Mark Farley Sept. 28 interview, UNI Football (3 of 3)

ERIC: UNI football
is on the road. The final non-conference
match up before MVFC play begins with a big home
game against Youngstown State part of a big week
of homecoming festivities but let’s not get
ahead of ourselves. Weber State they’re
the real deal. It seems like their
defense is really strong but they have a good
running back as well. MARK: They’ve got a
great football team. The bottom line is they’re
the two-time Big Sky champion. To win the Big Sky
you’ve got to be good. They’ve got 4
All-American’s back from last year, basically
their whole football team playing at home with
a lot of confidence. ERIC: It’s going to be a
crazy environment, it’s going to be a purple out
and they’re celebrating 100 years of football at
Weber State, so you might be playing in front of a
full rowdy crowd in that night game. MARK: At least we’ll gel
with the colors so we’ll be alright that way. ERIC: What are you hoping
to see , we’re 25% through the regular season in
this final non-conference battle, and all the nation
will be watching as it’s a top 10 battle. MARK: It is a big game but
it’s the next game right now. So we’ll talk about big
games in the coming weeks too so this is the one
we’re locked into and the one we’ll get ready for. We’ll need to play
an outstanding game. We can’t have turnovers
or mental errors. You better be locked and
loaded because you’re going to a place
tat’s tough to play. ERIC: Another test with
the adversity of traveling to Utah? MARK: It’s going to be
a night game out there, which is 8
o’clock our start. It is a travel and we’ll
have to adapt to that, so it is what it is. I’m anxious to take
this team on the road. We’re fortunate to get two
home games in September and I think that helps us
be more confident going into a road game like
that now that’s had the experience of getting our
guys ready in the Dome. Safe travels coach. Thank you. We’ll be back with more
Panther Sports Talk next week, thanks so
much for watching.

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