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    aussie boy FPL

    Stream starts at 4:42


    Stevie Jackson

    Anyone think I should keep this team or play wildcard

    Foster (Watford)

    Trent van D Lundstrom o’connel holebas

    Kdb Pedro lucas salah


    Keep this team or wildcard so stuck


    Geordie Kev

    Jason can you build a library of 'impatient Stevo' best bits its hillarious to watch..
    One the last caller's " but what would yous do , I think I should have better midfielders rather than ar the back spending money hmmm what do you guys think?"
    Impatient Stevo – "look mate heres some of the best advice I can offer , get in the discord and ask everyone in there .. right onto the next caller."
    Lol brilliant


    Matty Stitt

    Jason's reaction when he realises hes muted lmao


    FPL Penguin

    Jason you savage ! 7:34 haha!



    Thing is people putting trust into Pukki just because he scored easy one on one vs Liverpool while Liverpool was full off confidence to win that match. Then he scored 3 vs worst team in a league. Ye that was something but still – its Norwich and as a team they r nowhere near to Wolves from last season – im talking overall not just in attack. Then because of fact that main mid lineup is with KDB, Salah and Sterling people putting themselves in situation where their second striker is Barnes. I mean how is that a balance team then ? Lets say Sterling is going to outscore Kane for couple of goals but do u actually think that Barnes for example is going to outscore Son ? How many interesting picks we have in mid like Mount, Mcginn, Ceballos or players like Pedro, Lanzini/ Almirion/Siggi/Moura who operate close to the penalty area and how many picks do we have in attack ? Wilson for 8m ? Rash playing on wing for 8.5m ? What im saying is that i actually rather to have Kane over Sterling just because i can swap him to Aguero any time and still got 2 front lines from City and then look for some nice cheap/middle price mid while having a consistent striker then having a Sterling and rely on Barnes or Pukki or King. Because at the end of the day if u close ur eyes and delete Sterling from ur mind u will realize how bad it is to put ur infront trust to Pukki and Barnes. Same goes to United/ Chelsea thing – i mean lets be honest United won 4:0 but they were not even close to play as good Chelsea was. People forget that it with a bit of luck it could be 0:2 after 20 minutes, would u now put your trust into Bissaka whos not going to give u any attack returns ? on the oposite u have Emerson with some goal and assist potential. Then Chelsea goes vs
    Liverpool and people r like – oh god Chelsea did good – truth is they did exacly the same as before vs one of the best team in Europe. Of course then because of that 120 minutes of intense game both of those teams had problems in league games but – ye there was some reason of that and to be clear Chelsea went vs Leicester – just look at Leicester lineup and they were better team for like 60-70 minutes. Im pretty sure Chelsea will crush Norwich and im pretty sure that they will get better and better every game while United will not – United will loose goals and they will loose points because u cant do good in PL while u have only Martial and Rash infront for whole season – no matter how good both of them are. Greetings and sory for my English but i guess i got the point.


    Patryk Zani

    Yess boiss, Another solid stream. Minus Salah being C… -_-
    Has 1-1, 2-0 written all over it.


    James Carson

    Ceballos and soyuncu (soyuncuon bench) or Mount and Rico


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