NFL Player Kneeling in Public (Social Experiment)

What’s up guys, my name is Victor and this is… Ladarius and today we’ll be doing an experiment that’s never been done before he’s gonna dress as a football player and kneel in public I want to see how people react to that and just a disclaimer we are not for or anti any political parties We just want to see how people react to this situation. So let’s do it? let’s go man! I just like to say that I have a lot of respect for you and I really support you for standing up and expressing your Opinion and you’re right and in a really respectful way. Thank you !! Yeah anytime keep doing your thing Hi I really respect what you doing right now Thank you! I think it’s really cool that it’s something respectful but it’s also a sign of something’s broken in your perespective Yeah, Stand up for what you believe I kind want say that I don’t really agree with what you are doing Although I can understand why and I think you should be standing Because the flag represents all the people that died for the country Appreciate for the cause man. Thank you. Hey, bro, you really need to respect the American flag. Thank you *BEEP* *BEEP* Do you know How many Americans? Have fought and died for that flag that you’re in the middle of the street disrespecting What a jackass get out the street So, I mean, how’s it going what you doing silent protesting police brutality Thank You Man why you’re wearing Nikes – hey, man, yeah. Good night Crazy huh crazy Hey Thank You Man. Thank you I really appreciate that bro thinking I know what you’re doing Barbara Smith. Yeah, I understand Thinking that the tire doctor they just be like hey doctor me to pay attention to stuff like this. Thank you Stand up for what you believe in even if it means sacrificing everything That one You go with he spend up thief throwing the fetching dollar for what I believed I know staying like a man I’ll be some Progress you make fun my fallen brothers now now just stand the facade. He’s been my soldier stand You think they kneel down like a man rich of me. I’m just laying Miami No you chop you put yourself in my flag on the ground broke dissipating fallen brothers Respect him stand. Foul real man

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