How to Make a Tackle in Football : How to Shed a Block & Tackle in Football

Hi this is Sean Hobson for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about right now are the proper mechanics for our linebackers, our
defensive back or our linemen to come up and make a proper hit. What we want to focus on
right now is our linebackers or defensive backs coming up and taking on a blocker in
order to make the tackle. One of the most important things that you have got to do is
just as we talked about breaking down and exploding into the tackle, you must do the
same thing into a blocker. You can never let the blocker come out and dominate you and
keep you from making a tackle. So what we want our linebackers and our defensive backs
to do is when they are coming up against a blocker we want them to explode in, hit that
blocker and get them out of the way, then they are going to have to break down a second
time and explode into the tackle. So you’ve got two jobs now. You don’t just have to wrap
up and tackle a guy, you have got to get one out of the way first of all and it all requires
getting down in a good low stance, initiating the contact and getting him out of the way.
This is what it looks like at full speed. Set, hut. Good, good. He sheds the block,
he gets him out of the way and then he finishes off the tackle. And that’s the proper technique
to do it if you’re a linebacker or a defensive back.

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