Tom a
Thai sticks brian says eagles and shit baby
no he didn’t when i say but one guy has six NFC East champion those are the
dynasty starts this year what is going on I don’t know how many of you won –
okay returning champion I was in high school last night now you should understand I’ll put the
word out I’ll get my man Jagga pick not messing around
all right ready be ready to steal what is it sticker on the board or yelling
can that be then you can’t change it you yell you can’t change any clarification
for seconds I need a shot I need a shot in a wrap from you I need a shot in a
wrap yeah – I know freestyle we gotta tell me that’s what we need I’m a boss
you’re trying to catch me like Randy Moss I’m Hall of Fame flowing you’re the
outside looking – Belle Louis Oh I’m gonna sit back and do my thing I
meet these rappers up and recorded in my next book bag oh you’re doing rice gum
like that are you doing rice gum like that
is that a rice gum dance is that an official race gum dish yourself I’ll
bring it back the rainbow I feel like I love this but why he’s about to get we
should protest we should go we should protest and bring the rainbow back to
the straight side I took you guys whose neighborhood yeah you got me
the most wonderful thing in the whole world right now that’s one thing I could but now we just let them have a gas
event look yeah look now my Fuhrer from serious we should boycott fucking do it
would take it back to him we’re taking back the rainbow I’m gonna start the
website where are you thinking back the Rain Man posse Troy why don’t we let
them have the rain if the pen dispar just for you guys you too baby what you
guys say about rice gum Thai sticks fuck of rice gum for Christ um okay this with
you guys you guys are the biggest beef double beef phase BB why is he come
double beef it was so exciting they gave BB fed um Wendy’s to talk about Taco
Bell who double beef fat piece of shit to know about Georgia Tech side shape and reaching it any mundo then you have the jacket the
alcohol jacket yeah sailing off for models okay you’re
quite over there is that on purpose what’s going on with you a little quiet
over there is you feeling okay J huh oh you’re a dual drafting oh my god you’re
doing a rare jewel drafting the guy who brought me in the big money League oh I
thought he was helping you a thousand I know you had a dual draft over here Wow
six I said James quiet $16,000 buy-in first year in we won 10,000 per second
four thousand ten thousand I won’t put him on camera so no they’ll know who’s
got all the money over there okay okay I’ll let you guys do your thing over
here I see that you should be alright alright good luck guys good luck they got dueled
another drafters he’s dual drafting they got a different draft over there I guess
LaRon and asked Anika their dual drafting is that allowed big Cheryl how
many drafts kidding how many drafts can you be in at one time as long as your
two minutes are up your priority I would say this should be your priority draft
be here of your I second that I second that our Kong Fu Panda who you got rice gum
picking rice come you got rice gum Smallwood
we got a safer to rice gum you ready for the trophy to be back-to-back Brian what
do you guys say the rice gum Tommy’s doing diss tracks for him you ever heard
about Jack Paul are you a chick parlor no he’s been shit sometimes we gotta
split up sometimes you do sometimes you have to split up damn we could we do see
how that works though 60 points I want a champion that’s my FAU squad it’s fuckin
terrible terrible whoa buddy just go whoa whoa whoa hey stop hey have
you suckers target last night you won’t be doing that
I said 200 meter relay the ringer only for Canada go well anybody know this
white him in his wife introduced the his sister-in-law to jump in bed shirt
adulterer them into feeling her and then himself for the Jamaal Charles is a very
and I was wide but the Lions mascot took them out for two years that’s where you
need probably build in thanks for bringing the yeah oh yeah I think I just thought it’d look
better or once another Redskin Christian you’re breaking tradition starting oh
yeah Eli’s gonna be starting wait for Monday
Night Football Chiefs rats hands we’re gonna put the
big screen okay to be spawned is it confirmed you got a projector Shane just saying you got the projector homey you got the
hook-up on that damn Thai sticks don’t Thai sticks gone he gone started to shot
rice come flag on the play you rice come shot you quarterback hold up what’s the
matter Josey points in this league Jay Cutler
top-10 you’re saying he will be top ten who’s saying he is top ten that guy
who’s that guy Brian okay that guy that guy are you at quarterback Brian are you
down with that bet that’s going to be Cutler okay 50 we got a lot of side bets hey if you guys forget just search CPA
strength fantasy draft on YouTube and then you’ll remember all the side bets
you remember all the side well no just watch the video so just give me views
