LIVE High School Football – King vs Poly

welcome to Ramona high school for the
14th meeting between Holly and King it’s old-school versus new-school Riverside
Poly opening in 1897 m.l.king high school opening in 1999
my name is ghazzal Hassan Jeff quorum alongside as well to bring you this
rivalry matchup in the city Riverside for the Poli Bears Jeff it’s bounce-back
time they lost 37 nothing against Benita last week what do they need to do I’ll
tell you what it’s it’s a new system coach rice has got these guys playing a
different brand of football but we’ve seen great potential from these guys
they’re putting up numbers but they’re gonna be inconsistent that is where they
need to find their identity where are the Bears
all right you saw King in week 2 against great oak they struggled the score but
last week the offense seems to be back on track they’ve been dealing with some
injuries they finally look to be healthy here in week 3 well I’ll tell you what
they’re working hard we talked to Coach Mac he loves this team he thinks are
gonna be a lot better they’ve improved week to week to week and right now
they’re looking to go against the biggest rival the Bears okay it’s a
rivalry renewed here at Ramona high school king and poly coming up next CIF
high school football game of the week on Riverside TV lavon’s hang with the return on the
kickoff and he’ll get up near midfield for Poly
so King won the toss elected to defer the kickoff went to Ethan la montagne
the senior brings the ball up to the 46 yard line and that’s where Polly will
start their offense led by Bud Bernie the quarterback he is the senior has
been a three-year starter for King last year threw for over 800 yards
his sophomore year nearly a thousand first and 10 line is the 46 Bernie
option he’ll keep it over midfield and the ball loose on the turf we’ll see who
got it still loose scooped up looks like King comes up with it it rolled to the
35 yard line where it was recovered by Tyler Smith it’ll be wolf wolf the
Wolves football tell you what one away to start to this ball game the big
rivalry between King and poly run right up the option up the middle Bernie a
great runner spits it out but wow what a great start here in the opener against
Corona had over a hundred yards let’s look at it again here’s the play where
it becomes dislodged ball just loose on the turf logan hancock combining with
Donovan Brady on that and then the ball they couldn’t pick it up it was like a
slippery oval two shots at it for King they finally recovered at the 35 yard
line and a flag comes in and it’ll give King some additional fuel position the
ball was covered in butter I’m looking around there’s funnel cakes over here
cuz all you’ve got popcorn on one end it’s the butter the kettle corn butter should have not had any so King we’ll go to the offense Jaden k4
up behind Center had a hundred and one yards passing last week in the game
against Great Oak junior quarterback for the Wolves turn and give they’ll try a
reverse here’s Brady Brady finds some space right before he gets to the second
level he’s knocked down at the 37 yard line
so a 13-yard pickup for Donovan Brady will get a look at Brady on the end
Johnny Gardner had a couple of good running games the big offensive line is
the key look at Nolan Reynolds at the left tackle he is a key for King and
their offense and on Reynolds a 4.0 student part of thee he’s but he’s in
the AP program he’s does a lot for the school coach really depends on him a lot
he’ll play both ways you’ll play on defense as well today Jeffery first
intent line the 37 for King Drake Dustin in motion will take the ball he gets
snuffed out goats by Sanchez but he’ll be knocked down maybe a yard loss on the
play trying to stretch the play out beyond the number Polly’s defense we saw Sanchez in the
middle of that defense they’re off the defensive line anchored by Daniel
Ledbetter watch Joseph Sirte the senior at linebacker and Sammy Sanchez does
everything the coach could ask you the starting corner for poly call it second
and 11 a yard loss to the 38 King rumor they really stepped it up last week
after struggling offensively in weeks 0 and 1 they put up 28 points against
Paloma Valley here’s the give and eight yards on the play out to the 30-yard
line sure
that’s Johnny Gardner with the run for King so here it is third and manageable
give him six on the play third and five Gardner lunges forward hurdles for the
first down through the tackle down to the 20 yard line and watching right now
after seeing King play that first game against Grado they look to somewhat
anemic offensively offensively tonight though attacking on the ground
great reverse call the first play of their series they’re pulled in tighten a
little bit of a wide split on the right side and said they’ll run to the left
side little shifty move there by Gardner he is tackled Ethan LaMontagne drops him
down number seven tackles number seven after
a gain of about four and Gasol we’re gonna see this King run a lot of
different offenses they’ll run some spread they’re gonna run some double
wing some some I powered offense we saw three in the eye last time this
day played against great oak it worked very well in the second half the fan
Hatter now almost an h-back normally a tight end kind of a fullback h-back
hybrid here’s the give running to the right
side and he’ll be blocked down west over in on the hit getting help from Sanchez
also Mike shooting with his nose around the football three orange shirts drop
him after a gain of a couple so third down here we go third down situation for
King there in the red zone under nine minutes to play in this first quarter no
score a turnover early and King trying to convert the turnover into points
important Jeff to get off to a good start as both these teams kind of trying
to find their footing here in the early season yeah I mean King really playing
with all a lot of new guys on this offense and defense poly a lot of
familiar faces Gardner running through some contact won’t have the first down
he’s swarmed just two at the 15-yard line the hares decision time now for Pat
McCarthy I’ll tell you what if it’s Coach Mac and working with him you know
he worked over in order this – with Ken batt Dorf for a year when they went to
the CIF championship versus Sanji he’s a defensive minded guy but he’s also very
very in tune with getting his guys motivated getting them going see if this
could give a little momentum getting this first down here and gif it at the
near side Dustin in the far slot split out to the far side is Donovan Brady
Gardner the lone setback and a whistle it’ll be a penalty awarding a first down
to King on poly our officials tonight Dan Durst is our um pot as our referee
Li Hamblin the umpire Jeff O’Connell the head linesman Iran Thomas the line judge
and Michael Bustillos the back judge so first and goal now for King a nice early
Drive Jeff Gorham I tell you what this is a different
definitely a different team we saw in week zero versus great oak they look
really darn good tonight they look efficient they had some
problems with some penalties when we first saw them but yet very very much a
different team so jumbo backfield look they have
shelana cand cobs lining up his full backs and a timeout called by King here
in the early going let’s go kick it down to Nick rice for a little bit of insight
into this rivalry matchup the 14th meeting between these two schools poly
one last year in overtime King had won the previous three yeah thanks to saw for King high school
their head coach Pat McCarthy is one of the most decorated is one of the most
decorated head coaches in the Inland Empire he has over four decades of
coaching experience during his stints across the CIF he made eight straight
playoffs during his 16-year run at arlington high school and then he
transitions to Fontana’s a B Miller where he was not just a conference coach
of the year but also in LA Times Coach of the Year
Vanek King in his first season for the Wolves he makes the playoffs struggling
this year at OU and three the king with a win tonight against rival Riverside
Poly could get back on track to what they hope is another playoff run guys
back to you here’s the give up the middle driving but then pushed back
Pruitt in on the hit shal on ik with the carry for King it’ll be second and goal
and I’m talking about that coaching tree you know he’s part of the dick coaching
try fro hi you’ve been hanging around Fazio too much there’s a lot of coaches
that have come off that coaching tree playing wise guys that have gone into
coaching has it have been assistance for Coach Brook so yes very big very large
cookie tree a Sycamore second and goal here’s the toss this is Gardner Gardner
looking for some space is he in he is in a touchdown King what a drive by King
they score the turnover Jeff and then drive 65 yards Johnny Gardner puts the
coup de Gras with a three yard run a great run and we’re starting to see a
little bit of he saw a little spread then we went to a little double wing
action there very reminiscent of Nohr to this in fact coach Ken batt door for
spend a little bit of time with the King wolves in this season coming out to a
practice hanging out with coach Mac you can see a little bit paying off here
tonight Gavan bloomed all in to try the p80 and
a flag comes in they’ll move it a little bit closer
Mikey Luna in kind of the option quarterback they bought him into that
Gold Line situation replacing coffer so King you know we talked about their
offensive problems now they’ve been banged up a little bit and the key that
Coach McCarthy was telling us this week was how the offensive line gonna play
obviously it’s a talented group they haven’t really been able to put it all
together but it looks like they kind of found some answers against Paloma Valley
putting up 28 points and now they drive down the field in the opening drive for
them here on Saturday night it looks like they’re gonna go for two
Glumdalclitch ilanic cobs and Tyler Smith is the tailback they’ll give –
ilanic the first man through no signal is of yet they got it two-point
conversion is good and King up eight to nothing great play call there by coach
McCarthy and there they are running that power offense which was very successful
at times versus great oak but you could tell it was early the season guys were
tired and just it was it was tough for those guys to change their office but
now it looks like they’re getting more comfortable running this better look at
Donovan Brady that nice run for him and then here’s Gardner making some space
Gardner again for King so Gardner and Brady a bit of a one-two punch there in
the backfield for the Wolves and then here’s Luna tossing to Gardner who gets
in for the touchdown using the legs to kind of surge forward
through a defender LaMontagne trying to bring him down here is the two-point
conversion from SH ilanic nice treatise by Nick rice on head coach
Pat McCarthy people don’t realize you know you talked to Pat McCarthy not a
huge guy was an all-state player at college of the desert after Fontana and
played safety at Cal Poly Pomona so a decorated playing career before he got
into coaching and assistant at Fontana head coach at both Fontana AV Miller and
then obviously Arlington and King talking about a tough guy just the kid
don’t know I mean he talked to him he’s kind of a scary guy to talk to but once
you get to know him he’s he’s a wonderful man but tough as nails
there’s the pooch kick to the thirty it hits the turf and it’ll be fallen on by
poly poly having all kinds of troubles holding on to the football here on the
first two touches Brody Brown and covered it he was the man who was trying
to catch the pooch kick and I think that’s part of the reason we’ve seen the
pooch kick become extremely prevalent in high school football Josh yes it’s very
it happens all the time we saw it last night in the North game a
lot of problems with special teams and teams can capitalize on it especially
here early on but Bernie looking at his numbers this year had that big game to
start off when they beat Corona over a hundred yards passing and rushing for
Bernie first and ten line is the 29 for poly
here’s the give sweeping to the left side is her L and her L bumped out of
bounds in there to make the play was Tyler Smith he’ll get about five yards
on the carry bringing up second and five and I think
I really think that win versus Corona really propelled them you know kind of
got them going a little bit here early in the season you beat a big a team
you’re playing another one tonight this could really get the bears in
position to possibly get a good playoff spot yeah they’re lying up front Allen
as Amezcua hunter Thetford Willie Jones door west over Daniel Ledbetter left to
right couple those guys will play both ways second and five here’s the give
using the middle of the field and he’ll twist forward to the 40 will her L it’ll
be a first down for poly and you know bill Powell running the offense for poly
talked to John Rice earlier this week they’re gonna try to run between the
tackles they’re gonna run some power they like what Bernie can do throw-in
the football but they want to go back to some old school football block and
tackle Jeff and I’ll say in high school football it’s so
successful a lot of guys try to coach outside of their element rice and Powell
