Offense Takes on Defense in ‘Football Feud’ | Ditch the Playbook

– Wait, wait, wait. All the pushing?
– Roughing the passer? – And you can see why it’s always offense versus defense.
– Grabbin’. – S–t, I don’t care! It all comes down to this. Heyyyyy! Hey, ha, ha, ha! Let me get some love with the offense. Hey, hey. It is time. – How you dap us—
– Wait, you dapped us up and then you dap them up? – This is biased in here. – Already we’re fighting. – Wow.
– So you a New Orleans ref already? – Wooow.
– He already knows what time it is. Wooow. – OK fine, now we’re even! Now we’re straight. Welcome, everybody, to “Ditch the Playbook:
Football Feud,” presented by State Farm! I need more noise, please! [Cheering]
Thank you! Today, it is an argument that
has been waged for decades. Which side of the ball is
better: offense or defense? Let’s introduce the teams.
On the offensive side, one of the fastest wide
receivers to ever play the game. His yardage—I believe he’s over 10,000
for his career cuz he’s unbelievable— make some noise for DeSean Jackson!
[Cheering] Next up, if you’ve been paying attention to
his career this season, what is—was not a surprise, but, boy,
did he shock people—shoulda been a Pro Bowler! I’ll stan for him now. Give it up for the Raiders’ Darren Waller!
[Cheering] And as the entire nation was
captivated by Lamar Jackson, he’s got a young duo that’s
gonna dominate for a decade. Give it up for the other speedster, Hollywood Brown!
[Cheering] Before I go to the defensive side, I just wanna spotlight the chains cuz
that right there is Young Money, and I love it. – Yes, sir! – Defensive side. We got some talkers, and I’mma
put facts out there: the best all-around defensive end in the NFL, Cam Jordan!
[Cheering] Next to him, it’s my young bro. Raiders. Hits so hard, he’s gonna injure
everybody on the field. Give it up for the Oakland Raider, Johnathan Abram!
[Cheering] You look clean, son. You look clean. And to his left, the man has bags. Ownin’ the East Coast now
for the last few years, from Alabama to the New York Giants to Washington. Give it up for Landon Collins!
[Cheering] Here’s how today is gonna work. I have refs watching you at all times. If I see a phone out, if I see Google, I
have the power to punish at my discretion— Like a New Orleans Saints referee. – Wooow! [Audience:] Ooooh!
– OK, here are the rules. I asked a question on the app. We had thousands of responses. We are gonna put the six most
popular answers on the board. Each team will have 30 seconds on the
clock to name the six most popular responses. If they don’t have anything in the 30 seconds,
we will be able to come to you guys to steal. Let us play “Ditch the Playbook:
Football Feud,” presented by State Farm! Because the offensive side usually
gets the benefit of the doubt, we are gonna start
with the defensive side. Is that OK? – All right.
– They can go.
– Thank you.
– They can have it. Pass interference, you guys get all the benefits. – Holding!
– I’m looking out for you guys.
– All, all the benefits. – They be grabbin’.
– Hey, hey!
– Let us run! – Roughing the passer. And you can see why it’s always
offense versus defense.
– Grabbing! Cam, how are you feeling right now? – Blessed.
– Blessed. OK, 30 seconds on the clock. Question for the defense: starting with Cam, which coach could strap on the pads right now and play in the NFL? Go. – Andy Reid. – Correct! – Uh, the Titans coach. What’s his name? Damn, I’m ’bout to say his name too.
– S–t. – Vrebel? – Mike Vrabel, correct! Come on, Landon.
– Uhhh. Sixteen seconds. – Sean Payton. Correct! – My dawg. -Oh, that was incorrect!
– Oh! – My bad, he’s not on the list. Fake-out. Hurry up, Cam! – Um… I don’t—I don’t know. Don’t know. I don’t know. – Two.
– Don’t know.
– One.
– Ron Rivera. – Excuse me? – Ron Rivera. – What was the last name you’re saying? – Ron Rivera. – Paul Revere?
– No, Ron Rivera! – Ron Rivera, not on the list.
– Oh, my God. – What’s the 49ers coach’s name?
