NFL Grandma Bowls With Blind Date

♪ music playing ♪>>Doris:
My name is Doris and I’m looking for love.>>Michel:
What kind of woman are you looking for?>>
I like sexy!>>
Oh, yeah, yeah! How you think
you got here? >>Doris:
My name is Doris.
I’m 78 years old. I’m single
and I’m looking for love. I was married for 14 years
to my first husband. My second husband, I was married
to him for 10 years, and then he passed away. ♪ music playing ♪>>Darlene: She’s
a dedicated grandmother. She’s dedicated her
entire life to her family. Everything she does
is about her grandkids and her great-grandkids.>>Michel:
My name is Michel Sproles. I’m a mother, a wife,
business owner and a granddaughter.>>Taylor:
I’m Taylor York. I’m a student and
I am a granddaughter. Darren is my grandson, Michel,
my granddaughter’s husband. He plays professional football
for the Philadelphia Eagles.>>Michel:
[WHISTLE] How do you all feel about finding
Granny a boyfriend? Um, no. [LAUGHTER] I think it’s healthy
for my grandmother to find a companion
other than her grandkids.>>Darlene:
She needs to be able to have someone
that she can confide in.>>Doris:
At this point in my life, I think it would be
nice to find a companion or someone to go
out with every now and then.>>Michel:
We just want the best for her. She takes care of us, so we’ve got to
make sure we take care of her.>>Taylor:
My granny’s just not going to date anyone. She’s a prize.>>Michel: My plan
is to grill these guys. I want to make sure that
Granny is getting the best. ♪ music playing ♪>>Michel:
So, Granny, what do you feel about
going on a blind date?>>Doris:
Oh, my God, I’ve never been on a
blind date in all of my life.>>Michel:
What do you think you would want in a guy?>>Doris: If he could look like
Denzel Washington, it’s over. It’s done. ♪ music playing ♪ >>Michel: I would
want someone for my granny that is still active.>>Taylor: Somebody
who loves to dance.>>Doris: I like a guy
with a sense of humor.>>Michel:
A gentleman. Someone that I know
is going to open up the doors, still believes in chivalry. She’s very family-oriented, so I think
that’s important for her.>>Doris: Sex is
important in a relationship. Yes, it is.>>Taylor:
It’s not going to happen. It’s not there. I’m not going
to let her do that?>>Taylor:
Have sex.>>Doris:
This is hilarious.>>Taylor:
She doesn’t need to. >>Michel: What is it
that you don’t like in guys?>>Doris: Somebody
that thinks he’s all that. So, you know.>>Taylor: Nobody
who dresses like a pimp.>>Michel: She doesn’t want
someone with a Jheri curl.>>Doris:
A scary curl. And that means a
Jheri curl that went sour. I cannot stand
for someone to be late.>>Michel: If my granny
had to support someone, it wouldn’t
get past the first date.>>Doris:
Good girl. That’s right. You were right on the money. >>Michel: All right, so, we’re going to
go through these bios and this is
going to be the “no” pile.
00:03:07,720 –>00:03:08,
OK, over here.>>Michel: And this is
going to be the “yes” pile.>>Taylor: No. He looks youthful.>>Michel:
Yeah, he seems to be…>>Taylor:
Some spring in his step.>>Michel:
He’s OK. Maybe a little
different for Granny, but we could put
him in the “yes” pile.>>Taylor: Right,
but still yes.>>Michel: He has nice teeth, but I don’t know…>>Taylor:
Yeah, he does. They look like his teeth.>>Michel:
Definitely a no. No.>>Michel:
So, we like these guys, so let’s
watch their videos.>>Taylor: OK.>>Lance:
I love hip-hop. Music is one of my passions.>>Michel:
And Lance likes cats.>>Lance:
Can’t wait to meet you.>>Michel:
He’ll go in the “no” pile.>>Taylor: Yeah.>>Levi:
Love is something that I need. Love is respect. Love is something
that you can’t turn over. Love is a flower.>>Taylor:
So this is Levi, I think. He’s age appropriate.>>Levi:
Levi should find love because that’ll
add to his equation.>>Michel: He seems like
he might be a lot of fun.>>Taylor: Yeah. So this guy’s name is Rudy.>>Rudy: My name is Rudy Benzer. I like to play golf.>>Taylor:
He might be good for Granny.>>Michel: OK. So we’re
putting him in the “yes” pile?>>Taylor: Yeah.>>Michel:
“Yes” pile, OK.>>Taylor: Mm-kay…>>Andy:
My name is Andy. Introduce me to your granny.>>Taylor: No. Next.>>Phillip:
Hello, I’m Phillip. I’ll bring life to
someone who I hang with.>>Michel: We could put
him in the “yes” pile, too.>>Taylor:
Yeah, I like him. He seems nice.>>Michel: OK,
so we have our final three: Phillip, Rudy and Levi. ♪ music playing ♪ >>Phillip: Hello, I’m Phillip.
