NFL players help island youngsters tackle obesity

of pros in Hawaii has them tackling an even tougher opponent — Obesity. NATS At today’s family health day at St. Louis School, kids learned new ways to get some much needed exercise, while parents got health advice and nutritious eating tips and recipes. This five day festival aims to reverse Hawaii’s rising obesity rates by reminding everyone that being fit can also be fun. 16:42 IT CAN BE FUN, LIKE WHEN YOU ARE YOUNG. THAT’S THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL MAKE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE IS IF YOU MAKE IT FUN. IF IT’S SOMETHING YOU DON’T WANT TO DO, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. THAT IS SOMETHING WE GET STUCK IN AS WE GET OLDER AND BUSIER. 16:58 NFL player Michael bennett led a group of pro players in encouraging kids and adults to stay active and even provided a little entertainment. As part of the OCEAN Health Festival — all seven NFL players will hold a Youth Football Camp at St. Louis School tomorrow for kids age 7-18 years old.

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