coach with in their element they’re gonna coach the the weight of the guys
they have first intent from the 40 here’s the throw nearly intercepted by
Tyler Smith LaMontagne the intended receiver that’ll be a good matchup on
the outside Ethan la montagne superb athlete for poly against Tyler Smith a
pretty talented corner for King get another look here Jeff here’s the play
action and then the quick throw to the outside
no slant route and Smith was kind of waiting there la montagne a little bit
behind the ball it’ll bring up second intent trips to the near side for poly here’s the throw to the outside the
receiver fell down I think Brodie Brown was the intended
receiver but he hit the turf and the ball sailed away incomplete but talking
about both of these coaches coach rice and coach McCarthy they’re gonna coach
their offense or defense based on the personnel they have a lot of coaches a
I’m gonna run the spread I’m gonna run the spread no matter what I have these
guys can really kind of mold their team’s based they can run anything they
think for doing it for so long and it’s nice to see guys coached to the
personnel they have Ethan T Arena split out to the near side for poly third down
and ten play action over the middle complete to tell amok first down he lose
the blue football ball loose on the turf t arena had the first shot but King say
they have it I thought T arena got on top but the ball may have scored it
loose flag thrown on the play great look by Bernie right over the middle it’s a
man wide open but yeah what a great defensive stop they’re not swiped out of
it but the receiver just lost the ball three times so far by the bears
so I’m sports been like conduct whistle Don King so they’ll have the football
but they’ll be backed up good throw and catch on that play it’s the only thing
you didn’t like was the the turnover so twice poly with positive yardage but
they COFF up the football great fake nice move there by tell amok and the
ball just comes loose you’re right it wasn’t stripped or anything you lost it
on the way down tackle made on the play for King by Devon Meza so first and ten
from the 20 for King they already lead eight to nothing second turnover has
stung the Bears of poly rivalry game you don’t want to give the other team too
many chances confer with the give here is the reverse
Dustin stumbles up to about the 25 is tackled down around the ankles and
that’s the first play of the game we saw from King doing it the same way getting
the same amount of yards they’re gonna continue to go run off to acolyte I
believe because all so they scored their touchdown with 639 to go and then with
about six minutes they got the second turnover and I know you love Drake
Dustin for a variety of reasons because he’s got he’s got a name like he’s an
mi6 guys like James Bond can gif it at the top of the screen here’s jonathan
braden out of the bottom of the screen in the near slot Jeff’s favorite player
Riverside Drake Dustin I have another kid I’m a name of Drake Dustin Gorman
here’s the handoff to Gardner find some space and Gardner some marine down
making the tackle for Poly Michael Burke one of the linebackers for the Bears
move the sticks up now we saw Yancy Dotson before the game and I was
disappointed this is a king home game as a result Yancy Dodson not on the chain
crew no he’s hanging out he gets to see his
daughter was a cheerleader just to just hang out with the family he had his wife
that has his boys here tonight I wore my Hawaiian shirt in honor of one
of my closest friends Yancy in gufa to the bottom of the screen far slot is
Dustin copiers screen Donovan Brady for King they lead eight to nothing again
Gardner they’re gonna do that block and tackle they’re gonna the bread and
butter right up the middle but he runs right into the hands of a
Wandy tell amok the gentleman who made the turnover makes the tackle and it’d
be second down and nine it looks like Polly’s kind of adjusted
to the run game here they’re putting nine in the box let’s see if they can
force King to throw the ball and test that secondary so watch Brady he split
out wide split out to the near side in gufa far slot Dustin for King option Kaufer launching it down the
field for Brady one-on-one and what a catch by Donovan Brady Brady hauls it in
at the 28th you be the yeah the 20 32 yard line excuse me
yeah great catch his eyes were on it the entire time was aggressive enough went
up for the jump ball just grabbed it took it out of the air and that’s one of
those things when you’re running the football you mentioned it Jeff they
locked into the box play action rolling to the right coffer just loads up and
it’s a one-on-one matchup down the field that Sanchez the best corner for poly
against the best receiver Donovan Brady Brady one that one good coverage though
down the field just Brady just made a play momentum has definitely been in
favor of the Wolves here in the first quarter so far and then they’ll tack on
a flag he’ll move it a little bit closer so a five-yard penalty tacked on at the
end of the play and I’ll tell you what the confidence in this King offense
compared to the great oak game Jeffery is night and day now to there in their
defense coach McCarthy told us we’re finally healthy we were missing about
four or five guys the last two weeks first down in ten Gardner threw first
contact finally spun down but I like what Coach is doing here he’s
going off tackle off tackle he doesn’t have the breakaway outside speed that he
would love to have so you got to play Smash Mouth football and like who said
he Ted they brought everybody into the box and they tested that secondary
Westover with the tackle for poly at second and 10 from the 17 of poly King
again advancing they’ve started the drive on the 20 yard line in King
territory in the long pass to Donovan Brady flipped the field for the Wolves
second and 10 end-around fly sweep Brady dives down inside the 10
yard line tell you what Johnny Gardner really
block there the running back as you see he gets that young man a couple extra
yards with a big time block on the outside gets the corner and the nice
kick-out lock their ball down to the eight yard line so a nine yard pickup
it’s third and one Brady to the top of your screen Farr slot is Drake Dustin
inga the bottom of your screen for King Gardner the setback flexed out to the
right side his van adder third and one Gardner dancing skittering hurdling
touchdown Jonathan Gardner with a big block on the last play to give it a
couple extra yards then takes it himself good job by day young man the Wolves
have come to play today they’ve offense has come to life in the first two games
of the year they scored in a measly six points they put up twenty eight against
Paloma Valley last week and now with two minutes or so left in the first quarter
they’re already up 14 to nothing and here’s Blum doll on to try the p80 make it 15 I spoke too soon
skipped it again to the outside we’ll go to the fete last Drive nice completion
here’s the turnover before Polly the ball comes loose on his way down
recovered by King they had a penalty which put him back on the 20-yard line
here’s the reverse the inside run by Dustin and then keeping it on the ground
with Gardner between the tackles and here’s the play that flipped it coffer
lines it up and he’s got Brady down the field one-on-one with Sanchez and that
put them in business Gardner another nice run for King into the end
zone second touchdown of the evening for young Johnny Gardner so 14 to nothing is
the p80 no good wide right now I’ll tell you what the Wolves really controlled
the clock here based on Polly’s turnovers we have yet to see Polly kind
of getting in any kind of rhythm offensively and defensively they’ve been
on the field the whole time they’ve got to be a little tired here it’s warm a
Saturday night what her guys doing during the day that’s the big question
tough time to play on Saturday so far King looks like they came right there
probably chillin watching a little college football get mentally prepared
for this one playing some Mario Brothers
doughnuts that’s what I was doing t arena and lemma on tain back D but
they’re gonna kick it short it’ll be down inside the 30 take a right at Brady
Brown again Brody Brown with the catching the pooch
kick it’ll be first in ten so poly offense they’ve moved the ball but
they’ve turned the ball over twice so two turnovers here early
both converted into touchdowns by King Jeff gone yeah and that’s really you
can’t be any happier with the king defense or the King often I mean they
Polly’s really kind of just given them the ball we’ve got to see something from
probably they’ve got a hold on with that football no reason to panic just to
14-nothing lead and if poly could sustain a drive they can get right back
in this one it’s a little bit of a switch on the line for poly here’s the
give here’s her L right up the middle Harrell’s got some space he’ll finally
be taken down just over the 45 yard line in gufa was the first player to him
helping him finish over the top was Jason Cobbs the pickup of 16 yards out
to the 46 so keeping that stick into that block
and tackle bill Powell committing to run the ball running some power in between
the tackles Jeff Gorham I love it little tunnel screen this is Zachary
mama with the catch he’s got some space he’s down the sideline before he’s
finally forced out o’night a Inga fuh pushed him out glad
about the 40-yard line so a 14-yard pickup on the play
I’ll tell you what if they’re gonna run that sideline stuff King is really gonna
have to adjust because I think poly does have some pretty good breakaway outside
speed there let’s see how king will match up now defensively
LaMontagne split out to the far side split out to the near side for poly is T
arena in the near slot Brodie Brown here’s Harold
and he’s swamped in the backfield instead that was the option and they got
Bernie three blue shirts were around Van adder was there as was Nolan Reynolds
nose around the football to make it a second down looks like lyubov delay this is a rivalry game as
we noted and there is a prize at stake for both teams the prop from marsh air
force base those are our two respective principals for both King in for Poly
records every game played between these two teams are back to live action second
and 10 from the 39 Bernie back to throw he’ll throw in the slot it’s complete
and complete in fact that was lemma obtained with the attempt Zachary ma was
the intended receiver they had Bernie in lamontagne both wind up it’s good to see
Darrell Hansen back as a principal of Riverside polity he was you know he’s a
bigwig he was a administrator up above everything but great to see him back
I’ve known him since I was probably nine ten years old played basketball for my
dad in order this done third and ten 239 here’s the throw a little bit under
thrown and it’s incomplete Sammy Sanchez the intended receiver as
we tick down to the end of the quarter it’ll be fourth and nine here from the
39 yard line I found out what the propeller was for it was a gift by March
Air Force Base because they said that the only thing that separates those two
high schools is March Air Force Base they said so they okay they gave him a
nice propeller that’s fair Riverside Poly redid it put a nice varnish on it
this year put all the scores on it so very very cool tradition started between
these two schools but it’s a giant propeller where do they what do they put
that thing Luke Pruitt on to punt in a timeout on
the field so some strategic going on early here Jeffery worm it’s good to see
you my friend say this it is great to have you back in
the booth I’ve missed you you’re like my big my big brother
when it comes to broadcasting Thank You that’s that’s that’s flattering that
you’d say that even though I think you might be younger than me you still
looked I look at you like a big brother and I love working with you and I was so
happy I got to work with the great John Rainey last night the North game and
tonight I get to work with my all-time favorite and we got a few games left you
know Nate listen I want to give kudos to Nick rice doing a fantastic job on the
play-by-play side Collin Holt that a yeoman’s work one day as well so you
know Riverside TVs been been great to me obviously I loved you know doing
anything that I can do for them I’ll have a couple of mortgage
with the RCC coming up on the season it’s always fun to work with you Jeff
you know I I the privilege is mine obviously to work with the great crew
here Scott Brosius and his crew and then obviously guys like yourself well it’s
always fun you and I we cross paths turn the basketball season quite a bit
but can’t wait my favorite time of year though is working football with the
legendary Gasol Hassan who’s on the top 10 list we’re gonna have to talk about
that my friend here’s Pruitt and now they actually flex
out of it and lamontagne goes back to take a snap and we get an offside mark
against king so now poly gets a little bit closer
instead of being fourth and nine its fourth and five you stumble into the
neutral zone and then there is movement on the poly side but the foul assessed
on the Wolves so Ethan la montagne has taken over behind Center but Bernie I
don’t know if it’s an injury situation or what that what the deal is with
Bernie when he is not playing quarterback right now fourth and four
