How to clean and revive your goalkeeper gloves | GloveCare System | Footballerz Italy

Hello everyone! Today I’ll show you the glove care system It contains the Glove Wash & Prepare, the Glove Fresh and the Gloveglu (revive) Later in this video I’m gonna explain you how to use these products The box has been difficult to open Once opened the box we find the three products The glove wash and prepare that it’s designed to wash your gloves and “prepare” them to the match And thanks to this product you’ll have a better grip and also more durability The second product is the glove fresh You should use it to remove the bad smell from your gloves Last but not least the gloveglu This product revive your old gloves, but it also improve the grip to the ball of your new gloves You can use it before, during or after a match Let’s go to test these products! Ok, we’re ready with the glove wash&prepare and our dirty gloves Spray as much as you think your glove (about 7 times) Ok, rub the glove and also use warm water This process takes about 8 minutes/glove If you think is required, spray again Continue to wash the glove till the water is clear Now you can see the difference between the dirty and the washed glove Ok, now we’re ready to spray the glove fresh Spray into the glove It’s a bit difficult How to dry your gloves? DO NOT dry or leave your gloves in direct sunlight as it will cause the latex to crack Store your goalkeeper gloves in a cool dry place to dry them! How to use the gloveglu? (revive) Simply! Spray about 3-4 times to have a better grip. In my opinion it works pretty well If you have any questions just let me know down there in to the comment section Rate this video and subscribe to our channel! SEE YOU!

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