Goalkeeper dog sets record (Guinness World Record)

Legendary Manchester United goalkeeper Peter
Schmeichel was known as the Great Dane. But Purin from Japan hoping to prove that
beagles are pretty nifty between the sticks as well. Purin is looking to set the Guinness World
Record for most balls caught in a minute. A solid start so far, showing a safe set
of paws. This youngster certainly isn’t barking up
the wrong tree. And there’s the record! 14 in one minute With Purin looking to become the latest dog
superstar alongside the likes John Terrier, Paul Pugba and Lukas Poodles-ski, owner Makoto
Kumagai knows how to unearth raw football talent. “First of all, I discovered that Purin was good at using her paws, so then I began throwing things at her to see if she could catch them. Eventually, I realised that she was particularly good at catching balls with her paws. So there you have it! Purin, the nine year old Japanese beagle, new world record holder for most balls caught by a dog in one minute.

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