from the 35 rolling rights throwing down the field he’s got a man and it’s
complete touchdown Brody Brown with the reception and the
touchdown for Pauline Eve lost the ball but they ruled that he broke the plane
before the ball came loose what a great pass for a guy who just walks into the
ball game perfect pass on the numbers Wow
LaMontagne last year was seven of seven through the air for 194 yards and two
touchdowns so he’s pretty accomplished remember he started his career at
carnagie and then moved over to poly and he’s really a dynamic athletes : Avery
with the p80 in it’s 14-7 so how about the poly bears with a drive of their own
great game so far here Bernie with the give to her al good physical run by her
l2 near midfield then here is the big play
Zachary ma takes it and he zips down the sideline deeper into King territory then
on a fourth and four play la montagne buy some time with his legs lofts it
down the field here’s the catch by Brown he has control and I don’t I don’t think
he was in on that angle he was in I would have ruled him down at the 1
because he made the catch obviously but either way a touchdown for poly 14 to 7
King with the lead and now the Wolves get the ball back so a lot of scoring
here in the first quarter Jeff Warren a lot different than last night met 7-6
win by John W north over him it I’m a guy that likes offense I already
have more of more points I was over at the evil empire yesterday Jeff they put
up 63 holy smokes kinga and Brady deep here’s Brady from
the 12th Brady to the outside Brady angling cuts back in and he’ll be ruled
out of bounds at the 38 yard line so a 50 yard kickoff return by Donovan Brady
coach McCarthy was telling us how dynamic this young man is Jay he’s
talked about hit athlete for athlete better than anybody he’s seen in a while
we just saw in that play ran right by everybody great breakaway speed got that
one block got through that little bit of a wedge and then it was a footrace and
just the angle was what didn’t got the best of him finally :
Tommy was able to push him out of bounds they ruled him at 236 and that’ll be
first in ten King so two turnovers than a big kickoff return very good field
position for the Wolves watch Brady top of your screen Kaufer pulls it down he’s in a little
bit of trouble got to make something happen scrambling around he’ll throw the
ball to the near side it’s complete Gardner leaves it on the turf and it’s
picked up by Polly Pruitt loop through it with the scoop
he’s got the ball a turnover now for King Polly football at the 45 this
definitely feels like a rivalry right there
wow what a great couple plays we’ve seen well how about cough or just making
something happen he was dead to rights here but again little twist and a
bootleg makes the completion and looks like Gardner didn’t quite have control
the ball and he went down and just lost the ball his wrist hit the ground and
the ball became dislodged officially they’ll give it to Polly at the 48 yard
line Luke threw it on the recovery for the
Bears so lamontagne remains at quarterback we’ll have to see if there’s
a any kind of injury situation for Bud Bernie I do see Bernie on the far
sideline it’ll be a penalty against poly marching it back so poly this year
division 11 and king this year division 7 Jeff movement all over the place every
time we’re doing these games there’s there’s such a difference in size of
divisions we’re looking at the poly schedule they have 35 teams in Division
11 already I think almost 20 of them have three or two or more wins they’re gonna say false start on poly to
a back up up five more so we’ll go back to the 42 it’ll be
first in 20 as the first quarter comes to an end are they gonna let him run
apply well yeah there’s our clock says zero but there’s six tenths of a second
remaining on the field clock and they’ll snap it one more time first in 24
polyline is the 42 play-action lamontagne in trouble
escapes chillon ik up the left side near midfield bumped out of bounds there by
juan vargas and that’ll be the end of the first quarter so at the end of the first quarter it’s
a 14-7 lead for king over Pali and we’ll go down to the field and Nick rice-based
assault so King high school throughout the
course of the season I steadily improved their offense they had their best
scoring game of the year last week and their largest lead of the season earlier
in this quarter before the Brodie Brown touchdown so this team is looking very
strong offensively and going to the boundary Pat McCarthy focused strictly
on the offense the whole first quarter the method was the offensive blocking
and that front five and just to say this offense in the first 12 minutes they’ve
looked as good as they ever have all season back yet guys good job Nick the
big boys up front Nolan Reynolds Juan Vargas max yaa David yeah
David York Minh and Nathan Hall the center they just been doing a fantastic
job and part of the reason obviously the Pat McCarthy we’re talking early week is
they just haven’t been healthy they’ve been banged up and the other thing is
because of the situation at King a lot of guys happen to play both ways he
needs to catch rest for his guys especially the big boys up front and I
think that’s why you’re gonna see you’ll see some spread you’ll see some Smash
Mouth double wing power I formations I think that really is to get those guys
rest you know you got it if you have pounded and pounded the football you’ve
got to find ways to rest those guys and I think that’s why they changed their
offense and defense so much so it’s 2nd down and a flag comes in so
I guess they ruled LaMontagne was out of bounds and a false start called on poly
maybe I don’t know how many reps lamontagne has gotten in practice at
quarterback that might be an issue in terms of the snap count since the team
isn’t used to hearing him holler the cadence trips to the top of the screen
for poly Sanchez split out to the bottom of your screen
second down and long pressure LaMontagne oh he’s wrapped down around the ankles
trying to escape but he’ll be taken down by cobs and he’ll get up to the 41 yard
line bringing up a third down also in on the hit for King applying
some of that pressure was Brandon Camacho
but Cobbs the kg senior kind of flushed him and then Camacho was able to bring
him down so call it third and twenty four first down is inside the 40 on the
King side of the field give to Harrell between the tackles and he’ll get bent
back at about the 40 yard line Tyler Smith was there SH ilanic was there also
helping out on the play before a king was Logan Hancock
tell you what though I like those King uniforms a little hard to see if you’re
actually watching the game very but very very cool what’s your use to me they’re
a little tough but once you kind of get used to them they’re okay and I got I
got the goggles up here so under 11 minutes to play in the second quarter a
14-7 lead for King and they stopped the Bears and now a punt is in I’m gonna
kick it away Brady Donovan Brady back to receive good kick it’ll turn over it’ll
bounce just outside the 20-yard line and go out of bounds so a pretty good kick
there just downside the bounds of the 21 39-yard kick no return hey you know it’s
back what’s back it used to be the mariachi festival but now it has
returned under their new name Carnival not in the love okay music ow restores
back to Fairmont parks have September 20th through the 22nd for tickets and
more informations call eight to 6 mm or even bright calm the vent right
Eventbrite Eventbrite but do you remember I still love going to the
Mariachi Fez coz tacos nothing great tacos how do you we were
talking about that with the crew how do you not love tacos oh I love it so yeah
make sure you go down and check it out the carnival music Al and Fairmont Park
September 22 the 22nd King with the football they lead 14 to 7 first and 10
Gardiner into the arms of Telamon telemark on the outside
about three yards so tell him a quick the tackle and it’s a second and seven
so give him three – impressive drives for King 165 and 180 both after
turnovers take this 14 and nothing lead and then holly has responded with a
touchdown to make it 14-7 late in the first quarter King looking for their
first win on the season in fact looking for their first win since back in 2017 here’s the reverse here’s Donovan Brady
Brady to the outside he’s got some space to midfield cuts back inside and he’ll
be written down inside the 40 yard line and now a flag will come in they’ll tack
more on he was ruled out at the 39 yeah great run by Brady and I’ll tell
you what there’s a little bit of anger if we’ve seen the couple flags outside
the outside the field you know you get keyed up for a rivalry game to begin
with it is the frustration of these young wolves who have not won a game I
believes in September of 2017 it’s been a tough go for them like coach Mac said
he loves his guys they practice hard every day nobody gives up it’s fun to
see that play see them playing at this level against a very good poly team so a
personal foul will move the ball to the 20 looks like the 21 yard line so first in ten just inside the 21 for
king so in nearly 40 yard run by Donovan
Brady and they’ll add some distance on to it Devin Meza split out to the near
side for King though not to Inga fuh to the top of the screen flexed into the
slot is Drake Dustin first and 10 King from the 21 play-action coffer in
trouble he’ll fling the ball down the field
how nice job coming back and making the reception is Inga Inga ‘fuck a ch’s the
ball at about the 10 yard line very close to a first down oh not to Inga
comes from a very athletic family Geoffrey he has two sisters that play
Division one basketball atonia his eldest sister played at UCLA for Corey
close Inara Inga feh his magaz middle sister she played at UC Riverside for
John margaritas holy smokes so they’re both from ered the Redondo area but
Ananta has gone to school here in the Riverside area and great family by the
way two parents both very accomplished as our sisters obviously both
athletically and academically so it’s first intended to ten but they
can get a first down at about the one-yard line toss gardener cuts inside good tackle
standing him up there Ethan lamontagne is there anything he can’t do he is all
he can catch the ball he can throw the ball he can return kicks and I hear he’s
defending so second down clock continues to tick 14 to 7 king over poli rivalry
Saturday thanks for joining us I’m here Geoff Gorham’s here nick rice is here
we’re glad you’re here oh and I forgot to mention our award-winning Riverside
TV crew the best crew in the world except for one of them don’t touch that
we can’t say which one I won’t say which one unless you force me here’s Luna in
at quarterback dropping back bearing down on him is Pruitt he’ll throw the
ball to the corner and it’s gonna be incomplete we’re kind of in a blind spot
here yeah the principles in the way Daryl
Hansen Blum doll the intended receiver it’ll be a third down coming up plays
nice and you can blame the principal for something he was in the way Michael West
the principal at King I got to meet him because great guy two of his sons play
baseball one of his sons Kevin West a pitcher for UC Riverside baseball and
then his younger son Brian will start in the fall actually getting ready to go to
school in a couple weeks he’s a outfielder first baseman pretty
good bat for Troy Percival I first met mr. West when he was the principal at
her oop of alley did a great job over there
whenever I think the principal’s Jeff I think of a great Morgan Freeman movie
lean on me great movie we don’t want a good principal we want mr. Clark if you
were principal they would feel that way about you yes so a penalty is taken the
ball back to the 20 and a timeout called by the Wolves here in the second quarter
743 to play it’s 14 to 7 King and you know the cool thing about rivalries is
it’s fun we already showed the prop the the marsh air force base prop which was
given to the schools we get a look at the poly huddle John Rice the head coach
the Shakespearean scholar he was formerly head coach over at John W North
then he spent a year at st. John Bosco coaching the linebacker
Jason Negro City learned a lot at Saint John Bosco
the last two years defensive coordinator for poly under Derrick DeWitt he’s now
the head coach still running the defense also the head coach now for the poly
bears and then he has this guy my mortal enemy who is that Mike Stouffer
Oh stopper still around the nest offers that guy standing right next to rice he
is my mortal enemy see I figured with your connections you
could probably disappear him right I can yeah you know what I’m telling you he
was very close there’s been many times where he and I have not seen hide on
people don’t Jeff you’re a really nice guy now for somebody to be your mortal
enemy they had to have done so bring that guy I’ll tell you what every time I
see him we just lock eyes it’s a mean guy Stauffer great football coach though
second and 24 King play-action here comes pressure you’ll launch it down the
field in the middle of the field incomplete a massive humanity there
looks like plum doll again the intended receiver and a little bit slow to get up
for poly Seth Garcia was back there in coverage he’s still down hopefully
nothing too serious maybe it’s the wind knocked out of him another look at the Play play action and
