NFL Players’ Choice: Elimination Tattoo Part II | Master vs. Apprentice (Season 6)

– Mm. You’re sitting
like a champion, for sure.Darius and I decide to doa rose on the backside
of his arm,
and he’s just gonna
let me do my thing. We’ll make it
nice and perfect.I’m gonna keep playing it safe.Obviously it’s gotten me
this far
and I’m damn sure
not gonna change that, man.
– Come towards me
a little bit more. Allen Robinson
wanted everything that makes him think of Detroit
in one tattoo.I talked him down
to just getting
the Detroit city skyline,a D for Detroit,and an area code.Even though I made this design
a lot smaller,
there’s still a lot going on. I know it probably
sucks for the most part, but suck it up
even if you are hurting. – Oh, my God.
Man.– He keeps jumping up
and looking in the mirror
every five minutes.Every time he jumps up
it slows me down.
If this tattoo isn’t finished,
I could go home for it. – One hour remaining.[tense music]– Damn, look at that. – Boom.
– [clicks tongue] I’m doing
an enormous graphic eagle from shoulder to shoulder
on Kamerion Wimbley’s back.This is a badass eagle
on a badass NFL player
that definitely has some balls. – I wish somebody
would’ve done a big tattoo. [laughter] – He acts like I’m giving him
a back scratch.I’ve had a couple bad critiques
leading up to this.
I need to redeem myself. – That’s kinda cool. – Craig picking up that canvas
that was just unsure really showed
how bad it rattled him. I’m not mad at all
that Craig’s having a bad day. – What you think, boss? – Everything works out the way
it’s supposed to work out. – No doubt.
No doubt.– I totally own up
to what I did.
Everybody given a dark canvasthere is a higher risk of somebody not doing
a really good job. So, this would probably be
the best time to play it safe.[tense music]– Five, four, three,two, one.That is it.
Time’s up.
Machines down.
No more ink. – Hell yeah, dude.
That’s [bleep] sick. – Aw, yeah.
That’s tight. – Check it out.
– Let me know what you think. – Yeah, man,
it’s nice right here. Yeah, this gonna look good
on the field. – You like it?
– Oh, yeah, I love it. – Awesome.
– Kruseman just did a rose.
He totally
did him an injustice.
He’s tattooing an NFL player
and he’s bitching out. – Cool, man.
– Oh, yeah. – So glad you like it.
– All right now.

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