My age is 68. I grew up on
the South Side of Chicago. I did a lot of work
in youth development, community development. In my younger years,
I was an accountant. My wife,
I’m sorry to say, passed away
three years ago. I am absolutely
active and alive.>>Michel: Hi. Michel,
nice to meet you.>>Phillip:
Good meeting you, Michel.>>Taylor: Hi. Taylor,
nice to meet you.>>Phillip: Taylor. I’m Phillip, Taylor. The question is
not how to meet women, the question is
how to take it further. >>Michel: So, tell us
a little bit about yourself.>>Phillip:
I am a widower with one adult child. I like to dance
for fun and exercise.>>Taylor:
Somebody who loves to dance. >>Phillip:
Oh, life is wonderful when you’re a grandfather.>>Michel:
OK, you just have one? One grandchild?>>Phillip: Yeah, just one.>>Michel: So,
really close to your family.>>Phillip:
Yeah, yeah, yeah.>>Michel:
She’s very family oriented, so I think
that’s important for her. >>Michel: So, what’s
the perfect date for you?>>Phillip:
We’d go off to a nice dinner.>>Michel: OK.>>Phillip:
Then we’d go dancing. Always got to
do a little dancing. Then we might get close,
who knows.>>Michel: What kind
of woman are you looking for?>>Phillip: I like sexy!>>Phillip: Oh, yeah, yeah! How do you think you got here?>>Taylor: I don’t want
to think about how I got here.>>Michel:
Are you still active?>>Phillip:
It don’t stop, baby. Wait a minute.>>Michel: OK.>>Michel: What have
women said your flaws are?>>Phillip:
I don’t have the stamina that I used to have. Yeah, I knew
that would get you.>>Taylor: Why should
we let you go out with her?>>Phillip:
Because your grandmother will see me as a good man. >>Rudy:
My name is Rudy. I’m 84 years old
and I’m single. I got married on my prom night. Me and my wife,
we ran away to Yuma. I was married 64 years. I played professional baseball
for the San Diego Padres.>>Michel:
Hi, how are you? Michel.
Nice to meet you.>>Rudy: Hi, fine, how are you?
Nice meeting you.>>Taylor: Hi, Rudy, Taylor.
Nice to meet you.>>Rudy:
Nice meeting you, too.>>Taylor: Come on in.>>Rudy: And I’m looking for
a woman to steal my heart. [Suitor #2, Rudy, Age 84
Favorite Hobby, Swimming]>>Michel: So, tell us a little
bit about yourself, Rudy.>>Rudy:
I have a granddaughter. She’s 35
and she’s a teacher. And then I have a grandson. He goes to Boulder,
Colorado, and plays football.>>Michel: Did you ever
play any sports or anything?>>Rudy: When I got
out of high school in ’53, I signed with the Padres.>>Michel & Taylor: Wow.>>Michel: What’s
the perfect date for you? Where would you
take our grandmother? What would you have planned?>>Phillip:
I would imagine we would talk
about ourselves and what she’s done, and what’s going to be our
plan for the rest of our life, if we’re together.>>Taylor:
What’s your credit score?>>Rudy: What?>>Taylor:
Your credit score? Do you know, by chance?>>Phillip: No.>>Michel:
Can you cook?>>Phillip:
Oh, I love to cook.>>Taylor:
And why should we pick you to date our grandmother?>>Rudy:
Because I’m very nice.>>Michel: Someone that I know
is going to open up the doors or still believes in chivalry. >>Rudy: And handsome.>>Michel: OK.>>Rudy: And I think
she would go for me.>>Michel: OK.>>Taylor: All right. >>Levi: Hi. Levi, I’m 68. I’m a country boy
with city instincts. I’m from the country and I came to
the city to get more work. And I did. I’ve been married twice
and divorced twice. Put the wig on, baby, because I’m going
to love you through that wig.>>Levi:
Hi, how are you?>>Michel: I’m fine,
and yourself? Michel, nice to meet you.>>Levi:
Nice to meet you, too.>>Taylor: Hi, Taylor.