Polly has figured something out with the play action ball hanging in the middle
if you allow hit by his own guy in Gotha and bloomed all kinda converging the two
Polly players hit each other take this opportunity to remind you don’t miss
your opportunity to provide input on the search for Riverside’s new police chief
community input forums will be held September 18th 19th 25th 26th and
October 3rd visit Riverside CA gov / our PD chief for more information at
September 18th 1925-26 and October 3rd your city your vice provides your input
on the selection of the new Riverside City police chief and you can also chime
in online by going to the same website and you can help pick the next police
chief also with the Riverside family you know on the the King we mentioned Yancey
Dotson already Yancey Dotson not on the chain gang because it’s a king home game
but one of the guys on the chain gang for King is a gentleman named Tim Roche
he’s a producer for Riverside TV produces the show a good life a good
life spotlights Riverside errs who have made a significant impact for the city
you can check out good life on the YouTube channel the city Riverside
YouTube channel and a hearty applause for Seth Garcia who gets up and is
walking off under his own power always good to see that he asked as long as
he’s not carted off the field I always hope sit there he is there’s our guy
right there if the thumbs up Tim Roach good to see it maybe won’t have Nick
rice talk to him get some insight on the show I mean you’re at you’re a Riverside
let’s made an impact on the community why not bring Jeff Gorman I’m ready third and 20 in fact he’s done some
great shows yet the former Mayor Ron Loveridge on his first show and one of
my dear friends the golden toad Dale Roberts coffer under centered little
screen to the outside intended receiver was Devon Mesa but it rolls out of
bounds being on the 30th I guess they’re gonna oh that’s a lateral so they’re
gonna rule it a fumble it’ll be back to the 33 yard line so a significant loss
on the play and it’s now fourth down so a penalty and the errant lateral have
pushed King all the way back to the 33 yard line and they’re gonna keep the
offense on the field so Pat McCarthy who runs the offense is gonna spin that
roulette wheel Oh Angus split out to the near side Brady to his left and then
Dustin flex down all on the near side of the screen here comes the jailbreak
Kaufer steps up playing flynn Tarkenton loses the football it doesn’t matter
it’s fourth down it’ll be poly football either way and
the poly defense comes up with a stand they’ll take over at the 34 yard line
I’ll tell you what great blitz showing there and like you said a la Fran
Tarkenton right time of day to myself there I was watching Georgia play
Arkansas State earlier my guy Matt Scoles is the play-by-play guy for
Arkansas State so I had to show some love you know Kaufer flushed out Ledbetter with the
early pressure and the ball is knocked away look like Angel Sanchez was the one
who got his hand on the football it’ll be first in ten poly from the 35 14-7
King give to her L right up the gut rides right into Logan Hancock’s hands
gets a decent gain on first down about four and a half it’ll bring up second
and six Hancock missed the last two games with an injury her L was
questionable it was touch and go coming into play today had 73 yards in week 1
against Corona when we talked to John Rice on Tuesday he thought Joseph serda
may have to start at running back but her al looks to be fine second and six
here’s the play action and not fooling anybody
maybe back to the line of scrimmage shelana in on the hit he got some help
from chase Shackleford for King so Bernie back in at quarterback the had
LaMontagne won a couple of series now the trend now seems to be to play
multiple quarterbacks I did a game yesterday Centennial and liberty of
Henderson Nevada both teams played three quarterbacks you know Matt Logan for
years is played – he’s playing three this year Jeff he’s evil you know he
mentioned he was a Sith Lord a couple times yesterday
I didn’t give you credit though I should have I’m sat okay that’s my bad you came
up with that third and five for poly from the 40 threw it into motion here’s
the throw complete – Zac ma he’s got a first down ma to the 48 yard line
combining on the coverage for King Logan Hancock got there helping him out was
Matthew Tyndall so the sticks move up for the bears of
poly they trail 14 to 7 they fell behind 14 to nothing a couple of turnovers
converted by king but piling the defense has stepped up they’ve done a lot of
blitzing and now the offense seemingly finding its rhythm here in the second
quarter yeah they couldn’t find it in the first because they didn’t have the
ball with me enough LaMontagne split to the near side trips
to the far side through it is the lone setback Bernie
quick throw slant route and out of the hands of Zach mom over the top on the
coverage was Anat a Inga so Pauline and that rain cross League
those 14 teams separated into three leagues and obviously King the land of
the big eight big aids been rough this year in Norco and centennial playing
well but nobody else has a win Jeffery can’t talk about that rain cross
it’s right there in the middle of the field here’s the toss to her el shoves
off van a tour now reverses field and he’ll swerve he’ll swerve ahead into
King territory a flag comes in late about five yards let’s throw it down to
Nick rice thanks guys so Seth Garcia the Paulie
bears cornerback who collided with his own teammate just a few plays ago for
the Paulie bears he has been talking to several of his trainers and his status
is questionable to return it appears as of now the word is he will not play
until at least the second half guys back to you
so a personal foul against King thanks for the update Mick will get a look here
the personal foul move it forward 15 yards so it’ll be deeper into King
territory so the Wolves 32 it goes and now here is poly with an opportunity to
tie King came out like a house of fire they’ve cooled off a little bit part of
that has been an adjustment by John rice on defense for poly first and 10 from
the 32 her el with the give absorbs the contact still on his feet finally will
go down in the backfield I believe that was cobs that finally cleaned it up so
back to the 37 yard line I just can’t believe that the missed tackles hunt
that play there was three I saw that were very Blake missed all three so we
saw Polly’s defense step up look at Kings defense step up there the senior
Jason Cobbs a returning starter from last year had 22 tackles and five games
did the senior call it second and 16 ball spotted at
the 37 in King territory is Pali trying to tie this one there’s Bernie on the
roll complete the whistle and a flag will come in the ball inside the 30 to
the 27 T arena with the reception and so the play is gonna come back in
eligible man downfield for the Bears Dan Durst gives us the skinny so they’ll March it back to the 30 from
the 37 they’ll March it back five yards it’ll be second in 21 for Poly from the
King 40s who got any funny getting good good updates Jeff Moore I have no
updates a four well nobody’s playing that’s right Saturday I know that our
guy pep Fernandez calling the San Bernardino Valley game it’s probably
gonna be about a four-hour game from the 42 second and 21 for poly trying to tie
this game Bernie loads it up it’s complete
LaMontagne will dance into the end zone for a touchdown 42 yards from Bernie –
Ethan lamontagne and the Bears are an extra point away from tying this one
he’s done it all so far he can throw big catch she can run exactly so he’s thrown a touchdown pass and he’s
caught one and Bernie gets on the board as well
member Bernie left the game earlier they had lamontagne playing quarterback and here’s LaMontagne off the snap
throwing to the end zone incomplete two-point conversion no good it’s 1413
not sure if that was a design play or a broken play get a look at that drive
here is the completion to Zach ma Bernie again Bernie seems the fan is with them
he’s got a maybe that’s what it was he hurt his thumb he’s got a sleeve on the
left hand her L with some tough running remember they added 15 to this one on a
personal foul her L again this time he gets thrown for a loss although he gets
through a couple of tackles tough customer hard to bring down and here’s
the touchdown throw quick strike two LaMontagne parts the defenders and he’s
into the end zone touchdown poly and them they missed the two-point
conversion 303 to play in the first half so King with another opportunity
remember King won the toss and elected to defer they’ll get the ball to start
the second half and timeout Paulie well tell you what this has lived up to
the rivalry billing you know both teams were kind of struggling a little bit
poly coming off three straight law or you need to be king coming off three
straight losses poly coming off at 37 nothing shutout at the hands of Bettina
and abused a good team they’ll probably one of the top two or
three teams in Division nine but you never want to get shutout and both teams
looking to bounce back we were talking earlier about playoff possibilities you
know if King can win today they play shadow Hills next week in Division 12
team so they can squeeze that one the way their offense is going and beat two
and three the weight division seven lays out if they can get two wins in the big
eight which is not no easy task they could squeeze into the playoffs with
four wins because the way that division is configured yeah they can’t cuz you
never know where Centennial is going to end up that eliminates somebody out of
that league right it could it could very well get into the playoffs and then you
know with poly it’s a little more difficult Ollie probably would need six
wins to get into the division 11 playoffs looking at the numbers early
that’s it’s still way early so Avery boots it
and here’s the returned by logan hancock hancock is up over the 35 to about the
37 yard line and that’s where king will tee it up here last drive potentially of
the second half Hancock missed the last two games with
injury talented linebacker mostly plays on
defense but obviously out there on special teams as well what do you call
if you’re Pat McCarthy ear you used to go back to the run game Jeff I think you
do I think you uh get it low to everybody up in the box and try to test
that secondary because they argue you know get the ball in the second half try
to try to get two for one here she’s looking at coach Pat McCarthy big
offensive line Whitehead York and on the right side the d1 prospect Reynolds on
the left side Donovan Brady hurdles over the 40 at the
39 yard line so give him three he’s up to the 40 41
looks like so three yards on the play for Brady
so watch Brady ease to the near side pinga foot of the far side tight set
except for in gufa who split out little misdirection and movement and whistles
and flags let’s see what Donn Durst has to say so the Bears will be assessed the foul
for encroachment five yards will make it second in two tick down under two minutes to play in
the first half King 14 poly 7 rivalry renewed 14th meeting between these two
teams the oldest school in Riverside and the newest school while this is the are
USD 2nd and 2 Gardner makes a cut but is cut down getting in there making the
play that was Serta Joseph serda for poly so it’ll be third down and 2 no
game we got wolves we got bears
we got a Prophet’s take Jeff quorum I saw you riding the bear earlier I can’t
wait yeah you know what being a ram I had to jump on that bear came him down
hang out with my friend Yancey before the game from the 47 it’s a third and
two I think that was just gardener kind of
losing his balance it’ll be assessed to fall Stark they’ll back it off against
King a lot of penalties tonight you guys had a lot of penalties last night too I
have never seen that many penalties ever called on a high school game that I saw
last night it was pretty brutal to watch at times there was I think believe there
was three touchdowns were called back for penalties so poly will call timeout
here with 45 and three tenths of a second to play in the second quarter in
the first half pretty fun half a football that wolves we got bears we got
football a one-point lead for King this is the big rivalry and then next week
the Bears are gonna take on the bigger rivalry I think the room ramona rams
let’s let’s delve into that a little bit here if we can Jack we’re at Ramona so
King this is a king home game which they chose to play at Ramona any any insight
as to why that happened well I think because I talked to both coaches I
talked to both athletic directors they said that you know play Nat King they
both have an advantage they both play there so they’ve decided that they’re
gonna play at a neutral site so that both teams have the same same chance of
winning I guess I but why wouldn’t if you’re King why wouldn’t you want it to
Ben it doesn’t make any sense I believe them they discussed it they said we’re
both use the same Stadium let’s go let’s go no joke okay now I like it it’s a
nice setting here in Ramona it’s the best setting there’s nothing better than
being a Ramona he’s going says the man they won’t put in the Hall of Fame
I am get get Tibbles on the phone my brothers in my dad’s in line is the 42
it’s third and seven King here’s Dustin in motion Gardner runs headlong into
