everybody some this sort of beast that’s right and we got Sunday NFL football
kicking up here my time and approximately seven hours by time you’re
watching this ooh and I upload this you’re giving it’s about six to five
hours all right so we’re gonna go down the line of all my picks real quick so
that way you have them up-to-date and if any of the ats against the spreads Lines have changed because
Lines change all the time that’s right and why do I post frequent videos about
football and Yeti I do because I like to stay active with my viewers
alright so it’s not always about how many views I get in one video I don’t
care about that I don’t care about that what I appreciate is you guys
subscribe subscribe see I’m drinking my morning coffee still I can’t even talk
that’s right the Beast can’t talk he’s crazy
woo 507 a.m. in the morning that’s right on Sunday morning and a bell
alright so any help what I appreciate is everybody subscribing to my channel
giving me likes giving me criticism giving me dislikes having positive
comments back and forth and that’s what I appreciate and I really appreciate
that from all you also thank you and I also wanted to say thank you for always
coming into the polls and doing the polls the ones that do it it just keeps
the channel active and the community active and I like that I don’t I see
some channels which is fine they’ll make one or two videos a week and they don’t
really communicate that much with you all so that’s why I like to make videos
frequently and posters random stuff sometimes it’s crazy sometimes just out
there and sometimes it’s just plain out nonsense that’s right but anyhow what we
got going on today we got Sunday NFL right so we have the Carolina Panthers
playing the Houston Texans to start off our end I’m taking the +5 for against
spreads on Carolina and I’m taking the over 47 for 12 points score I predict
the score to be 23 to 26 Houston Texans win but I’m also counting in overtime
that’s right how crazy right the Beast is come calling an overtime
game it’s gonna be overtime at fourth quarter it’s gonna be 23 at 23 and it’s
gonna come down to them overtime who’s gonna get the score that’s right and I
have Houston Texans hitting a field goal at the end of the game winning it 23 26
all right now we got the Cleveland Browns playing the Baltimore Ravens all
right and I’m just looking up at my dry eraser board so that way I can just give
these pics cheer real fast I’m taking the Baltimore Ravens at
minus-7 I’m taking the over 45 and I’m predicting this score today to be 13 to
38 all right so Baltimore wins 13 238 against the Cleveland Browns Washington
Redskins and the New York Giants this is going to be a really good game to watch
all right I’m predicting the score to be under 49 12 point score I’m taking the
minus 3 on the New York Giants and I’m taking the score prediction to be 19
Washington Redskins and 24 New York Giants all right woo now we got the LA
Chargers and the Miami Dolphins and I’m predicting the score to be under 44
points total width that’s rat a plus a plus 15 for the Miami Dolphins the score
prediction for this game is gonna be really crazy whoa
I predict scored beat 15 to 9 15 to 9 crazy right la chargers 15 Miami
Dolphins 9 who locked that one in lock that one in it because that is gonna
happen that’s right put the plus 15 on the Miami Dolphins guaranteed lock from
the Minnesota beast if you don’t well crap happens Oakland Raiders
Indianapolis Colts man I wonder if my morning coffee but you know what I want
to be rude I want speed this up Oakland Raiders Indianapolis Colts score
prediction under 46 12 points score total game score 13 Oakland Raiders whoo
28 for the Indianapolis Colts so for the guest spread lines for the Vegas lines
the money Lions the odds whoo I’m taking that minus six and a half points for the
Indianapolis Colts oh Oakland Raiders Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts
win 28 to 13 under 46 at a minus 6 and a half for that Colts Kansas City that’s
right Kansas City Chiefs the Detroit Lions whoo
a lot of people are gonna say Kansas City Britta’s Detroit Lions away I say
stop this listen it’s in Detroit it’s in Detroit it’s week four and it felt weak
for NFL picks predictions from the crazy wild beast whoo
we’re gonna go over 50 for 12 might score all right over 54 points all right
plus 7 plus 7 that’s grab for the Detroit Lions all right who’s gonna win
this game can’t say Chiefs win at a close close
close game 31:26 if you want a fast prediction real
just fast forward to this and hit one of
those little icons little square boxes that show you beasts against NFL week 4 picks
alright New England so can see Chiefs went
Detroit Lions Lewis but the score is 30 126 over 54 points 12 all right +7 for
the Lions Tennessee Titans playing the Atlanta Falcons the lens of focus the
focus the full pinch come on Norwegian Minnesota man can’t
you talk now Hale no I’m drinking my coffee screw this you drain your morning
coffee well piss on it yeah I even should’ve pitch my nuts and pick my nose
while we’re talking now that’d just be rude ah I’m just playing alright so a Tennessee
Atlanta I got a lat to winning this game 22 23 I’m taking the plus three and a
half on Tennessee I’m taking the under total points scored 46 next game we have
the New England Patriots against the Buffalo Bills the New England goats the
goats what’s gonna happen when we don’t have Brady and we don’t have bail check
for the New England Patriots doing Patriots couldn’t be one of those teams
that we’re gonna be like wow look at that
they’re like the Lions or like Cleveland Browns or like the Miami Dolphins you
have yada yada when they weren’t doing as well alright so I got New England
Patriots favorite in this game winning but at a very close close game alright
I’m taking the over 42 points I’m taking the plus seven on the Buffalo Bills
the final score prediction 31 New England 26th Buffalo ooh
Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Los Angeles Rams all right twelve prediction under
50 12 points total white score Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20 LA Rams 28 28 so
that means the LA Rams win today take the plus 9 and a half to the Tampa Bay
Buccaneers under 12 points score of 50 and when when I’m really when I’m done
with this video I’ll just run through them really fast for ya Jax will Jane
