HUGE Tackle Warehouse SALE Unboxing 2016

another huge tackle warehouse sale unboxing , natural
faces first step back don’t mean all right and then I got some
long sleeve t-shirt maybe extra five bucks got a long sleeve
and protect those arms or should I say guns and then I got another regular free
t-shirt because i spent way too much money great ok first things first got a couple of frogs tackle warehouse unboxing reason why is i
got aspro frog turn from only tournament coming up and i had to buy realized only
had like two spro frogs I got a bronze I 65 in teal color for
this week and then I got some smaller frogs case when that like it’s tough
later in the afternoon a bonsai jr. and then I got a pocket
frog bonds like baby pop and a sexy chef coat Banzai 65 and green pumpkin and the
bronze eyeshadow you’re allowed to use a shadow in the
stro from term because I guess it close enough to frog a lot of tackle warehouse unboxing clear water so
I’m going with you know real colors natural stuff and then I’ve got a bronze
I jr. is bad boys called penny black and last but not least a tackle warehouse unboxing bonsai baby pop black and yellow next up yum swimming finger in green pumpkin i know i used the cherry on motor ones
these don’t look as good quality the palace – be get the shot next chaturbate this one is a baby vast color this is made by DM DM some salt jailbait
right here I mean they’re eight bucks but they
catch fish next up new to the market the flat boys these would be the young
pulse check it out pretty sweet little dude to the table
paddle I think diesel you do pretty good pretty excited about huge tackle warehouse sale unboxing these and they’re
cheap so young makes a good point movers are
pretty cheap and I got this one in grey shadow then I got it in summer he’ll get a good color I got it in I you and one little red decent swing day were here The Jackal rhythm wave believe these are
pretty new to these this color is free pumpkin pepper 30 they’re not as cheapest at the young
pulse believe next step Falcon Lake crawl rage minutes kind of like a green pumpkin finish on
top with gold flake and a red-bellied good crawfish alligator right there and
get those going into my gym is also 0 now the chaturbate same one and being
lures bass assassin green pumpkin hill is bad boy I’ll slip that you get a week Jack ok guys swim swim jig from DNA am also
save people to make the chaturbate this what’s called blue deal awesome little head on it it’s also got
a blade but that should work pretty well out
there next all right the beautiful I got to these
the beautiful junkyard jig in three quarter rounds and three quarter rounds
mug keepers orange try to help you out flip the river along current that helps
to get down where you want bring it back up keep it moving and then
I got some more revenge jigs show you these real quick this is a
bluegill ok children crawl crawl tackle warehouse unboxing something
something orange this is the one I had in my last video
clip that the river and lost it so we already won her over to the crop next
step usually I by the highest quality line
but I mean this is one of the top sellers tackle warehouse one of my
buddies also has used it for had good luck with it I figured I’d try it twenty pound test I
was a type of frogs on it in this clearwater see how it works may
try flipping it could be junk but we’ll see how that goes statement ok and then I got some rattles
my frogs frog bite is going to be good for the first couple hours it’s going to
get hot and I’m not going to be by top of our show want to try to set myself apart from the
other guys still got some rattles in there some rebar books for the old fairy
wand and drop shot wait steps and this was on sale it’s a line and lure this one’s called
real snot i usually use a kbd stuff but this had
good reviews I figure out the shop that’s my tackle warehouse boxing
thanks for watching this was on the memorial day sale so ten percent off and
fifty percent off so i had to make another order to huge tackle warehouse sale unboxing get those frogs for
this tournament coming up please like comment subscribe should be
coming out some different kind of videos here I had to get those tackle warehouse boxing out of the way yeah hopefully get some underwater
footage for thats pro tournament thanks for watching stay tuned

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