Joseph sir – ort game and that’ll probably burn the first half so
interesting Pat McCarthy was a little bit conservative coming out now he now
again he knows he’s getting the ball to start the third quarter and like he said
he’s not he doesn’t like to play too many guys both ways
your tires right he got a seat for the second half getting them some rest and
they’re just gonna walk off and let the first half tick away so the Wolves with
a lead 1413 as now they’re saying you have a timeout on
the field but the clock has continued to run and that’s it that’ll be the end of
the first half with King up 1413 over Kaali
and so the two first quarter turnovers by the Bears converted into touchdowns
by King a 65 yard drive and an 80-yard Drive for King the first touchdown was a
gardener three yard run and then that was it 6:39 in the first quarter and
then he went in again then Brandt with a 35 yard passer LaMontagne late in the
first quarter and then at 303 of the second quarter la montagne with a 42
yard pass from Bernie will go down now to to Nick rice standing by with poly
head coach John rice Nik rice here with John rice head coach
of the poly bears one-point football game what was your impressions of that
slow start then how you guys picked it up later
well we got to stop shooting ourselves in the foot we made a lot of mistakes
and stopped ourselves so we got to pull together get disciplined and just do
what we do and we’ll come out and play good second half King played very well
up front that offensive line looks stout it looks strong how do you guys compete
with them in the second half do what we’re doing put a lot of pressure on and
move guys around keep the pressure on them and make him get into throwing
situations where we seem to be having some success Kings up 1413 at the half
john rice and company look to get things together in the second half guys back to
you good job Nick thanks coach 14:13 King with the lead the rivalry
renewed the 14th meeting between these two schools Jeff Gorham myself
Nick rice we’ll bring you the second half after this this is the CIF on
Riverside TV California citrus is a part of our lives
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Asian citrus psyllid is fatal for citrus trees and it might be found in your own
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I’ve always loved aviation and I’ve always loved law enforcement so to be
able to combine the two together to the things that I love the most I’ve got
experience in the background in law enforcement so a couple that with
aviation and fly every day and so do police work that’s why I’m out here work
they ship seven to five I usually get here a little before 7:00
we’ll get an email on what occurred the previous evening so I’ll go through
those also check our temporary flight restrictions so I’ll check those and see
if there’s any in the area that we can’t fly into and then we’ll go out and do a
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watch for that if there’s a fire in the river bottom we’ll go up and provide air
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we’re assisting a lot of different departments I’m a fourth generation
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brought up and so if I were to describe my job in two words it would be uniquely
awesome it’s awesome I get to fly a helicopter and do something that I
really enjoyed doing at the same time protecting and serving a community that
grew up in stone los novios is a Mexican market located
on Main Street not far from downtown Riverside the name means young male bull
which is typically used for its high quality meat Alberta Amarillo is the
owner being in the business for years and years almost 20 years in the City of
Riverside and always in Austin so I start working I I always dream like one
day I will have my own business and since I’m being in Riverside for so many
years I says well this is a good opportunity so I asked a couple friends
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in and I buy everything it was fresh Alberto says he trains his staff to
treat customers like family Mercedes Duran is one of his cashiers
just asking with how are you doing that makes a really big difference and just
being in a small market you kind of notice who who’s who and what are they
doing there sometimes I’ll even ask them like what are you cooking today I do
spaghetti are you doing cutting your side lighter you know that’s makes
different I wonder the people when they came I wonder they feel like walking
like oh this is my house you know like this is family and that’s what I’ve
wanted to tell all my customers that they’re not just customers they’re
guests another guess of them I guess they’re my
my family all the time when they came if I know their names I you know I tell
them about their names and everything I shake hands all day long and I think
they like it my name is lovey Jung and I work for the
city oversight fire department I’ve been here for about seven years now and I’m a
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for the Olympic team in 2004 2008 and when I retired in 2009 that’s when I
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in the first thing I do is I check my personal protective equipment and then
I’ll also check the medical equipment being a paramedic I have to make sure
all my medications are there and that my equipments working properly so that when
we go on a scene to a medical aid that everything’s in working form and that
were professional on scene if I were to describe my job in one word it would be
adventurous every day is different from day to day depending on the training or
the type of calls that we run you know some days we might go on more duis or
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they get to work with a group of people that I enjoy working with and having
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the work and other stuff in there it’s not just bandsaw cutting out or whatever
these things it takes three or four days at a time to make one and with the train
it took probably a week welcome back to Ramona high school the battle for the
prop between King and Polly 14th meeting between these two teams the two
principals out in style repping their schools this game went to overtime last
year a one point game at the half 14 to 13 in favor of King the Wolves came out
like a house of fire this is Johnny Gardner he gets into the end zone off a
turnover at 639 of the first quarter to give King and eight to nothing leave the
two-point conversion followed right after that then a second turnover by
poly a nice completion here but tell amok
what’s the ball on the turf and King recovers after a penalty pushes them
back to the 20 they engineer a pretty good Drive there’s a run by Gardner and
then here’s the big play Jaden coffer launches it to Donovan
Brady who brings the ball down in about the 32 yard line one-on-one coverage
there with Sanchez and Gardner again does the job takes it in to make it a 14
to nothing ballgame in favor of King and Jason Harrell with some heavy strong
running for poly helps them engineer other Drive burning with the completion
to the outside – Zac ma who gets him a little bit closer Bernie had to leave
the game but on fourth and four from the 35 yard line
no fear Ethan LaMontagne connects with Brodie Brown for the touchdown lost the
ball but he broke in the plane to make it a 14-7 ballgame and then poly comes
back again some more tough running thereby arel her L again avoiding a
couple of tackles he ends up losing yardage on this play but impressive
nonetheless and then here’s Bernie completing the ball for a
first down they tack on a penalty of that Bernie throwing again and LEM on
taint on the receiving and this time he’d already thrown for a touchdown now
he’s caught a touchdown the extra point though he’s wide right
and it’s 1413 that’s where we stand here at the halftime ghazzal sign back with
you along with Jeff Gorham Nick rice down on the sideline
we had an overtime game between these two teams last year Jeff it’s a close
one again here as we start the second half I’ll tell you what these two teams
really really play up to their capabilities in this big rivalry game
and I’ll tell you great one last year maybe even better tonight
some of the people who were involved in the game last year for poly you know
Jermaine Henderson who scored the winning touchdown he is now off playing
college football at Santa Ana College down in Orange County Warren Hart a
three years later he’s up at Eastern Washington up in the Palouse playing in
the Big Sky how about Roberta Warren Garth Lake
Lauren Garthwaite at Grand Canyon a soccer player there a goalkeeper for
Grand Canyon and Camden carbon he is at the University of Redlands Planck for
mark Mike Maynard had great great stories from all of those young men and so : Avery will tee it up for Holly and
King gets the ball to start the second half
Donovan Brady Deeb along with oh not a Inga foe
1413 King on top kazama’s on Geoff square I’m Nick rice with you along with
our award-winning Riverside TV crew thanks for joining us
Saturday night high school football rockin crowd here neutral site game but
both sides filling up pretty well Jeff Gorham yeah man this is incredible
atmosphere is palpable here both teams a lot to play for just trying to inject
some energy into both of their seasons second half underway squib kick filled
it out about the 30-yard line and it’ll be king
football starting from the 30 how have you felt about young Jaden offered it
I’ve been impressed by the young man oh very much so he’s really played with a
lot of poise for a guy that missed you know the first part of the year has been
good in the pocket very mobile fun to watch so far through 401 yards last week
missed the game against great oak I guess yes guys we’re doing so you didn’t
see him then you can understand why coach McCarthy likes him but it looks
like Mikey Luna will come out and start the second half behind Center for King
from the 31 so Hancock the full-back are they gonna
go full house shelana can Hancock the up backs gardener deep dotting the power I
and a whistle at the snap will ticket down to Nick rice he’s got an injury
update for us on the sidelines yes of course iya that friendly fire that he
suffered at cornerback for the pauli bears
he was sprinting out of the locker room he was jumping around he was excited and
he is set to go and is on the field for paulie’s defense to begin the second
half guys back to you so the penalty will back up King to the 25-yard line
it’ll be a first and 15 you hate to see that coming out of the half a penalty
early yes very much I mean you really want to gain momentum
had a great first half got a placemark first and 15 for King Luna shuffles it
off to Gardner breaks through the first contact gets to the outside over the 30
yard line loses the ball but he’s gonna be ruled down just over the 30-yard line
how about Greg Pat McCarthy getting me oh I’m Phatak there on the sideline
five-yard pickup he’ll gain back most of the penalty yards to bring up a second
and nine you gotta like that coach McCarthy fired up
former Allstate safety from college this I’ve liked what I’ve seen from young
Johnny Hancock young Johnny Gardner denied lost the name for
a second he was all over in the first half two touchdowns he said his name too
many times so they make it second intent in the 31 a flag comes in so the Zebras giveth both zebras taketh
away in the Zebras give it there was a penalty against King earlier now they’ll
march off five yards against Pali that’ll make it a second and five from
the 36 so Luna the flip here’s looks like Gardner didn’t have anywhere
to go Leadbetter I think was the first man to him check that was Tyler Smith
that wasn’t Gardner Tyler Smith getting the carry and Daniel Ledbetter
Mikey shootin was there as well along with Luke Pruitt’s my read Luke Pruitt’s
name I always think of ray Pruitt from Beverly Hills not a two-element that
number they have that had the reboot recently got me thinking about did you
watch the reboot I did watch the redo you like it
I enjoy that let’s put it that way nice question about those reboots I know
they’re bringing back Frazier though third and six from the 36 of King so five more yards and that’ll move the
sticks first down for King so King will advance on the penalty mention 14th
meeting between these two teams Pali won in overtime last year three
prior to that King had won three in a row
remember these teams were in the same fame league twice from Oh for 207 they
were in the IV from Oh 8 to 11 they were both in the big 8 that’s what back when
the big 8 really had 8 teams that is true now it’s everybody’s in these super
conference from the 41 its first and 10 this is Tyler Smith Smith trying to find
space but he can’t he’ll get maybe a yard on the play gets pinball down
Sanchez gets up from the bottom of the pile also in around the football was
Michael Burke for poly clock continues to tick they’ll give him a two yard
pickup I like the jumbo back though a nice
little toss easy to catch Jason Cobbs the defensive end one and he
ran into his own guy that’s kind of slowed him up there sometimes guys who
don’t play in the backfield all that often the footwork is a little bit
different in the timing of course because game speed man you got to be
