La’el Collins OT – 2015 NFL Draft

Carolina Pro Football La’el Collins – LSU Tigers Folks, when i turn on the tape for La’el
Collins I see a 320-pound masher who can really move for a guy his size.. When you draft La’el Collins you get a senior with zero character concerns However, get him on the football field and it’s a
completely different story This guy has an absolutely nasty
disposition. And he would love the
smash-mouth style football that Ron Rivera’s looking to
run. He also has tremendous lateral agility and can get to the edge in a huury And talk about heavy hands, man
when he gets a hold of linemen there’s a good chance in fillings are gonna get
knocked loose. and when he gets his hands on the inside
your pad especially it is over. He’s amazing pass protector
for a guy his size and although it’s not always pretty he’s significant aided by his long wingspan. When he gets low he’s absolute trash compactor and
cannot be stopped. That brings us to the cons: there are
times when he plays high and his technique well it isn’t ideal. Also
he can look heavy footed at times and pass protection so I kind of worry a little bit about elite speed pass rushers on the next level. And
finally because of his aggressive style he does lunge at times and end up on the
ground a lot more than you would like. but I feel that can be corrected with coaching from John Matsko. There are
some analysts aren’t sure about his ability to play left tackle the next level. Which means opportunity
to dollar store shoppers like Dave Gettleman and why I think he would
make a tremendous addition to the Carolina Panthers on draft day.

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