Fantasy Football 2015 Draft Fantasy Football 2015 Draft

I am about to enter my draft. It starts at 1:30 but it its only 1:11 so we will see what position I am. (NFL computer voice : welcome to primetime, the season begins tonight, the 2015 NFL draft is officially open) And it looks like I am position four, which I have been picked four in an ESPN standard league
So this one is a custom league I have the points here So its not PPR but you can see that there is bonus scoring so if they score a certain of receiving yards for a touchdown or passing yards for a touchdown or rushing yards for a touchdown they are going to get more points whereas in standard it’s like 0, it’s like all or nothing. So I have never played in one of these custom leagues before so it will be interesting to see how that goes So it’s about to start and I think … pause The draft is almost over, I have like two picks left and I just found out there was a position I wasn’t aware of until like right now we have two flex spots I got two tight ends because I realized that around round 4 or 5 The custom settings I am not too familiar with so I am learning as I am going with this league so that has been interesting, I didn’t realize how much of an impact all the wide receiver injuries would have so for my next draft I am definitely going to have a list of all those updates printed out So this is who I have picked so far, I have a decent amount of running backs and wide receivers that I feel are not going to need replacement and so I am going to get a kicker because this is custom points where the kicker gets a gradation so I am going to take this guy because he is still here and then I just have one pick left If you look at these people Jordy Nelson, Kelvin Benjamin, Victor Cruz all these people are injured and people are not too sure about if they are going to be playing so nobody drafted them So that was kinda weird
I did get Russell Wilson in round 4 which I wasn’t playing on doing but looking at the custom setting where you get rushing yards and rushing touchdowns and bonuses for that I was thinking that he would also be able to get those points where as other quarterbacks can’t do that but since it is a custom league that there is that kind of cross over So before the draft stops I kinda wanted to go through the setup so this is my first year doing the NFL draft so I wasn’t quite sure about all this but is shows like their fantasy points, which to me isn’t that important but I think to see the passing yards, the passing touch downs, the rushing touchdowns, like all this and sort it by that you can hit up here and it will show you So whenever you want to draft, I am about to draft so I will do that whenever I am up. But on the right it will have your roster and then everyone else’s, I don’t know why people want to see that but yeah it has the history, you can set a queue, but I didn’t and then there is like a chat that to me is a little bit hard to handle whenever you first starting, I didn’t know what all that was
But you can minimize it, so here whenever you click on a player you can see their profile, I don’t really look at that. I like the picture but I don’t look at the numbers, I can see the numbers here so I don’t know why that’s there But yeah and then on the right (left) it will have the order and what I didn’t like is that it cuts it off at the very end so you can’t see how many rounds you have left so you have to think through that which is annoying So yeah this is pretty much the NFL fantasy football league program and I think I will be doing an ESPN league tomorrow so I will be able to compare those better but so far its okay, I don’t like the ads though, so I am not sure who I am going to get right now but given that I the wide receivers still a position that through me off a little bit so I guess you could do these if you felt like they are going to be a sleeper but I don’t know that and given the depth of our league I think I want to be sure with the player that I get and definitely not 9, I have a lot of players with bye week 9 And I have been liking the Steelers, I like watching them , so I am kinda going, I am going to get him (Markus Wheaton) even though I know Martavis might come up but he might not so So this is my roster so far.
(NFL computer online voice: thanks for attending the NFL draft, best of luck this season) My final roster, I guess you have 15 minutes to look at your draft, but I am pretty sure you can do this after the fact I am just going to do it now, so this is my team, I guess it does it by round, so whatever round you, wait no that’s not right, so yeah that’s my team Oh then this is the round summary of the draft which I do find useful to go back and look, I was looking at my round draft last year and it was pretty bad so I think it will be helpful to see next year how much I have improved, and to see where I can improve and see what I couldn’t prevent So yeah, the teams, I think like 6 of them were auto draft and I haven’t thought about how auto draft contributes to your actual draft but I am pretty sure it just picks whatever is next in the rankings but I probably should know that. So if somebody doesn’t show up to the draft it will auto pick them and I think it does it pretty decently and then there is always trades after that I am just going to go through the teams really quickly. So I think this was not an auto-pick so they got Dez Bryant, Peyton Manning, Jimmy Graham, Alfred Morris don’t like Rashad or Roddy White Colin Kaepernick, not San Francisco, sorry And this is actually a viewer, this is his team and I was looking at it and it does look pretty good so we will see, this should be interesting I don’t know about Demarco though, because he just got traded and how much of that was due to the Dallas offence, I guess we will see Drew Brees is good, Brandon Marshall is good, Chris ivory is good, Ameer will be fun to watch, Delanie is good, I don’t know about the Dolphins And I think this was auto pick, so they have Matt Forte which I don’t like this year but we will see, Gronk, Lamar Miller, Cam Newton, and I got Cam Newton in my other league so yeah, Jay cutler, I don’t know why they have three quarterbacks And then this person was an auto pick, aaron Rodgers, odell beckham jr, mike evans, okay maybe it wasn’t auto pick and they have the Seahawks defense but they don’t have any decent running backs so that is probably why This person has C.J. Anderson which I have on my other league, Matt Ryan, Travis (Kelce), Vincent Jackson, Im pretty sure this is auto pick Antonio Brown, Jeremy Hill, Justin forsett, which everyone has hyped this year but I don’t know I don’t think its worth that but we will see This one has le’veon bell and lesean mccoy, lesean mccoy is again one of those trades so we don’t know but he should do pretty decently, A.J. Green, Carlos Hyde, who I am not too about Jordan Matthews, which I Didn’t, somebody asked me to trade him for my other league already and then I think somebody in the comments asked about who drafted him, I haven’t heard about him that much so I am not sure what the hype is about but yeah, Tony Romo Eddie Lacy, Calvin Johnson, Randall Cobb, I am pretty sure this is auto pick Andrew Luck and that is pretty much it Okay, so I guess this is our draft by round (Clicking through rounds on computer screen) And Tom Brady is one that I have seen in just this last week that um I guess his suspensions were um rejected or whatever so he is playing so it puts him up there with is he somebody that you draft know or do you go ahead and play it safe So yeah this is about to close so this is kinda the rounds

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    I like Rivers on Week 1 vs Detroit.

    Wilson has been sack the most by St. Louis since 2012.


    Pablo Diaz

    I have Antonio Brown, Brandon Cooks, Allen Robinson, Martavis Byrant. DeVante Parker at running back I have Lamar Miller, Latavius Murray and Ameer Abdullah. At tight end i have Ladarius Green and Juluis Thomas. I took the risk of taking a QB very late, so that left me with Marcus Maritoa. Do you think I should try to trade anyone to upgrade at Qb and if so who should I trade?


    M. Mellow

    How goes it? It's been a while. I've been busy with my duties as commish. I've already had to put the hammer down on several trade offers that just weren't balanced but were later tuned out and eventually balanced and processed.

    Looks like you walked into a custom RB formatted league. Both flex spots should have rb's in them baring injuries and bye weeks. Overall good job. I love the Olsen pick! He should get a ton of targets this year. Cam needs to get him going early. Not sure why he didn't have a big game against the Jaguars.

    Just to prepare you, this could be one of those potential dead leagues by week 4 or 5 due to the number of auto teams you mentioned. You'll be able to tell early by the number of moves made and waiver wire activity. In any case have fun with it.


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