going at top speed this looks like Gardiner is the tailback yet again
second and nine for King from the 42 there been more flags tonight than the
Memorial Day Parade in Ramsey New Jersey but a lined Main Street with flies it’s
cozy I’m telling it these last two nights I
never want to see a yellow flag again I mean obviously you listen the officials
if something goes wrong they gotta throw a flag I don’t blame them they’re just
doing their job I blame TV I blame us because they know
they can if they throw a flag they gotta watch their replay and Sydney Riverside prevents back
goddamn neva music-hall Jeff warms favorite Riverside event September 20
21st and 22 Fairmont Park just there off the 60 more information 951 8 to 6 mm
here’s the play running play to the outside Gardner again and we tackle just over
there is nothing better 40 yard lines cheese beans lovely chips and dancing
music if I was ever imprisoned for a long period of time I could do without
anything just give me a vat of chips and salsa everyday I’ll survive on chips and
salsa are you what – what’s your favorite salt go to salsa good salsa
yeah just varies like I go I go back and forth between the green and the red and
the hot and the mala just depends on my mood
I’m a pace guy at home how are you I love the pace third and 11 from the 40 Kaufer back in here comes the Blitz
steps up avoiding shooting throws it down the field just gets rid of it it’ll
be fourth down burns the down pick out of danger and that’s got to be tough for
a young quarterback you know confer can have a lot of reps to have him off the
field and just throw them out there in a third and long situation got to be a
tough situation but obviously they’ve worked on in practice and smart enough
to get outside the tackle box right there and get rid of it
so Polly’s defense holds and bloomed all out there to kick it away and guess whose deep to receive for pali
mr. everything ethan LaMontagne LaMontagne at the 22 of Polly standing
at the 26 of King to receive the punt is bloom doll and he’ll put his foot into a
line drive kick will drive lamontagne back he’ll play it on a hop he miss
plays it skips past him inside the five he’s got a fall on it and he will inside
the 5-yard line so he’s gonna get it pretty good I think about a 53-yard kick
because it’s downed while they miss a it’s down at the seven yet ball took a
funny hop and he put his hand up to touch it as the whole thing as he
touched the ball lets it go it’s no problem but since he touched it again to
make sure a king player didn’t retrieve it well LaMontagne he’s been responsible
for the two touchdowns I think he gets a pass on that particularly if Polly can
work around it he gets a couple passes because he has been phenomenal
we saw bill Powell up here the offensive coordinator for polly came by to say
hello classy gentleman former head coach at
San Jacinto from the seven its first and ten Polly Harrell with the give runs
right into the right side of that defensive line Morell maybe back to the line of
scrimmage getting up from the bottom of the pile Tyndale also in on the hit was
Nolan Reynolds Drake Dustin those around the football as well my favorite guy second down from the seventh thanks for
joining us 1413 king but Polly has scored the last 13 points under seven
minutes to play clock moving play-action Bernie throwing over the middle complete
wrestled down inside the 30 to about the 29 the sticks will move up 22 yard
pickup on the play Zach ma with the reception but Bernie the an outstanding
basketball player as well boy card right he played for Yancey yeah place for
Yancey and it’s obviously me he really does
he’s like the floor general out here on the field he’s the field general so
Lamont Butler would play the two then right he’ll Lamont but Lamont will play
anywhere he wants but the element is I would say bread Bernie will go to the –
but Lamont Butler’s a great player at Riverside poly committed to San Diego
State little misdirection a some confusion Bernie he’s gonna keep it
himself over the 30 dives forward to about the 35 call it a five-yard pickup
they’ll mark I’m in a 34 so second and five coming up make something out of
nothing the young point guard heady decision
their goodness in Mayberry good good decision-making but it’s always good to
see guys that have been that do so well in multiple sports I’m one of those one
of the former coaches that believes that you know basketball players should play
football and track or whatever whatever they can play besides the one sport
because I think you get a better high school experience by playing multiple
sports and it makes you a better an athlete third and five line is the 34
Carell gets by cops Cobb’s no second effort no getting
around to the outside his Harrell finally tackled as he gets over the
40-yard line coming too close Donovan Brady on the hits
yeah great run there so they’re gonna move the sticks up it’ll be a first down
for poly and now poly settling into a rhythm offensively another look at that
one eludes Cobbs then what a move there gets the ball on the outside hand and
finally like as Dustin got there first then Brady kind of just cleaned up from
the 41 its first in ten poly trailing by one looking to go ahead in this football
game quick throw tea Arena on the tunnel
screen up to the 49-yard line eight yard pickup
good pickup on first down it’ll be second in two so Bernie looked like he had a little
bit of an option there maybe audible at the line of scrimmage the Montaigne to the near side
to his right Brody Brown and then Zach ma flexed out second and short for poly
just inside a midfield comes the pressure Bernie throwing over the middle
getting out of the hands of T Arena on the coverage was Devon Mesa it’ll bring
up third and short good good play call there by bill Powell great play call
just just outside of the hands of the that young receiver but great play call
we I think this has been a very good series for the Bears t arena had a 23
yard touchdown reception against Corona on the 30th that she did not a touchdown
it’s a reception on the seat our last season he caught four balls for 49 yards
John Rice saying you know bud Bernie and the receivers who feels like they’re
finally getting on the same page option Bernie first down
up to the 42 of King and Bertie really does get a lot of yards because he’s got
a very quick first step he’s very explosive we’ve seen kind of the
difference for poly get a look at the Bernie run there breaks one tackle and
then dives forward he already had the first down they liked to run between the
tackle with her L they run a little bit of power we’ve seen a fly sweep or two
but they can also go RPO when they work out of the spread here with Bud Bernie
meaning run-pass option from the 43 Bernie under pressure over the middle
Zac ma the intended receiver Meza was waiting there for an incomplete second
and ten so you see the wrap he has on the left hand I guess that was the issue
that pulled him off the field bill Powell was up here at halftime and we
asked him about it and that’s the hand injury he just needed to get it taped up
so he could get back out on the field yeah I guess he had a little blood going
on there he said hey but you know I was looking you know I’m reminiscing about
Poly football you know I followed it quite a bit as a kid as we’ll get more
into the coaching aspect here second and 10 line the 44 Berni intercepted Donovan Grady picks it
off Brady will get up over the 40-yard line it’ll be another turnover third
turnover of the game by poly two fumbles and now an interception by Brady looks
like there’s an injury on the field as well a poly bear stays down the medical
staff will attend to him you know I was talking about the all-time great coaches
in Riverside and a lot of more Riverside Poly football coaches and you know
they’ve got Hall of Fame coaches Ben hammerschmidt who I think held the
longest tenured coach in Riverside I think it was 26 years Wow can bat dogs
going to pass that this year with 27 years under his belt Mike Barty ahead of
that might party as far as basketball coaches but he did step down for two
years but Van hammerschmidt was a Hall of Fame football coach for many years
Mike Churchill took them to a couple championships Barry Meyer and Dennis
Brown and we saw earlier tonight who took Riverside Poly to the CIF
championship and now the great John Rice it’s nice to see guys that are true
football coaches that have been not only great coaches on the field but off the
field in the community and continue to this day to really help the Riverside
community so all those guys I’m just thinking about those Riverside Poly
football coaches great guys great mentors of mine so Zach ma leaves the
field looks like an ankle I’m gonna tweaked him ankle there as he was
getting help off the field we hope he’s okay
first and ten from the 40 it’ll be for poly
doctor sees me for King for King so now he’s getting able to put some weight on
it and walk off so hopefully it’s not too serious the turnover the
interception by Donovan Brady so now down by one point Polly turns it over
and now King back on the offense good field position for the Wolves Luna gets
it back to Gardner Gardner tries the middle just running to the left side
about a four yard pickup on first down second and six coming up so Mikey Luna
plays quarterback kind of when they’re in more of a tights that when they’re
running that power and then when they want the option to throw the football
that’s when a cougher comes in tight set full house backfield back to Gardner
Gardner ran right into Michael Burke’s arms go down right there maybe a yard so third down the first down is just
over midfield so let’s see who comes in a quarterback does Luna stay and looks
like I see some receivers there so Gardiner still on the field but Luna is
still out there third down and four luna goes to
gardener gardener picking his way up the middle finds some space and works his
way over to the poly side of the field tackle at the 45 yard line he slung down
by Seth Garcia good Nikki Garcia back into the ball game and a first down for
King what an out of the office for Johnny Gardner Jeff though he has been
fantastic we saw him early in the first half was just great I think this offense
is perfect for that young man with those two giant blockers ahead of them three
actually if you’re including the quarterback first and ten from the 45 of
Polly here’s Gardner trying to pick his way grabbed from behind by the poly
defender Angel Sanchez had a piece of the Jersey Hill maybe get back to the
line of scrimmage and bring up second intent well I’ve been impressed by how King has
played coach Mac was proud of his team last year he said we went oh and 10 that
I was proud of how they played despite their record they still they stayed in
they fought in every game and they were close in a bunch of games last year they
prob about three or four games that could have gone either way for the
Wolves as we tick down under a minute to play in the third quarter and a flag as
the second down play is initiated you know they lost 14 players to transfer
over the summer six were starters for starting elsewhere that’s incredible for
you know coach Mac and his staff to you know piece together and actually improve
I mean this is a much improved King team well how about this you’re a no intent
team and people are still rating you and I mention it to coach mount and he just
said you know that’s just part of the game now we got a yeah I’m gonna coach
the guys were here I want I want to coach the guys who want to be here so
second and five from the 40 garden are the same play and he’s got
some space still on his feet inside the 30
finally dragged down by multiple bears at the 21 yard line looking like chem backdoors calling the
plays here jack yeah yeah like I said he’s coach Mac work together they did in
fact like I said coach mat Dorf has gone to a few practices and kind of showed
coach Mac and his team’s some of his Smash Mouth football and so with the
lead part of the reason they’re having success running the football but also
after Paul he’s dialed up the Blitz they’ve been keeping it on the ground
and they’ve been working clocks so they have a one-point lead we’ll go to the
end of the third quarter and we’ll toss it down to Nick rice on the field I
believe he’s got Michael West who was the principal of Martin Luther King yes
he does Nick take it away Gazzola thank you Mike West he is him in the flesh
five years as the principal Oh King what’s the experience been like with
King and Riverside Paulie and that matchup every year it’s always a great
game if you see the crowd you see the student enthusiasm on both sides we are
very very friendly rivals but we are rivals that’s great each of us likes to
win and all the things we play and but it’s a healthy thing and so the prince
was always doing some things together to try to make things you know what kind of
unique nights we like doing this game on Saturdays because it gives people in the
community an opportunity to come out and enjoy a good solid game and tonight we
have that we have a nice close game not only that but a lot of close fans
tight together I mean this is a packed house tonight it’s really great to see
you know both sides have brought it tonight
the enthusiasm is electric both sides have DJs the students are rocking it
