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NFL weekly national football league games 2019-2020 NFL season
NFL Games I will be covering
Who I think will win each NFL football game for NFL Weekly
NFL Schedule – 2019 Team Schedules 2019 Week was I better but it was up what’s up
what’s up you’re a first time against spread picks well I got it for you
seconds here I got a few seconds and it might take a few minutes to go through
these games real quick because you want accurate against the spread picks do you
want to win this week 9 nfl football games that’s right because you know what the beast does the
Beast does shitty on his NFL picks this year
shitty on my against spread picks you’re crazy you’re more crazy than me if you
want to take my picks but just in case I could get lucky like I have in the past
years and I could do a turnaround that’s right I could do a complete ass freaking
turnaround so let’s talk about San Francisco Arizona on Thursday night win
streak seven games in a row San Francisco woo
Arizona is on a losing streak that’s right they lost the last game open line
was that minus seven for the 49ers current is that minus nine and a half
take that minus nine and a half that’s right on the San Francisco 49ers all
right let’s move on to Sunday NFL games and London whoo you got two Houston
Texans that’s right they’re on a one streak win and then you got the
Jacksonville Jaguars watch out Jaguars whoo two games in a
row win streak that’s right open line was favoring the Texans that’s right the
Houston Texans at minus three the current line right now is that – – and
what freaking it is is it what day is it based it is Tuesday almost 8:00 a.m. my
time so what do I tell you to do that’s right you take the Jacksonville Jaguars
why because the Jacksonville Jaguars have a huge huge fan base like I said in
my previous video at London that’s right so take that plus 2 on the Jacksonville
Jaguars whoo all right you got the Washington
Redskins and the Buffalo Bills they are both on
losing streaks Washington that’s right in the last two games have lost Buffalo
Bills in the last game they’d only lost one game in a road that’s right who is
the favorite in this game the Buffalo Bills are the favorite in this game the
open line was minus 10 the current line is guess what it is still minus 10
that’s right what do you do you take that minus 10 on the Buffalo Bills I
know that’s a lot of points that’s a lot of points as a lot of points beast
do what you got to do Chicago Bears Philadelphia Eagles ask her that game
let’s talk about the Tennessee Titans first that’s right Carolina Panthers
that’s right who is on the winning streak Tennessee has won the last two
games in a row Carolina well you know what shit happens they lost last game
open line is ferreting the Carolina Panthers go Panthers that’s
right at minus four and a half current line is currently right now at minus
three and a half what do you take you take the beasts pick you take the
straight up pick I took Carolina Panthers so I’m going to take that –
three and a half Chicago Bears Philadelphia Eagles screw this game
Chicago Bears are not the team that we thought they were gonna be and if you’re
a Bears fan well shit happens right the Minnesota Vikings are ruling that’s
right we’re coming back that’s right we’re coming for you Packers – we’re
coming for you Packers and we’ll get on to that game here soon
Chicago Bears Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles win let’s see what
the lines are open lines whoo – three on the Eagles current whoo – five they keep
going up they are loving the Beast this week loving the Beast
take that – five on the Eagles Minnesota Vikings the Kansas City Chiefs
let’s talk about this game should we talk about this game hell yeah
Minnesota Vikings just like my Minnesota Gophers whoo let’s give the Vikings in
the minutes sort of go for some love this year come
on come on we have won the last four games in a row can’t see cheats well
shit they lost the last game in a row right we don’t know if my Holmes is
gonna be there but it don’t matter it don’t matter let me just sort of like
his defense is rocking it and Kirk Cousins is rocking it Minnesota Vikings
win I don’t care what the points say let’s see what the points say can see
Chiefs what the hell can’t see James their favorite at minus-3 oh look at
that they’re going down – – now for the current – – on the Kansas HS you take
that to the bank put that plus two on the Minnesota
Vikings why cuz Abby said so and you would be watching the Minnesota beast if
you don’t lack Minnesota Vikings whoo New York Jets Miami Dolphins who cares
who cares both on losing streaks to only do you ever record videos and your
camera just goes to shit in a handbag well shit mine does my shits old Oh lock
the Beast anyhow you probably don’t notice that
instruction but I did I did all right I don’t care where we were I’m taking an
underdog that’s right so I’m going with the Miami Dolphins don’t shut this off
don’t shut this off current line right now the Jets are favored at open line
was minus six-and-a-half current line is going down at minus five and a half I’m
taking the opposite pick I’m taking the plus five and a half on the Miami
Dolphins I know it’s crazy they’re at home let’s give it to them
let’s win a game in Miami this year please Indianapolis pardon me my
camera’s up excuse my French but it really is so let’s just scroll
through these really fast Indianapolis has to Pittsburgh sorry about that but I
gotta get to work on this house Indianapolis right now is
on win streak right three wins in a row Pittsburgh’s on a to win streak right
now open line it doesn’t give me anything right now but I’m taking that’s
right I’m taking the hood Indianapolis Colts so let’s just wait on that current
game come back Sunday I’ll give you an update Detroit
Lions Oakland Raiders Detroit’s on a win streak of a 1 and Oakland’s two losses
but they’re finally going back home I’m liking that I’m taking the – whoa what
Oakland Raiders our favorite I was gonna say a plus two on the Oakland Raiders
but you take that – 2 on the Oakland Raiders give it to the Oakland Raiders
Tampa Bay Seattle Seattle Seahawks better be favorite alright I’m not gonna
talk about open lines current line right now is that – six and a half like I said
I’m having camera problems I’m taking man everybody my camera sucks today this
this is getting too old and too fast takes al Seahawks – six and a half all
right Cleveland at Denver that’s right take Denver at minus one Green Bay LA
Chargers take Green Bay – three New England Baltimore I’m taking upset I’m
taking the Baltimore Ravens I know I know I know but I’m taking the Baltimore
Ravens you do what you gotta do I’m taking the plus three and a half on the
Baltimore Ravens against New England make them lose their win streak Dallas
and the Giants I’m taking Dallas all day so I’m taking the – seven
those are my against spread picks just in case my camera did a pelt San
Francisco – nine and a half I’m taking I’m taking man this camera sucks I’m
taking the Jacksonville Jaguars Plus – I’m taking the Buffalo Bills at – ten
I’m taking the Carolina Panthers at – three and a half I’m taking the Eagles
at minus five and I’m taking Minnesota Vikings at plus – I’m taking the Miami
Dolphins as upset at plus five and a half I’m taking the pit I mean the
Indianapolis Colts I don’t know if the points are right now I’m taking Oakland
Raiders at plus I mean – – I’m taking the CL seahawks at minus six and a half
I’m taking the Denver Broncos at plus two and a half and I’m taking the Green
Bay Packers at minus three Baltimore Ravens is an upset at plus three and a
half and the Dallas Cowboys at minus seven sorry about this I’m going to try
to edit it out but shit happens watch my other video for my straight up
pics and come back to me on Sunday for sure for my

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