that’s what I’m saying the idea see the flip connection for the vlog vlog and
doggin yeah bro you can just look on the YouTube channel to see the video what do
you get you got a Cutler thing he’s gonna take off the spear for us yeah
unfortunately as much as I hated all those do you got Landry to Tannehill was
a joke okay you’ve heard it from big injuries right here from the winter last
year you got Jay Ajay or whatever the hell his name is with a concussion this
is a league champion comparison this girl your ball draw this
girl seven years old j-john and this without your fingers on
that sweet come speak should I say well save yourself options action you should
get back up to tight and the boss let me cross give me two picks I can cross off
my list the kicker maybe a backup defense or back there
tight end was a nice Swift fast pick that’s what you get for congratulations nothing bothers me more than him winning
I mean even if Shane won I would like it more than this so whatever we do this
year let’s not let anybody let this guy win it please come back my name hasn’t
been on the league in a while I’m on there few times right
bootie got Weiser who do you got thirteen three teams this year jobs have
been like keeper if you want to take Opie what’s your P what’s your Instagram
tell me every W and P motherfucker okay below me you see crazy shit okay follow
are you today my last round who’s looking good key
championship like how do you like you you big game him right before me and
then he did the Chargers over the guy by a hoe we can’t
women in your helpers not help yeah all right put it on you’ll pick it up once
its own yell de calais no we said once the stickers on its on the other Cowboys
nobody else you can matter what are you always putting in your two cents because
he’s the Commish okay so the Commission dies are you that’s two cents in
I made that seven cents all right all right it’s a shot time everybody do a
shot shot round some of that fireball P you’ve been tricking the fireball
sponsor sponsored by CBS wrangle fireball and ice in there I brought that
for everybody that’s it that’s that’s for everybody I bought that one you’re the pro hey Jack fire next time
get the good stuff bro oh sorry sorry sorry about that
Oswin that’s what was out that was out that was out I got the big boy bottle as
you can see the big boy bottle though $26 no I mean think last year I might’ve
brought a six-pack or 12-pack over that was one bottle he does yeah I went I
went to the me and P we went to our 20s Christian
Christian me and P we were at ours like two years ago
our 20th yeah did you go to any Christian back back back to Washington Gus how’d you get your name Gus okay that sounds legit your story checks out
your story checks out lady it up the lady at the wing place did they caught
him Bret and almost freak me out like that’s not our order what Stan
gotta walk off they ain’t got a walk on Ron that Marlon
said once they’ve got a hippo just I think it was a three-run homer I don’t
know my kid is gonna be a ball spinning run two months straight now they can’t
score and their pitching is good give the ball I mean what et oh you just you
left your last pick sooo how do you think your team’s gonna be like do you
like your team I like it all right hey you guys you looking for
Brian okay okay now watch the YouTube video watch the YouTube video you want
to get you want to give Brian for me tell me go with all right honey there
you go me my shot around and we’re gonna do a but it ain’t no man Dan uh yeah
Hazelwood it okay so so why does it go who’s first on the waiver have the best
chance between the first guys having you so we must do the other way everybody I
spin and you get fucked later on I didn’t hear my strategy yeah not who’s
first on the line through the third Pig I agree would all right there’s one two
three it’s already in commission Oh commish said it’s a fight yeah pick up
after after you my story right option one I like yes so we’re
gonna put that so Peter here if your guys doubtful for one o’clock
night you want to wait to leave leave behind this you pick them up for a yeah yeah but if you don’t but if you don’t
have an app or you can drop someone to pick someone up to play that are you
picking for your last pick Redskin his last shot Christian how do you feel
about your squad all right you should feel great about it too I feel good I do
feel great about it I do I do feel great to maintain clan Yeah
right which one you got all the soot okay once the writing of it right there
okay sooo a tang clan man you’re not going up alright my year it’s your year
Eric well they say sunshine to the dog’s ass all every once in a while right look
back on you can’t even read but he else okay that’s true he has a
point there for the trip of 2017 pander League Hammond oh okay first I cut this is it
oh that’s a rap song rap seventh place team right there guy rap lucky

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