it’s a great atmosphere Mike let’s get a win tonight huh how about that go King
beat Paulie that is my quest and he has got King
looking very good right now as currently we’ve got a one-point game back to you
guys hey tell him I want one of those shirts those shirts are fantastic I just
need a an XL that’s all I need back to action King with possession
first and ten from the poly 20 to first man through and nothing doing
Sanchez getting down and dirty to stop the progress
I wanna identify the up back I believe the up back was Logan Hancock for King
another look at it he borrowed two about the 20 yard line so yard and a half on
the play it’ll be second and 9 and coach Mac moving the clock his team’s got a
lead a missed extra point is the difference both teams have missed P
eighties as here’s Gardner on second down Gardner slashing lunging inside the
10 yard line he’s got a first down and what a game he’s had tonight he’s
been such an effective player for King and you got to give credit to the big
boys up front for the Wolves nice blow at the quarterback Luna with a block
there great block and I’ll tell you what though when they’ve decided to go Smash
Mouth football they’re pretty tough tough to stop they’re kind of getting in
that rhythm kind of figuring out I think it’s kind of enjoyable because it’s
paying off in dividends for these guys Nolan Reynolds Juan Vargas Nathan Hall
max Whitehead David York men I don’t want to forget Brodie van ad or the
tight end is well doing some blocking don’t ever forget van and they’ll go
full house again in the backfield Gardner run in that same play surging up
to about the six second and goal from the 6 the big boys up front you to get some
love I also want to mention a sea they have an extra lineman looks like
they have an extra lineman on out almost that kind of double wing type look Oh Gardner runs right into Jacob Westover
so Westover johnny-on-the-spot stops Johnny Gardner stalking back the helmet
the hair coming out of the helmet like old school what do they call it in
basement Flo Flo this allows these got a lot of flow I don’t have a lot of fun I
wish I did you did at one point I did have great flowing locks I Thor like
locks speaking of Thor just player on the team
named Thor that’s right I also have a brand new dog named Thor which I’ve
discussed at length here the last few games and telling you man it’s causing
problems in the gorram house we got a game though here we got a good game
timeout by King 1413 Pat McCarthy get a look at him there McCarthy runs the
offense he was a defensive kind of guru in his time at Arlington but he’s
flipped it over his son Ryan running the defense and he’s running the offense
here but I was talking to me when I talked to him last year’s like you know
I ran offense for many years yes he ran offense when he was at a B Miller and
then also when he started at Arlington he’s got a pretty good staff as well Bob
green the former football player at the University of California as we see him
right in front of Coach Mac Ray Villarreal was the offensive coordinator
for a number of years for Ken bat Norfolk nor to Vista and there’s a weird
thing because because I know coach Mac was an assistant at the King under Kent
Kevin Gordon for a year yes and then he bumped over to work with Ken back coach
back door fright it took him to the CIF 2016 that’s right
but then after coach Gordon left after the 2016 season coach McCarthy took over
at King this is the third year at the helm they also had Pat Meech and that’s
a familiar name where I think I saw it where’s coach meets now well you can
coach me just taking some time off third down and eight coffer in 50/50
ball into the corner incomplete face guarding a member of face guarding is
legal as long as you don’t make contact Donovan Brady was matched up on the
outside it was a linebacker that picked up the coverage Mike shooting was the
one face guarding and it’s fourth down hey great defense by shoot from there
another look at the play quick to develop he ran I think he was the corner
route and he threw the post route looked like so a field goal attempt coming up
the ball will be placed the 14 to a 24 yard kick for Gavin bloom doll it’s down the kick is up it’s got the
distance does it have the accuracy and it does three points for King
so with 932 to play in the ballgame the first points of the second pass on the
24 yard field goal from Gavin Blum doll and make it a four-point game you play
some great defense king could have a shot here and king remember they chewed
up some time off the clock so 9:32 still plenty of time for the Bears
but Kings defense has been their strength Jeff on the season it has been
and I’ll tell you they’ve been phenomenal we saw in that great oak game
who creates very good offensively I thought they they came looked weak the
defenseless egg a you worry about them wearing down because they’re having a
number of to to to platoon guys you know Reynolds a to platoon guy Brodie van
adders playing on both sides chillon ik playing a little bit on both sides in
all the defensive backs Tyler Smith Donovan Brady Drake Dustin and Devin
Meza playing both ways but they’re rotating so hopefully you’re keeping
them fresh and maybe that’s why they’ve been running the ball that because now
the defensive backs have been off the field and they’ll be able to play a
little bit more fresh the Blum doll fresh off his field goal
will pooch it and Brodie Brown will come down with another 26 they’ll just go
down at the 28 yard line or so and that’s where poly will start your city
your choice your police chief you can provide your input any one of these four
dates September eighteenth nineteen twenty fifth twenty sixth as well as
October 3rd for more information on how to get your voice heard go to Riverside
CA gov are there /r PD chief and you’ll have an opportunity to provide your
input to the City of Riverside in selecting new police chief a pretty
progressive of Riverside five days to discuss the next chief the lion is the
28th it’s first and ten wobble and falling on it is Bernie Brodie van adder
was bearing down on him lost back to about the 24 Hey it just got given these
rival t-shirts by principal West unfortunately she got a shot of him so
hopefully one of our camera guys can get a shot of the t-shirt it’s a pretty
slick looking t-shirt I got it right here I’m holding it up you’ll be wearing
that on your gym workout in the morning I never wear it when I get home when I’m
outside playing with my dog five-yard loss oh they marked it at the 23 Berni on the roll throughout middle of
the field complete to zach my Ma’s got a first down he’s still dancing still on
his feet over the 40-yard line finally wrestled down gets the first down
they’re gonna mark him over the 40 to the 41 18 yard pickup on the play and
what a look at the teacher great job by Scott brushes in the truck and our
camera crew another look at that play Bernie rolling and finding mother Eve
had success with that play two or three times a couple of times they’ve hit tell
him act with it and this time they hit zacbob but it’s all gonna come back a
flag on the play so illegal man downfield second time
they’ve called that foul against Riverside Poly back to the 19 yard line
the football goes well nice to see Zach Moss seemed to be very nimble on that
ankle yeah seemed fine on that play so Polly you know John Rice said it at
halftime we got to stop shooting ourselves in the foot three turnovers
and now a penalty get a look at our man Tim roach kick down towards eight minutes
remaining in this one second and twenty ball market the 18 little razzle-dazzle
Brodie brown on the flea-flicker down the field complete to birdie-birdie up
over the 40 trickeration by Bill Powell and a first down for the Bears nothing
better than the flea flicker tell us how it developed here Jeff
reverse reverse and a great pass look downfield Tyler Smith with the initial
shot yeah great great at strategic because when you give the ball dilemma
on tain you expect him to throw the ball exactly he gives it up to Brody Brown
and Brody throws the ball down to Bernie and who’s gonna guard the quarterback
nobody great play great call from the 43 first and 10 for poly here’s the give to
Pruitt Pruitt surges up for a couple of yards to the 45 remember Jamie Walters
played ray Pruitt on ina 2 when I only had that hit song how did you drive – it
ain’t over that was just what happened was he was on a show called the heights
and he was like the singer-songwriter and they canceled the heights like oh we
got cuz and that song became a hit so they had to bring him got to put him on
the show and they put him on bh9 a 210 oh that’s so funny three yard run there
makes it second and seven from the 45 Berni thrown to the outside here’s t
arena t arena leaning forward hit it 250 Devin Meza rides him out of
bounds but he gets into King territory so about a seven-yard pickup he’ll go to
the Kings side of the field on the 48 ethan Tijerina makes the play
the junior second reception on the evening for him clock ticking here clock becoming a
factor in this rivalry game last year it came down to overtime here’s the give de Sirte Sirte dishing
out some punishment rolls up to about the 42 yard line remember the matchup last year ended
with a run by Jermaine Henderson as it’s a first down Holly had the chance to win
it twice in regulation they still go there was a penalty and they missed
again but King couldn’t hold the lead it was a
1710 King lead and then poly tied I think we got six minutes to go and it
ended a three game win streak in this series there’s timeout on the field
between the Bears and the wolves we have bears and we have wolves today Jeff so
you’d have some fun with it and talk about prominent wolves and prominent
Berenstain we got a shot of you riding the bear earlier we did on the track you
were on the bear there’s a there’s a ceramic bear down what about the 10 yard
line and you were on the bear but over the course of history there have been
some very famous bears yes a very famous wolf can we see the bears so Yogi and
boo-boo is obvious remember the Jefferson High Bears I do remember the
Brady Bunch yes when Marcia’s trying out for the
cheerleading team it’s the Bears yes and Greg was the judge remember he was
choosing between his girlfriend and then some famous wolf you know Peter
and the wolf was that Tchaikovsky or some yes and then the big bad wolf
obviously been read by Beowulf it’s not the wolf it’s a wolf
and then the American Werewolf in London I know how he ended up there and then of
course the low slope oh those Lobos from La Bamba that’s right how will the wolf
survive shout out to Fozzie Bear as well a Fozzie’s may all-time favorite thanks
for indulging me with that Jeffrey I appreciate it first in 10 line is the 40
to Bernie to Pruitt here’s lamontagne looking to throw now will tuck it under
LaMontagne over the 40 about 4 yards second and six coming up more
razzle-dazzle from bill Powell I like it I love it
but do you remember what what other school that they were talking about in
the Brady Bunch episode Fremont Wright was the right war til more that’s right
no no Cobra was their junior high junior high Fi FFF I out there you go ll mmm oh
there there’s Jeff Gorham and he’s they do have a picture of the bear though
that I’m a bear here’s the give – sir – sweeping to the right side Sirdar
hurdles up just outside the 30-yard line close to a first down oh he got it oh
yeah I was riding that bear I had Yancey up when we’re laughing get on that thing
there it is there he is the great Jeff Gorham I love this shirt
by the way our answer to build wall I’m telling you but you know there’s there
is a tradition now that I’m going to do because we’ve covered this game my dear
friend Yancey mr. my favorite Hawaiian I try to always go Hawaiian shirt I’m
wearing white pants though after Labor Day oh I that was my only mistake from
the 31 its first intent Serta dropped in the backfield
Cobb’s with the tackle for King a loss about a yard on the play clock continues
to run four-point lead for King we’re under five minutes to play and now it’s
flipped you know if you’re John Rice obviously you’re trying to run a clock
but you need to score need to get into the end zone
you got a score there’s kickings not gonna do it you have got to score the
football her Elle has gotten some rest he’s fresh now back in the ball game Key Arena to the nearside play-action
come some pressure here’s Bernie taking what they give him he breaks into the
open field Drake Dustin brings him down inside well
just outside the 10 they mark him to the 11 a 21 yard run by Bernie quarterback
point guard making good decisions Jeffery great decisions his head is on a
swivel saw the hole ran it up perfect like you said you’ve got to put the ball
in the end zone and he right there is leading the force drive started back at
the 28 yard line they had to back it up a little bit a couple of times
poly can get a first down at the 1 so it’s first and 10 from the 11 for the
Bears Morel wrapped up
shal onic coming in and cleaning that playoff colonic the senior linebacker
got into four games last year at the varsity level making eight tackles
starter this year also playing a little fullback
so a three-yard loss make it at second and 13
clock moving towards three minutes three receivers to the bottom of the