– There’s no way he said Ron Rivera, at all. – Hey, Kyle Shanahan.
– I did say that! – Kyle Shanahan.
– Stop saying names. They have the option to steal.
– Too late. – OK. – Too late. – That’s on me. – So here is the extra point for you guys.
– Whoa, we get to steal? – I know, I know. We have two names up there. That means that four have been unsaid. If you get one of the four,
you get a 10-point steal. You guys can talk to each other. Huddle up. How did you feel about your teammates that round? – Hey, can we run it? – We ready, we ready. – Can we— Hey, we ready. – Nah, nah. Make Hollywood— – We ready! We ready! – Hey, make Hollywood— – Nah, man we ready. We got this. – All right.
– I can answer. – DeSean, I’ll let you—oh, you wanna let your—
– Nah, I’mma let my lil’ bro do it.
– You want Hollywood? All right, Hollywood. Who do you believe— which current NFL coach could strap on and play right now in the NFL? – Sean McVay. – Do we have Sean McVay? We got Sean McVay!
[Cheering] – Phenomenal. Phenomenal! The other names that were not said, and
we’ll see if you would’ve gotten them: No. 6: Mike Tomlin. – OK.
No. 4— – Kyle Shanahan. – Brian Flores, Miami Dolphins.
– Jon Gruden. – There we go. – You didn’t—OK. – Jon Gruden.
– They got a football team? – They got a football team. I thought you weren’t
trying to get—
– They traded everybody! – They did trade everybody. Woooow.
– You gotta stop. You goin’ raw already. – No. 3: Robert Saleh, defensive coordinator of the 49ers that’s yellin’ and flexin’ all the time. – Wow.
– I wouldn’t have gotten that. – All right, so that was two correct answers— – Hey, wait—
– I thought it was head coaches. I thought Jon Gruden was gonna be on there.
– It’s gotta be head coaches. – I said “Which coach?” – He did say “coach.” – I did say “coach,” yeah. That means after that round, it is currently 10 to 10. Two fives and a 10-point steal. We are now gonna go to the offensive
side for their question in the first round. DeSean, we’re gonna start with you. We’re gonna put 30
seconds on the clock. DeSean, who is the handsomest man in the NFL? – Ehhh. – Bro, that is so— – Listen, you gotta answer the question! – Tom Brady. – Tom Brady, correct! – Uh, Travis Kelce. – Correct! – Drew Brees. – Drew Brees is not on the list. That’s a weird guess. – Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy Garoppolo, correct! You guys know your handsome men. – George Kittle. – George Kittle not on the list. Five seconds. – Uh, damn.
– Jimmy Graham.
– Jimmy Graham was not on there anyway. They did get three correct.
– Shoulda said DeSean Jackson, damn. – I can’t believe none of
you didn’t say yourselves. I mean, Darren Waller looks like a
model-slash-muay thai fighter. I stole your joke from earlier. It was a good joke. So you guys have the
opportunity for a steal. There are three names not up there. Have you convened yet? Do you wanna get into a
group and talk about it? – Let me say it.
– We good, we good. – OK. Cam Jordan, who is one of the
most handsome men in the NFL? – I’mma go Nick Bosa. – Nick Bosa— – No.
– Is not on the list! No steal. – Oh, OK. OK. – Wow. Big round for the offensive team. Here are the names you missed. – Joey Bosa. It was one of the Bosas. – No. 6: Russell Wilson. No. 5, the cleanest running back in the NFL, Saquon Barkley. – Odell.
– And No. 3— this one’s up for debate—
– Odell. Aaron Rodgers
– Aaron Rodgers, what I say? – You thought Aaron Rodgers?
– Absolutely!
– But I didn’t wanna be biased. It was, it was a college situation happened.
I didn’t wanna— – A lil’ Cal— No Cal-on-Cal crime? – Yeah, I, Yeah, I conceited. – OK, so where does that mean
we stand right now with the score? That was three correct. Offense pulls out to a 25-10 lead. All right, we are now gonna move
to the second quarter. The point totals are raised. Ten points for every correct answer. – Y’all need help.
