‘Fumbling for Success’ ft. NFL Players | Bar Rescue S6 Sneak Peek

I’m getting the feeling
that when your husband left you got scared. So then you started to
rely on Doug, didn’t you? And he helped you
with the kids and he
helped you with the family and he proved his value
to your personally. And then you cut him slack
in the business, didn’t you, because of it? So you have separate friends
from work, don’t you? – Yeah.
– I want to help you. But when you don’t
stand up for yourself,
I can’t stand up for you. Here’s what I did.
I brought three NFL
players into your bar.Three Tampa Bay Buccaneers–Beau, Cam, and Ali.Three NFL players
are just sitting
in there right now. Oh, dude,
you have no idea how much
food we’re gonna order. – Yeah, we’re gonna
get a bunch of food.
– That’s cool with me. – Caesar wrap, please.
– Can I get two fish and chips
and the salmon? Can I get the bacon
grilled cheeseburger? – Three guys, one order.
– Perfect, thank you. I want to watch
the kitchen with you
make this food. Okay?
Let’s go in your bar. I’m hungry, dude As soon as I see Jon,
I’m like, “Oh, ( bleep ). Stuff is about
to hit the fan.”But if we want to get
this bar out of the red,
then we need
all we can get from Jon. Screaming, yelling,
slapping, spanking. Whatever Jon wants,
we want it. Okay, let’s go
back in the kitchen. – Happens every single time.
– Let’s see what happens when this order comes up. We got a burger, a chicken,
two Codfathers. Jon:I want to see
how long this takes.
Watch the raw meat
all over her hands. Watch the raw meet
now in with the chicken. She rinses her hand.
She does not wash it. I just want you to understand
the level of cross-contamination and how we get people sick. Is there still raw chicken
all over her hands? Most definitely,
and it’s also on that towel. Now she’s now grabbing
a quesadilla out of
the plastic bag. There’s now raw chicken
on that quesadilla, correct? Now she’s got the raw chicken
all over her handle
of the fryer, doesn’t she? Now, has Doug told her
to put a glove on? – Not at all.
– Has Doug noticed
any of this? Cluster ( bleep ). – ( sighs )
– I’m hungry. So, we’re at 10, 11 minutes,
nothing is finished. Doug, I’m gonna
come back here and help them
get this together. – This is legitimately
taking a long time, right?
– Yeah. Their ticket timing’s
not gonna be right. They don’t have veg on.
They don’t have anything. Watch your manager
lead by example. Same table, separate ticket. Okay, his hands
are on that, now. So, now he’s touching
the drawer handles. No gloves. He’s making a salad
completely with his hands. Now, she just picked up
that raw piece of fish,
put it down on the grill, wiped her hand on that towel,
put it down there. So now we have raw chicken,
raw beef, and raw salmon… – All combined.
– …all over this area. Now, look at her hands
all over everything. This is unbelievable.
So, there’s no system
whatsoever. The worst offender is Doug. Everybody, listen to me. Doug, I watched you.
You never washed your hands. You never put on
a glove, correct? – Correct?
– Yes, yes. – Does he know better?
– He does know better. And your hands
are all over that, and now you’re gonna go
touch more raw food. And you know better!
That’s what gets me! Now, you go make raw chicken,
put it all over your hands, wipe for 30 seconds
with this, throw it here, and now you’re making
a frickin’ sandwich
in that spot! – How long have you
been doing this?
– A long time. – How much trouble
is she in, Doug?
– A lot. Do you know she has no money?
She might not make it
through the frickin’ week. I don’t want her to lose.
I want her success. – Is this successful?
– No. Well, the revenues have
gone down since you’re here. You drive her kids
’cause she can’t drive
herself, right? – Yes.
– You help her in
every way you can. – You’re a good friend, right?
– I try. Why are you ( bleep ) her
in here? – Why?
– I don’t– And you send her children’s
money out the door! What happens
when she shuts down? You go get another job,
and she’s screwed! And it’s on you,
’cause you know better! Hi, this is Jon Taffer.
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