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    EliteFPL Steve-O

    Stream starts at 2:57. Another great steam. Thanks for watching and participating 😎🙏


    Mark Antigua

    steve O called the 0 to 0 and the guilbert yellow card amazing!


    Gav P

    Maaaaaan…. 16pt hit???
    I'm impressed with the 'cojones'… & I agree the wildcard was maybe not the best, but as you say dude, if you can make changes now to make up a 40-50pt difference, it's a smart play…. I'd be scared of no Salah or Sterling…. I'd be scared to have James & Iwobi (as an Evertonian… he really is not playing well yet) who have been outscored by Cantwell… and I never rely on Arsenal assets… Auba is a flat track bully, who scores when Arsenal play well, but my Gooner pals really are not sold on him.
    Still… yr Johnny big [email protected](&$!!!


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