– And this one, this one could get animated. – Uh-oh. We’re gonna start with Johnathan Abram. Who is the best trash-talker in the NFL? Thirty seconds on the clock. Go! – DeSean Jackson. – Not on the list. – Aaron Rodgers. – Not on the list.
– What?! – Whoa. – Cam Jordan. – Not on the list. – Johnathan Abram. – Johnathan Abram, not on the list. – Uh… – Jadeveon Clowney. – Not on the list. What is going on? – Philip Rivers. – Phil Rivers is on the list. Correct. – J.J. Watt?
– J.J. Watt is not on the list. One answer.
– Ohhh. – You guys can get together, figure out the best
trash talk. Before I move on to them, thousands of people entered, and
someone literally wrote in the app, “Definitely not Johnathan Abram.” I just wanna know how
that makes you feel. – S–t, I don’t care!
– S–t, he doesn’t care. – We got it.
– Darren Waller has to give me it. Who is the best s–t-talker in the NFL? – I’mma go Marcus Peters. – I told you!
– Marcus Peters. – Solid.
– Solid. – It’s on the list! A big-time steal!
– Yeah! Yeah! – Let’s see the reactions of the defense.
– It’s a blowout now. – No. 6: Quarterback Baker Mayfield. – Does he talk? – Bro, he talk a lot.
– What do you think about Baker Mayfield being sixth? – He talks, he talks a lot on commercials. – [Audience:] Ohhh! – Just chill, just chill on my dude. – I’m gonna be honest. We’ve only done two quarters, and I don’t know how Cam Jordan
is not on the list for best s–t-talker. No. 4, a member of the team that
Cam Jordan didn’t know existed: Christian Wilkins of the Miami Dolphins. No. 3 was Philip Rivers. No. 2: Richard Sherman, in the Super Bowl, San
Francisco 49ers.
– Yep, yep. – And No. 1: Jalen Ramsey—
– Dang it! – Of the L.A. Rams.
– That made perfect sense. – He does talk his s–t.
– Yep. – 45-20, offensive side. Promise you’re not cheating. – How? – Darren, we’re starting with you. Six most popular answers are on the board. Thirty seconds, locked and ready to go. Darren Waller, which NFL player
would win an NFL dunk contest? Go. – Uhhh, I’mma go with David Njoku. – David Njoku, not on the list. Marquise. – Tyreek Hill.
– Tyreek Hill, not on the list. – Odell Beckham.
– Odell Beckham is correct. – Uh, A.J. Brown. – A.J. Brown, not on the list. It’s a good guess, though. He’s probably good. – A.J. Green. – Not on the list. Four seconds. – Julio, Julio Jones. – Julio Jones, correct! Very strong round there by
DeSean Jackson. Got two of the six. Guys, DeSean needs you to step up. – It’s team effort. – But I do think A.J. Brown— – Hope your back alright, G. Hope your back alright. OK, we have the defensive team convening. – This is what we’re gonna go with? – Cam, has your team come to a decision on
the best dunker in an NFL dunk contest? Do you feel confident? – Yeah. – OK. What is your answer for the steal? – Mike Thomas. – Mike Thomas? – No, sir. – Not on the list! – No, sir!
– A clean round— please don’t break the set.
– No, sir. No. 6: George Kittle, tight end— that doesn’t make any sense. – These fans. – Hey, he’s explosive. – Hey, these are fans answering. No. 5, he played college basketball— – Jimmy Graham.
– At Miami. – Jimmy Graham.
– Jimmy Graham. – No. 4, maybe the most dominant abs
in the NFL, DK Metcalf. 3 was Julio Jones. 2, this man can dunk. I’ve seen it. Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers. But a very strong round there by the offense. Let’s check in with the scorekeeper. As the lead has swollen to 65-20. – Hey, just throw in the flag. Just quit. – I’m just letting you know there’s a round later that’s worth 500 points.
– Oooh! – Nobody is out of this.
– Alright. No one’s safe! Thirty seconds, top six answers. Each correct answer is worth 20 points. I’m gonna start with Landon Collins cuz he’s a hard hitter. Landon— – Why you lookin’ over your shoulder? Why you lookin’ over your shoulder? – That question. – Who has the most punchable face in the NFL? Go. – Jimmy Garoppolo. – Jimmy Garoppolo, no. – Richard Sherman. – Richard Sherman. – No.