screen ma Brown T Arena LaMontagne split out to
the far side and offside whistled on pink we’ve had a
lot of offsides on both sides today Jeff yeah that was definitely pretty obvious
there’s the defensive hand was lining up past the
football about about a yard clock turning under three minutes to play 1713
this rivalry game between King and poly poly won last year King trying to get
back on the winning side Bernie rolling right in trouble escapes but not this
time down at the 15-yard line hot pursuit to quote Rosco P Coltrane
and Bernie just couldn’t get away right here the big big play this game right
now third long-grain Reynolds combining with
Shackleford there there’s big Nolan Reynolds two way starter he’s the left
tackle on offense and coach McCarthy said listen d1 schools are gonna be
sniffing around this guy just a junior in the engineering program at the high
school great student usual ways he’s a 4.0 student yes great great student so
third and 17 you can get a first down at the 1 if you’re poly here’s Bernie
looking he’s got some room now it closes up he sweeps to the left side of the
pylon into the end zone we said Bernie had a big game against
Corona with his speaks and he makes a huge play there Jeffrey on third and 17
you talk about him being a point guard again makes the right decision made the
right decision had a receiver open but saw the hole and why not sacrifice
everything go for it important p80 here and like Elvis Costello Colin Avery’s
aim is true and it’s a three-point game Bernie kind of sees the play develop and
makes the decision to tuck it under there and then just nothing but green
space as he gets into the end zone so here we go coming down on the final two
minutes now the disadvantage for the Wolves is there’s a sense of urgency
they’re gonna have to throw the football here unless perhaps Donovan Brady could
get them one of those big returns yet about a 50-yard return earlier yeah
that’s very important right now field position they’ve got to get it
close because I’ll tell you it’s hard to go 80 75 80 yards
under 2-minutes if you are not a high prolific potent offense I would guess
that Polly’s gonna squib it to avoid the big game hunters so Avery to kick with two minutes to
play 156 to be exact Holle on top 2017 squib kick to the left
side fielded and going right down to 38 yard line and we’ll go down to nick rice I’m speaking to John rice and the Polly
Bears coaching staff throughout the offseason and now during the middle of
the year they have established with the hitting drills and with the different
renditions they have throughout practice they establish a level of physicality
and they believe that over the course of this game it has paid dividends as they
ran the ball effectively to take the lead guys back to you yeah good point by
Nick because both teams have so many guys playing both ways six guys go on
offense defense for King let’s see if that’s a factor here in the fourth
quarter from the 38 yard line first intent offered that quarterback coffer
flinging the ball to the outside through the hands of Drake Dustin incomplete
coffer was effective early but then John Rice dialed up that blitz in the first
half and kind of cooled the heels of the king passing game and then in the second
half Pat McCarthy opted to go ground-and-pound which was effective but
now he’s gonna need to throw the ball here with a minute 51 to go yeah that’s
the toughest thing if you do go decide to go ground-and-pound it’s tough tough
to get a lot of real estate but you can still run if you’re King you got a
couple of timeouts to go but you need to break off a play coffer deep drop
launches it down the sideline one-on-one is Brady Brady brings it in but he was
out of bounds Brady one-on-one down the field with
Mike shootin in coverage they play call just a little bit outside but a great
cast but a young man one he’s the guy that
coach McCarthy was talking once about before the game Jeff so he’s got Inga
feh and Brady on the same side a couple of guys who can go get the football
glommed all split out to the near side and flexed out on the right side is
Drake Dustin Gardner the lone man on the back I wouldn’t be surprised to hear 144
third and 10 if they’re dialed up against the past and maybe you call the
draw here and use one of your timeouts third and 10 here comes the pressure
dumping it to the right side ball is complete to Blum doll to the 43 yard
line clock continues to move it’ll be fourth and four so here it is here’s a
ball game right here well they’ve been successful on that
reverse let’s see if they can look into that or you’re gonna have to air it out
maybe a quick pass try to get those yards I think you gotta get the try to
get the ball in Brady’s they’re not going to give it to GARP to Gardner so
Kaufer looking to the sideline and he’ll adjust where Gardner is positioned
watch Brady he’s in the Far slaw Kaufer to throw pressure steps up and he’ll go
down pressure came from Angel Sanchez and it
was Jacob Westover that finished it off Westover the junior defensive end boy I
was a great defensive play calling by nobody opened down the field good
pressure no blitz there straight four-man rush
that was a coverage play so two timeouts left for king of 56
seconds to play first intend for Polly from the king 38 been a good one either
way been a great game best one we’ve had so far on Riverside TV this season it’s
because a UGA’s all deserve it I’ll take the credit though here’s Harrell running
to get ahold of his jersey but he’s still upright pounds inside the 30 to
the 26 delivering punishment at the end of the run clock continues to move and
we’ll get a timeout from King actually it won’t the clock stopped
because he had a first down they marked him to the 26 first down they stopped
the clock to reset the football and Kings gonna let it run well the crowd tonight Jeff they got
their money’s worth great rivalry matchup between a couple
of city teams a great Saturday night community event here kneeled down from
Bud Bernie it was Bernie’s touchdown with a minute
56 to play in the ball game on a third and 17 play
he took the bootleg to the left side got to the corner of the end zone and the
Bears come from behind a game where they trailed 14 to nothing they scored 20 of
the last 23 points of the game the last touchdown coming with a minute 56 to
play to the 20 to 17 win the Bears now two and one the wolves who played Valley
tonight Jeffery fall to Owen for yeah but I’ll tell you what if you are coach
McCarthy you’ve got to say even though you didn’t get a victory you’ve got
moral victories you played a great game and there’s they’re getting better and
better and like you said they have an opportunity to do some damage in the big
8 that’s something they haven’t done in the last few years and at this stage but
it’s about is progress and I think you can see the progress that King is made
from week this week one when they see you saw them on Riverside TV against
Great Oak 2 this week and obviously when it’s a rivalry game you can kind of
throw the records out the doors gonna be a dog fight till the end it’s been that
way every time we’ve done a King poly game no different tonight here at Ramona
high school it was a great one and I’ll tell you it’s just gonna continue to get
better for both of these ball clubs coach rice coach Powell did a great job
calling and adjusting in this game Holly back here next week they’ll play against
Ramona Ramona is 3a no your alma mater led by Ken machine ski and next week
King will travel to Shadow Hills actually now they’ll host Shadow Hills
Channel Hills at Division 12 team at 1 & 2 and I’m guessing that Nick rice will
get John rice for a postgame chat we’ll keep it here for the moment but but
Bernie with a big game also Ethan LaMontagne with a big game for
he threw for a touchdown caught a touchdown as well and then Johnny
Gardner did a great job for King tonight coffer I thought was pretty good they
have Donovan Brady we’ve seen the the weapons that they have but I also think
both defenses acquitted themselves well they did they they did exactly what they
were supposed to do they adjust it on the fly they did a great job get a look
at the two principals holding the prop which is the rivalry hoody here so it’ll
stay with poly for another year Johnny Gardner get a look at him he had
a great first half great game all together for the first
half he had a couple of touchdown runs for King to give them that 14 to nothing
lead to turnovers by the Bears gave them that 14 to nothing lead and then Holly
came back here’s a second turnover by poly the completion to tell amok and
then the fumble and then the Wolves ultimately were to able to convert that
into a score as well look at Gardner here running early and
this is a big throw from Kaufer to Donovan Brady nice catch there in
one-on-one coverage against Sanchez and then they get went back to the ground
with Gardner who gets in for his second touchdown of the game to make it a 14
nothing ballgame but then Burrell with some tough running for Poly Bernie gets
his went out to Ma nice little game here for Zachary ma and then this was ethan
LaMontagne slinging the ball down the field
finding Brodie Brown for the touchdown to make it a 14-7 ballgame poly again
continuing to pound the ball between the tackles Bill pal running a balanced
attack here’s her L again and then but Bernie
will find Ethan LaMontagne that’s gonna be thrown that was ma when he tweaked
his ankle on that play and now here’s the second touchdown which came late in
the first half completion dilemma on Cain with about three minutes to go till
halftime makes it 1413 the p80 was missed second half
Burnie again a completion to Zac MA Burnie played extremely well left the game for a little bit because
of injury here is the big trick play Brodie Braun getting the ball down the
field to Bernie making a reception setting up that last drive another look
at that play the flea-flicker can always have more looks at a flea-flicker and then another completion of t arena
sale let’s throw it down to nick rice he’s standing by with head coach john
rice of the poly bears and here’s the final touchdown run that sealed the game
for the bears with 156 left to play nick rice take it away thanks Gasol here with John rice the
winning coach for the poly bears it’s got to feel pretty good I had talked to
you at halftime that you spoke about the mistakes some of the miscues you made in
the first 24 minutes and those mistakes appear to be correct in the second half
yeah but we have to give him credit to a real tough King team they were that was
a dogfight that that was a well coached team that had no quit in them we did
make a few adjustments and the coaches have nothing to do with the players who
have the fight we cannot teach Hart so I think we learned more in the long run
about ourself that we didn’t we weren’t going to get down we were able to
rebound and have some tenacity so I’m happy for the entire poly community in
the entire poly community who every year waits for this game and gives so much
back to the players yeah this really was an impressive win for you guys after the
slow start it appeared the physicality and the strength of your team began to
take over is that an emphasis of your team throughout the season we practice
fast and we don’t really condition at the end we practice at a high pace and
the point is we’re supposed to make the game a little easier and they hit us in
the mouth they did a really good job and so the the question was how we were
going to respond so we responded well we had a good talk and then we were in a
dogfight they drove down 60 70 yards and then we stiffened our backs so that is
what I was most proud of that we were able to hold him to three points after a
long drive in the second half yeah really a thrilling way to end things
after a tough loss guys come back and win this one today how do you keep this
thing going now with conference play coming up one game at a time so that
one’s done so we’re gonna start getting ready for Ramona who has a great team
and a great coaching staff and that’s gonna be a great ball game as well and
we’re looking forward to that challenge as well coach it was a thrill to watch
you guys the whole way winning coach John Rice and a wonderful football game
and a victory for the poly bears they’re now 2 & 1 this year final thoughts back
up to you guys up in the studio Nick rice thank you very much
shakespeareans scholar John rice teaching Romeo and
Juliet this year ninth grade English at poly high school final thoughts Jeff
Gorham I just thought both teams played well they brought it they gave it
everything they had sloppy in the first half no fumbles here and there but they
played great football this has been a pleasure to watch and I look forward to
this game every single year yeah it was a particularly eventful Saturday night
here aronia high school couple arrivals get together they got down tonight in
Riverside on Saturday night it was the Bears for the second straight year
coming away with the win against the wolves of King well we’ll talk to you
again next week thanks to Nick rice down on the field and of course yourself Jeff
Gorham and our entire award-winning Riverside TV crew until next week my
name is Garza Hasan final score tonight poly 20 King 17 so long everybody

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