NFL Week 1 Predictions 2019 | Early NFL Week 1 Betting Picks | NFL Week 1 Predictions | Part 1

second and three from the two first and goal time of the year ladies and gentlemen
NFL season is back in another two weeks and last year I was doing NFL
predictions week to week I did it for about three weeks and I made summer
y’all a whole lot of corns that y’all didn’t share back I didn’t continue
doing that week to week because it didn’t get the traction I needed it to
get but I’m back doing it this year and I want you guys to share these videos if
you liked them comment about your picks and we’re gonna jump into my week one
predictions I’m breaking this down over three videos we’re gonna do the first
five but first on this channel we always put on our plus seven glasses of picking
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predictions and I’ll highlight it by the week as well so let’s go ahead and jump
into the list and I’m basing my list on the NFL is heavy on offense the NFL is a
quarterback driven lead so those are going to be some of the key indicators
to this list and because it’s so early in the season I’m also going to go about
who was good last year and what additions have changed to the teams so
the very first game we’re going to cover is that Thursday night game Green Bay at
Chicago Green Bay is getting three and a half points but that don’t make no
difference to me because you’ve got Green Bay headed up by Aaron Rodgers but
they are having big issues between Aaron Rodgers and their new coach Mattie FLIR
and I ain’t sold on that yet it’s just been too much turmoil Chicago last year
was a good team decent team I ain’t sold on their
quarterback either however the overall team seems
well this is a rivalry game but the Bears are at home I think they’ll have
better continuity definitely a better defense so give me the Bears even though
they’re losing three points next game we got Tennessee at Cleveland Tennessee is
getting five points meaning that Cleveland right now will have to beat
them by six gimme Cleveland I mean Odell their QB
was looking great last year and he’s only looked better in practice now then
you’ve got another good receiver wint Odell you’ve got a great running back at
Nick Chubb what the hell does tend to see have they got Marcus Mariota
definitely ain’t sold on him and the game is in Cleveland I think that that
raucous crowd is going to help them overcome and I could see them easily
winning this game by more than six by maybe ten points give me Cleveland in
that game now y’all if you’ve been following my
channel for a while you know I am a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan all right
but I’m going to be completely unbiased in this now I’m gonna give you the
unbiased information on this tick because I want you guys to make that
money it’s Baltimore at Miami they’re giving Baltimore four points in Miami
you can book it take Miami ladies and gentlemen why because of fits magic
every year fits magic looks like an MVP candidate for the first four and a half
games and then after that he falls the hell off the map we have a new coach
that came from New England blind Brian Flores he’s got a good system he knows
how to work with players that aren’t the most talented because New England does
it the only talent they usually keep is the QB and I believe in him I’ve seen
what he can do you can believe in him Baltimore has got some issues they’re
gonna try and play good defense but who sold them the more Jackson other than
him being a running quarter back and you know in this lead you’ve
gotta be able to make some throws I think we’re Baltimore lined up being
so one-dimensional and we know what fits magic has done in the past
you can book Miami to win that game by at least six they’re losing four points
but guys don’t sweat that right now go ahead and book Miami in that game next
we’ve got Atlanta going up to Minnesota a letter plus four meaning that in order
for Atlanta to win on your spec your sports betting book they have to win by
more than four points all Minnesota needs to do is win the game now what’s
special about this both teams are dome teams when it comes down to the talent
y’all know I am not sold on Minnesota’s QB he got that big contract and he
really just seems to me to be more of a middle of the pack type of guy he’s got
some good ass receivers now I mean when you face talent for talent they’re big
three versus Matt Ryan Julio Jones and company could probably add up but
considering Atlanta has not too removed from being a Super Bowl team
considering that yes this game is going to have a whole lot of scoring I am
gonna roll with the QB I believe in Moore which is Matt Ryan and Atlanta to
pull that off even though they’ve got to win by four more I’m saying book Atlanta
in that game last one I’m a coverage on this first prediction it’s Buffalo at
the Jets and what the hell man this is another rivalry game a division game
he’s got Buffalo going down there to the Jets god this is almost a pick’em but if
I had to pick the team on this one give me Buffalo because they’ve got
continuity already the Jets have a new head coach Adam GaSe he came from Miami
there’s a reason why we fired his ass they’ve got a new running back in LaVey
on bail who basically took off a whole damn year Buffalo has Josh Allen who at
times showed flashes of being a good crew
they still got LeSean McCoy running back I say you take Buffalo even though
they’re traveling so as a right now Green Bay at Chicago
give me the Bears Tennessee at Cleveland give me Cleveland Baltimore at Miami
give me Miami Atlanta at Minnesota give me the Falcons Buffalo at the Jets
give me the bills and ladies and gentlemen that’s gonna conclude the
first section of my week one NFL picks helping you guys try to get through the
NFL season and make a little bit of money as most states have allowed us to
start bitch that’s gonna do it for this video don’t forget to like my video
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what you think about my kicks and until that next sex is hell video I’ll see you you

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