– Mason Rudolph. – Very much so, yes! – Oh, all right, all right, all right.
OK, um… – Fifteen seconds. – I don’t know.
– OK, Cam. – It has to be an offensive lineman. Um… – Nope. – Richie Incognito. – Nope. – Hurry up! – Aaron Rodgers. – Aaron Rodgers. – Aaron Rodgers is correct. They get two. Mason Rudolph, you said pretty easily. – What made you say Mason Rudolph there?
– I plead the fifth. – His face is not just
punchable, it’s helmet-able. – Hey, you gonna get somebody in some s–t.
– I am gonna get somebody in some stuff. The most punchable face in the NFL. DeSean Jackson,
who have we come up with? – Baker Mayfield. He’s on the list! And a big-time steal
by the offensive team. – Hey, can I ask a question though? – Yes, yes, yes. – Is Philip Rivers on there too?
We gonna find out, right? Philip Rivers is, in fact, No. 6. Wow, so both of you guys were right. – Yeah, we on one. – No. 4: Eli Manning. – What?!
– Wow. – And his, and his brother. – Hold on, hold on. Before we give the No. 1 answer— Can I see everyone’s Eli Manning face? – Oh, I’m not gonna do that. He from New Orleans. I ain’t gonna do that. – Darren Waller said, “Yes, please.” The No. 1 most punchable
face in the NFL, Cam Jordan? Tom Brady. – What? Come on now!
– According to fans. – That’s just a lotta hate. They wanna punch him in that beautiful—
– That’s just a lotta hate. He married to Gisele. Like, he make millions. That’s a lotta hate. – If you notice, they’re all quarterbacks. The No. 1 non-quarterback that was on the list? Julian Edelman was No. 1 on most punchable faces. – Yo, these fans outta pocket.
– Boyyy. – All right, so the offensive side
continues to go out to a monster lead. – They know what the fans want! – 90-60. – All right, we comin’ back.
– Two big answers there. Johnnathan Abram, proud of you.
– But we came back. – We on our way back. – This one is not about players. This one is not about coaches. This one is about fans, offensive team,
and we are going to start off with Marquise Brown. Marquise, the question on the board, 30 seconds. Six most popular answers. Which NFL team has the worst fans? Go. – Buffalo Bills.
– Not on the list. – Oh, me? S–t, the Eagles. – Correct. Dammit.
– I know. Waller.
– New York Jets. – Incorrect. – Uh, Kansas City Chiefs.
– Incorrect. – Pittsburgh Steelers. – Incorrect.
– New England Patriots. – Correct! – Green Bay Packers. – Green Bay Packers, not on the list. Seven seconds. – S–t, uh, Cleveland Browns. – Cleveland Browns, yes. One…
– Cowboys. Did he get it in? Do I have a judge?
– Yes, yes, he got it in. – He got it in. It is correct! Darren Waller got Cowboys.
One, two, three and six. There are two other answers. I don’t like that the Eagles are first. I’m an Eagles fan.
– I know why. – You played on the Eagles. – Yeah. – Why does everyone think
that they’re the worst? You’re the one that said it. – I know what’s goin’ on, you know? They get mad. We down 10 points, they booin’ us! But we come back
and win, though. We good, though! It’s all good. I don’t know, man. It’s how it go. – Wait, what is happening right now?
– I love ’em though. – You love ’em? – I love the Eagles fans. – That doesn’t sound like you love ’em.
– I love ’em. – Sounds like you kinda pent up a little bit. – It don’t sound like they love us
sometimes too, but we, we understand. – We love you. We love you a lot. Cam, your level of confidence right now—
– Rock, paper, scissors for it. – All right, on shoot.
– The steal is worth 25 points.
– [Together:] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – [Together:] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
– All right, so— – Do neither of you wanna say this cuz
you’re afraid of upsetting this fanbase? – [Together:] Nah. – OK. Oh, you have two different answers. – Yeah. We had two different answers. Discrepancies. – Cam, who is the remaining
worst fanbase in the NFL? – Washington Redskins. – Not on the list! – Hey, I bet the Raiders on there, though. – You bet your ass they are! No. 5: Oakland Raiders. And No. 4, this is not about booing. This is about the fact
that they’re not there. The Los Angeles Chargers.
