Nike GK Confidence Goalkeeper Gloves – Test & Review by freekickerz

Hi and welcome to a new video! Today, we will review our first Nike goalkeeper glove. The Nike gloves have to cope with the adidas ACE Zones which we already tested a couple of weeks ago. Stay tuned to find out how the GK Confidence performs! Enjoy the video! The Nike GK Confidence has a really tight fit offering a great comfort. The second Velcro and the adjustable fingertips create an excellent fit. Further, the Bio-Align Technology supports the fingers. The gloves are easy to put on. Only the big Velcro loosened quite often. The fit is true to size. The 6mm contact foam provides excellent grip in the beginning. Thanks to the notches at the fingers you still keep your mobility. So, it’s easier to catch shots. Although our goalie cleaned the gloves after every use they already lost a lot of grip after a couple of weeks. The gloves became more slippy in wet conditions. However, punching the ball was still accurate. The quality of the Nike GK Confidence wasn’t satisfying. The seam at the thumb of the right glove ripped. The durability of the catching area was OK. Our goalie used the gloves four times a week on astro. Still, the palm of the glove was in good condition. This could be a plus in terms of durability if it wasn’t about the ripped seam. This is why we have to deduct a few points here. Overall, we are happy with the gloves’ performance. The comfort and fit are good. The grip was impressive in the beginning. Unfortunately, things changed after two months. The grip became worse and the seam ripped. Although the palm of the gloves was in good condition Nike should work on the quality and durability. For 110€ there are better gloves on the market like the adidas ACE Zones. Overall, we rate the gloves with 7.5 out of 10 points. What are your thoughts on the Nike gloves? Did you have the chance to test them yet? Which gloves should we test next? Let me know in the comments below! Stay sporty and see you in the next video! Does it record? Max, challenge for you! Do this better!

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