where’s Denver Broncos Jacksonville Jaguars take the plus three and a half
take the under 37 and a half Denver Broncos win 16 to 19 that’s rat monday
monday Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals fans day cuz I got a couple
upset games for you Cincinnati Bengals I guess the Pittsburgh Steelers both oh
and three teams right I got the final score prediction to be 16 16 to 20 16 to
20 whoo who wins that game Pittsburgh
Steelers went at home that’s right with the rookie quarterback take the – three
and a half for Pittsburgh the open line now if you watch one of my apat earlier
videos this week the open line was four and a half points so I did favor
Cincinnati Bengals because of the four and a half points alright so I still
predict a score to be 16 to 20 so now that it’s 16 to 20 and the points have
gone down I gotta flip that to the – three and a half for the Pittsburgh
Steelers at in under 45 all right – game upsets I got for you I got the CL
Seahawks play the Arizona Cardinals now okay I don’t care you know I don’t care
these are upsets so if you think I’m crazy for taking the Arizona Cardinals
well shit shit scratch your nuts scratch your ass scratchy or whatever you got I
don’t care I don’t care it’s the a.m. for the Beast I’m taking
Arizona Cardinals at home to win upsetting the see how Seahawks that’s
right that’s right I’m confident in this upset too upsets
21:24 Arizona Cardinals win at home +5 under 12 point score of 48 that’s right
next game upset Minnesota Vikings and no this is not because I’m a Minnesota
Vikings fan Minnesota Vikings I guess it’s Chicago Bears that’s right
the Bears now Minnesota has not won a game yet on the role of this year but
they are gonna win today I guess the Chicago Bears close close
game close close game twenty three to twenty take the +1 for the Minnesota
Vikings under 38 all right now you’re like PC I’m twelve Slough Dallas Cowboys
a New Orleans Saints game that’s right I haven’t go over to my community page or
in the polls and you’ll see what my prediction is all right inside the
comments so comment under there and you’ll find out who I’m taking today for
this great great matchup the Saints the Dallas Cowboys that’s right the Dallas
Cowboys are in New Orleans right all right all right
so those are my game picks and we already got Thursday off the boards so
anyhow quick rundown taking Carolina Panthers at the +5 I’m taking Houston
Texans to win under 47 Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens I’m taking on the
Baltimore Ravens to win at the – 7 and I’m taking that score prediction to be
over 45 the Washington Redskins the New York Giants I’m taking the New York
Giants to win at a -3 under 49 la chargers I’m taking to win under 44 and
a plus 15 for the Miami Dolphins Oakland Raiders Indianapolis Colts
Indianapolis Colts win at a minus 6 and a half under under 46 sorry I gotta look
up I don’t got ESPN cameras Kansas City Chiefs
at detroit detroit plus seven over 54 tennessee titans olanta taken the plus
three and a half worth of tennessee titans under 46 olanta wins tampa bay
buccaneers rams rams when plus nine and a half for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
under 50 Jacksonville Jaguars denver broncos denver broncos when jacksonville
jaguars takes the place for the plus three and a half under 37 and a half
monday you got cincinnati bengals Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
win – three and a half for the Pittsburgh Steelers under forty five my
two offsets I’m taking the Arizona Cardinals to win I’m taking the
Minnesota Vikings to win I’m taking Arizona plus five under 48 I’m taking
Minnesota plus one over 38 woohoo those are my picks that my predictions for
sunday NFL kickoff whoo wrong happening on Capri so when you
shake it I see my pockets full of dough shaken feathers to the mon and his bad
boy 🏈NFL WEEK 4 against the spreads nfl Vegas lines NFL odds NFL score predictions NFL upset picks also NFL over and under final score predictions NFL FOOTBALL SEASON
NFL Schedule – 2019
NFL Games I will be talking about today
Who I think will win each NFL football game for NFL Week 4 Let me know in my comments Below thanks
2019-2020 NFL Schedule
Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Falcons
12:00 PM CBS Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta
New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills
12:00 PM CBS New Era Field, Buffalo
Kansas City Chiefs
Detroit Lions 12:00 PM FOX Ford Field, Detroit
Oakland Raiders
Indianapolis Colts
12:00 PM CBS Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis
Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins
12:00 PM CBS Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens
Washington Redskins
New York Giants
s 12:00 PM FOX Met Life Stadium, East Rutherford
Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens
12:00 PM CBS M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore
Carolina Panthers
Houston Texans
12:00 PM FOX NRG Stadium, Houston
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Los Angeles Rams 3:05 PM FOX Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles
Seattle Seahawks
Arizona Cardinals
3:05 PM FOX State Farm Stadium, Glendale
Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears
3:25 PM CBS Soldier Field, Chicago
Jacksonville Jaguars
Denver Broncos 3:25 PM CBS Broncos Stadium at Mile High, Denver
Dallas Cowboys
New Orleans Saints
7:20 PM NBC Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans
Monday, September 30
Cincinnati Bengals
Pittsburgh Steelers The NFL 2019-2020
wildcard playoffs
Divisional playoffs
Superbowl 2019-2020
NFL weekly picks straight up wins
NFL Vegas lines
NFL against the spreads
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NFL over and under point spreads The NFL 2019-2020
wildcard playoffs
Divisional playoffs
Superbowl 2019-2020
NFL weekly picks straight up wins
NFL Vegas lines
NFL against the spreads
NFL upset picks
NFL over and under point spreads Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers
Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers
Los Angeles Rams
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New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints
New York Giants New York Jets
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles
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