– They’re not. – Oh, OK. – How does that make you feel, Abram, that you knew that the Raiders were on there? – Cuz I love ’em. I love them motherf–kers!
I love ’em. – Oh, you love those MFers?
– Everybody else hate ’em. – All right. Let’s get a little quick
scoreboard update here as we finish the third round.
– Damn! – Just get to the 500 points.
– Wow! – Damn.
– All right. DeSean has been callin’ his shot the
whole game. Cam, you said you got him. It is time now for the two-minute drills.
We head in. I’m gonna call one of you up
individually to face off with the person on the other side. The point values will continue to go up. Whoever guesses—you get one guess. Whoever has the guess that is higher
on the list gets all of the points. – Wow. – That is the rules. – Defense, your team is losing. So we’re gonna call up Landon
Collins and Marquise Brown first. Come to the center of the stage, please. Give ’em a round of applause.
[Applauding] – I gotchu, I gotchu.
– Stand next to you? – What’s up?
– You can stand right here. I actually want you to go face-to-face. – All right.
– Right there.
– Look him in his eyes! – Yeah. OK, Marquise, how you feelin’ right now? – I’m ready. – Ooh. – Ooh. – What’s your prediction, Landon Collins? – He ain’t gonna say nothin’.
– [Laughing] – He has predicted silence. OK, Landon, you get to answer first. Landon, what is the
dumbest rule in the NFL? Take your time. – That reverse challenge rule stuff. Where you throw the flag— – So you’re gonna say “challenging”— – No, the reverse challenging stuff. Like, basically
what happened to the Saints— – He talkin’ about pass interference. – You gotta say that, though.
– Pass interference, is that what you’re saying? Your final answer is pass interference?
– The worst rule? – “What is the worst rule?” Pass interference?
– Yeah, stick with that one!
– Pass interference. – Marquise, and we’ll put ’em up at the end, don’t worry. What do you believe is
the worst rule in the NFL? – Worst rule in the NFL,
block in the back. – Block in the back, OK. – Yeah, screw safety! – Let’s see. No. 6: What is a catch? No. 5: the tuck rule. No. 4: taunting. No. 3: roughing the passer. No. 2: overtime, which means one of you got the No. 1 answer. How you feelin’? Landon is very confident right now.
– Walk it off! Pass interference. – The No. 1 dumbest rule, according to
the fans in the B/R app: pass interference! How ’bout that? That was worth 50 points.
– That was all right. – Cut the lead!
– Which brings the defensive team within 65 points as we enter second round. Look at that.
– We ight. 215-155. DeSean says they’re all right. – We good.
– Says they’re OK. – Pressure busts pipes, homie.
– Or make diamonds! – Pressure busts pipes, makes diamonds.
– We good. And it’s very applicable
to “Football Feud.” – We good. – I’m gonna call out two Raiders. Johnathan Abram, Darren Waller,
middle of the stage. Football Feud. [Cheering] – Hey, we know who win that matchup in practice. – Oh, nah! – Camera, I’d like you to pan down really quick
and just show, where is the rest of Darren Waller’s shorts? The man heard he was goin’ to Miami and
said, “I’m on vacation the whole time.” I appreciate it. It’s OK. Abram’s out here with the popped collar. It’s good. The question is—we’re gonna
start again with the defensive side. Johnathan Abram. What is the worst NFL city to party in? – Take your time. Take your time. – Who doesn’t have the clubs? – Who doesn’t even know what “bottles” mean? – You go out—
– How much time do we got? Damn.
– And go, “Ugh. All I gotta do is go to Arby’s.” What is the worst NFL city to party in? – Denver. – Johnathan Abram is guessing Denver. Denver. – Damn! – I don’t know. Things are legal in Denver. – He cheated!
– I didn’t say—how am I cheating?!
– I don’t know if he cheated. – Go ahead, Darren.
