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Sunday, November 3 2019
NFL week 9 picks what’s up everybody it’s the Minnesota
Beast that’s right I gotta hide my face today because you know why I’m on the
wall shame now yeah that’s right I’m on the wall shame because all I’ve been
doing is giving you guys losing nfl football picks but you know what I have an itch going on
right now also I got some ass balls and my ass has been itching so
I’ve had to been carrying around my total paper a lot lately that’s right my
toilet paper so do you want some shitty picks some ass itch and picks some itch my
balls NFL week 9 football picks for Sunday pregame football or would you just rather have me
talk normal drink my coffee on my Menards cup and see my ugly mug well you
know what you ain’t gonna get to see my ugly mug because like I said I got some
itchy ass balls Arizona San Francisco I told you to take San Francisco 49ers San
Francisco 49ers won today you’re going into London if you get itchy balls shut this up and
go take a shower woo anyhow Jacksonville Jaguars win
today and London that’s right Washington at Buffalo take Buffalo Bills Minnesota
at Kansas City if you don’t take the Minnesota Vikings you just crazy you
yeah my camera’s buffering again that’s right I don’t want to hear about my
itchy ass balls any I told to take Buffalo Bills take Minnesota Vikings
take the Miami Dolphins is a crazy wild upset for Sunday take the Philadelphia
Eagles you better take the Indianapolis Colts take the Carolina Panthers take
the Oakland Raiders take the Seattle Seahawks
you know what scratch Denver that’s right because Brent who Brent who is the
backup quarterback Britton who I don’t care I don’t care take the Cleveland
Browns if you don’t take the Cleveland Browns go take a shower and wipe your
ass because you know what you’re gonna be crying because you’re gonna shit all
over yourself because Cleveland Browns are going win today I don’t care if I
took Denver Broncos but prior Green Bay Packers win the Baltimore Ravens win if
you don’t think so go wipe your ass and the Dallas Cowboys upset the New York
Giants and upset they just go and destroy the New York Giants that’s right
hey I gotta get off here I gotta go it’s my ass is my balls or probably take a
shower because those are my Sunday NFL picks and if you’ve been commenting on
my videos lately thank you so much thanks so much because the beast man I
can’t touch my computer I can’t touch my computer
I can’t even comment back to y’all you know why cuz I got itchy ass balls itchy
ass balls and they ain’t footballs either they’re little microscopic nuts
woo beast out of here you woo have a great day of NFL football games go Minnesota Vikings and your teams to win

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