Nice to meet you.>>Levi:
Nice meeting you, Taylor. ♪ music playing ♪ >>Michel: Tell us
a little bit about yourself.>>Levi: I’m 68,
I’ve been married twice,>>Michel:
Married twice.>>Levi:
I’m a carpet cleaner and I’m a painter.>>Michel: You’re just
a jack of all trades.>>Levi: But master of none.>>Michel:
But that’s not a good thing.>>Levi: Why?>>Michel: To be the
jack of all trades and a master of none? You want to master something.>>Levi: I master
everything that I do but I’m not the jack. ♪ music playing ♪>>Taylor:
The silver tooth?>>Levi: When I smile,
then she’s hypnotized.>>Taylor: Is that
the same with the Jheri curl? The soul glow?>>Levi: The two of them,
so that’s beautiful.>>Michel: She doesn’t
want someone with a Jheri curl.>>Doris: A scary curl. >>Michel:
Why should we pick you to go on a
date with our grandmother?>>Levi:
I’ll make her laugh and she going to fall over on me and you’re going
to know it’s over then. She gonna laugh, ha-ha-ha, and she going
to fall over on me.>>Michel:
That’s not like her.>>Levi:
Wait a minute, wait a minute,
that’s not all. You’ve got to have
more of them there for me because
I’ve got more for you. >>Taylor: OK,
so we need to find out who we’re going to pick to
go on this date with Granny.>>Michel: Well, we’ve
gone through the profiles, we’re down to three.>>Taylor: OK,
well, how about Rudy?>>Michel: I don’t know,
Rudy seems a little boring.>>Taylor:
He’s just timid. He’s just a little shy.>>Rudy: I would imagine
we would talk about ourselves and what she’s done.>>Michel: We’ll see.>>Taylor: I guess.>>Michel: Levi,
he seems like a lot of fun and still a nice guy. So I think she
should go out with Phillip because he seems
the most like Granny.>>Phillip: Your grandmother
will see me as a good man.>>Michel: But I
feel like we should ask my mom.>>Taylor:
We need a third opinion?>>Michel: Yeah.>>Taylor: Hi, Auntie.>>Hi.>>Michel:
How are you? We’re trying to figure out who to choose for
Granny to go on this date.>>Darlene:
I think Phillip. I say that because he looks
like he’s real easygoing, like he’s relaxing
and he’ll calm her. So we want to make
sure she’s comfortable. That’s the most
important thing.>>Michel: So, Phillip?>>Taylor:
I say Phillip.>>Michel: OK,
Phillip it is.>>Taylor: OK. ♪ music playing ♪>>Doris:
What do you think of this?>>Taylor:
It’s a lot of patterns.>>Doris: Yeah.>>Michel: Nah, Granny,
I don’t like that one.>>Taylor: I want something
with more color and more skin.>>Doris:
It’s kind of cold outside.>>Taylor:
You don’t want to be sexy? You don’t want to be nice
and sexy for your first date?>>Doris:
The only skin I’m going to show is the skin on my face.>>Taylor:
Oh, my gosh.>>Doris: Well,
what do you think of this?>>Michel:
I like that one, Granny.>>Taylor:
When you’re going lawn bowling, it’s white. I like that one.>>Doris:
This it will be. This is what I’m wearing.>>Taylor: Nice.>>Michel:
You’ve got this, Granny, just relax and be yourself. I’m sure he’ll love you.>>Doris: All right.>>Michel:
No kissing on the first date.>>Doris: Gotcha.>>Taylor:
You look cute.>>Doris: Thank you.>>Taylor: Have fun.>>Doris: All right. [The Date] ♪ music playing ♪>>Doris:
Well, I’m here on a date, and also here
to do some lawn bowling. I’ve never been
on a blind date. My worst nightmare would be
that the date didn’t show up. [20 Minutes Late] ♪ music playing ♪ I’m kind of curious to know who the person is
