NFL Stars take a World Cup Test to Find Out Who they Should Root For! | NFL Rush

You are cheering for Brazil. No, I’m cheering for America. Well, they’re not
in the World Cup, so… All right, Brazil! I’d rather go to the beach.
I’d rather stay in the heat. I live in Minnesota,
so I’m choosing the beach. All right, I’m putting this on. Let me put this on, right here. This is like Coach Reid.It’s like Andy Reid right here.
I feel like Andy Reid with this on.This is what he’d be wearing. I don’t mind the beach. But I’m a city guy,
so I’mma go with the city. You know what, I’m probably
gonna do some sightseeing. So I’m gonna go with the city. You want me to eat these? Would you look at that, dude?
Let me clear the palate. We need more. We need more. I don’t like that one that much. Y’all not fooling nobody. Salt and vinegar is my favorite. This came from Japan.. That’s the whole point. My favorite dipping sauce
is honey mustard. That’s probably why I like it. Is that ketchup flavored? I’ve had these several times. You guys look stupid. More like a goodie backpack. Or goodie crate, rather. So I gotta try this? I’m afraid to try anything right now. Lucas? No, no, no.
I can’t do the Lucas. I’m not finna try this, man.
This is like… Licorice Toffee… Toffee. This has upset me. Whatever this is,
this country’s upset me. These are my favorite. I dropped one.
Now this is the worst day ever. Gummi bears are a very obese food,
so it has to be from America. You can never go wrong
with a Gummi bear. Never go wrong with Gummi bears. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you! So this is part of
the personality test, is it? Okay. Playing in Mexico City next year, so I support my fellow
Mexican friends over there. “Somebody stop me!” Remember? Am I choosing my team
at Hogwarts right now? This is not my team. Get it out of here.
I don’t like that one. This is more me, right here. I choose this hat. I feel happier in this one.
This one makes me feel a lot better. Yeah, let me just get another bite
of these. -Team player.
-Team guy. Team player. Team player.
I think that’s a trick question. Y’all gonna show
everybody’s coaches that. Star. I’m international, baby. The underdog, all the way. I love upsets, except for
when it happens with me. I mean, they’re terrible. Powerhouse. Powerhouse. Underdog. Underdog. I hate people
who win all the time. Goal! Telemundo! It’s goal! It’sgolasol.I love it. Let’s go! Let’s go! You are cheering for Brazil. No, I’m cheering for America. Well, they’re not
in the World Cup, so… All right, Brazil! Yes! Brazil, yes. Yes! There we go. -You’re cheering for Mexico!
-Yup. Jared Goff, LA Rams. And I’m rooting
for you, Mexico. Let’s go. That’s my daughter’s name. Naija, boy! Goal! Spain. I’m a Spain type.
You know what I’m saying? They’re pretty good, right?
They’re probably gonna win it too. I got Spain. Yes! Go! Hey, I’m LeSean McCoy
of the Buffalo Bills. Running back. Go Germany, baby. Let’s do it. My name is Taylor Lewan. You’ve probably never heard of me
and that’s okay. I just took a personality quiz. And I am cheering for Brazil.
Let’s go, boys! Let’s go, England!
Win one for the Queen! Argentina? I like Argentina. I do like Argentina now. Kyle Rudolph, tight-end for
the Minnesota Vikings. Go, Aussies. Todd Gurley, LA Rams, running back. Go, Mexico. I got y’all
in the World Cup. Mike Daniels
with the Green Bay Packers. And I am cheering for Méjico! Méjico! Méjico!

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