How to Play Fantasy Football : How to Prepare for the Week in Fantasy Football

Hello, my name is Frank Torres and I am here
on behalf of Expert Village. This segment is on the point system in Fantasy Football.
The point system in Fantasy Football is one crazy thing. Their points are constantly being
added and subtracted throughout the course of an NFL Sunday. Let me give and example
of how a point system might work. Let’s say Peyton Manning throws a touchdown pass to
his favorite receiver Marvin Harrison. Well, Peyton Manning’s owner will be awarded at
least six points plus the yardage from the throw. Marvin Harrison’s owner will be awarded
the score for the touchdown, usually six points, the yardage from the pass he caught and maybe
a point for the reception. Now, the owner for the defense might get points subtracted
from his score because his defense allowed the Colts to score that touchdown. Now this
can get crazy and there are all sorts of conflicts of interest that take place. What if you are
Peyton Manning’s owner and in the same weekend you have your defense playing against them.
Do you hope that Peyton Manning passes the ball all the way down to the one and then
gets stuffed, or do you let them score and then have your defense get penalized for it?
What if he throws an interception and your defense pick it off and run it all the way
back for a touchdown. Peyton Manning will loose the points for throwing that interception,
but your defense will gain the points from catching that interception and running it
back for the touchdown. It gets completely insane at times and I guess that?s why we
are grateful for point trackers.

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