and what type of person he is. [30 Minutes Late] ♪ music playing ♪ [WAH-WAH-WAH] I don’t particularly
the lateness, especially on a first date. ♪ music playing ♪>>Phillip: How are you?>>Doris: Hi, how are you?>>Phillip: Very good.>>Doris:
It’s good to meet you.>>Phillip: I’m Phillip.>>Doris: Hi, Phillip.>>Phillip:
It’s good meeting you.>>Doris: Good. How has your day
been going so far?>>Phillip: A little crazy.>>Doris: It’s
supposed to be a blind date. What, did you drive
with blindfolds on? And you couldn’t find your way? Well, that’s OK.>>Phillip:
I made a mistake. I got confused and
I got turned around and lost and the next thing I knew, I thought I had
given plenty of time, but I hadn’t,
and so I was late. Have you ever
done this before?>>Doris:
No, I haven’t. This is the first time.>>Phillip:
I haven’t, either. ♪ music playing ♪ >>Vince:
A little bit too wide.>>Phillip: Good toss.>>Doris:
A little bit too wide?>>Vince:
OK, now you try. You try one. ♪ music playing ♪>>Vince:
That’s very good. It’s a little heavy,
it’s a little bit heavy.>>Doris:
When I saw him, I was thinking,
“Oh, he’s kind of small.” A little skinny guy,
but I guess that’ll be OK.>>Vince:
We’ll play it again. OK, Doris, here you are.>>Phillip:
This is a challenge.>>Vince:
It is a challenge.>>Doris:
Let me try this. ♪ music playing ♪>>Vince: Very nice,
very, very nice.>>Phillip:
Oh, you’ve got it, girl. You’ve got it.>>Vince:
Great shot, great shot. Beautiful.>>Doris: So, what do
you like to do for a living?>>Phillip:
I am a worker. I’m always trying to
invent things and create stuff. And I find that
it helps me stay young.>>Doris: Oh, yeah. I can understand that.>>Phillip:
What about you?>>Doris: Well,
my time is spent around my grandchildren
and great-grandchildren.>>Phillip:
Wait a minute, how old are you? You look like you’re my age.>>Doris:
I did marry young. I was 19.>>Phillip: What do
I have to look forward to? What is so wonderful about
having great-grandchildren?>>Doris: It’s wonderful
because you can spoil them and send them back home. Send them
back to their parents. I had fun today.>>Phillip: There was
definitely physical attraction. Looking forward
to seeing you again.>>Doris: All right.>>Phillip: OK, take care.>>Doris: OK, bye.>>Phillip: Well,
I think it went pretty well. Now, we’ll see
when I call her.>>Doris:
On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate Phillip an 8. >>Doris: Hi,
how are you guys doing?>>Michel:
How was your date, Granny?>>Doris:
He was late.>>Darlene:
He was late?>>Doris:
Yes, he got lost. And that’s the reason why when you’re going
somewhere for the first time, you need to
start off early.>>Michel: Good thing is,
we got her out of the house, and hopefully
this will open the door for her to go on future dates.>>Michel: I think you’re
trying to downplay it, Granny.>>Taylor:
I feel like you are.>>Michel: I think
you might have had a little bit
more fun than you thought and you don’t want to tell us.>>Darlene: So, are you looking
forward to the next time?>>Michel: You think we’re
going to have a new grandpa?>>Doris: Heck, no. [LAUGHTER]>>Darlene: OK,
we’re glad you had fun.>>Taylor: Yes, we’re glad
you had fun, Granny.>>Michel:
You broke the ice on dating.>>Taylor: Exactly.>>Taylor: Exactly.>>Michel: The fact
that we got her out on a date. High five!

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