– Darren Waller, what is your guess? – I’m goin’ Cleveland. – He is going Cleveland. The entire audience is nodding their heads.
– [Laughing] – I know that was—
– Let’s see here. Let’s go from six to one. No. 6: Jacksonville. No. 5: Detroit. No. 4— this would’ve been my guess, no offense. Buffalo. Remember, Marshawn Lynch famously said, “All
they got is a Dave & Buster’s.” No. 3: Cincinnati. No. 2: Green Bay. No. 1— we either need it to
be Denver or Cleveland. And the No. 1 answer is…
– Cleveland. – Cleveland! – Darren Waller!
– Hey, so that mean I can lose, right? – I gotta, I gotta ask, Johnathan: Why Denver? – Ain’t s–t in Denver.
– Denver live, lowkey. – There ain’t stuff in Denver?
– No!
– Yeah there is! – There’s a lot—
– There’s a lot in Denver. – There’s a lot in Denver.
– Landon Collins, you enjoy Denver, right? – I just left there, yeah. – Yeah, Denver’s a good place. – Why you ain’t help him?
– That’s the problem.
– Have you ever been to Denver? – You’ve never been to Denver?!
– Why you ain’t help him? – Hold on, what did you think Denver
was gonna be like? – Cold!
– Cold. DeSean Jackson, though. Green Bay was pretty good. Darren Waller, Cleveland. Well done. That one was worth 100 points. So the offensive team—
– I can lose mine, right? – Yeah. Offense jumps back out to a huge lead.
– This the 500 one. This is the final
question, and it is worth. 500 points. – Why did we struggle? – It all comes down to this! Can I get some noise please? – Why’d we struggle?
– It’s all you. This entire afternoon, we have heard two people
talkin’ so much that I can’t even get a word in. To my right, DeSean Jackson. To my left, Cam Jordan. It is only fitting it comes down to them. You two, center of the stage, right now. Big time! DeSean, what would you like to
say to your competitor? – It’s like my little brother, man. You know, we went to
the same college, man. He was, he was my young brother, man. That’s all I’mma say to him. You know, he the man right now. So we gonna let him live in the moment. – That’s right. Both of you went to Cal. He was very complimentary.
– Indeed. – Would you like to actually talk trash? – Nah, man. The fastest race I ever saw was
him and Jahvid Best going at it. – Wow. – So just think about that speed there. I will say I like his shoes, and it looks
like we got the same size, though. – Wow. I don’t know if you’re insulting your own feet
or saying his feet are too big. – He’s sayin’, “Can I get that?”
– These are 16s. – Nah, these 12s, man. You don’t want these. – 16s? That’s just unnecessary. Wow. Bunions for days. OK. You have the lead. So I’m gonna give you the choice.
– All right. Would you like to go first or second? – Go second. DeSean, would like to go second. That means we’re starting off with you. And I don’t know if there’s a better
person to ask this question to. We are here in Miami. The clubs will be poppin’ all week. Which NFL athletes, active or retired, if they went into the club,
would get the best table? Active or retired. – You wanna holla at your boys, I’ll holla at my boys? – I’m good. We don’t need that.
– Wow. I appreciate you
lettin’ me go first, though. – I mean, you can if you need the help, though.
– Hold on. – Young, young icon, you know, outta New
Orleans, Odell Beckham Jr. – Odell Beckham Jr. He walk in, he good anywhere. – OK, that’s a really good answer. DeSean Jackson, turning around to his team, the game on the line. I wanna remind everybody— – Did anybody else— did anybody else get this, though? Did they get this? – You know
– That’s crazy. My bad, one second. – Desperate times—
– Hey what did y’all?! – Oh, OK. I didn’t know, I didn’t know we had that. – You should feel good. That’s crazy. – All right, DeSean, what is your answer? – We should be good. I appreciate that.
– A current or retired NFL athlete that would get the best table at the club. – I’mma go with Deion Sanders. – Oooh, Prime!
– Deion Sanders. – Prime too old. He ain’t clubbin’. Prime, Prime asleep for the
Prime Academy by 9:30. – OK, I want you to kinda stand back by your tables. A little bit of space. – Ight, cool. Hey, no hard feelings. – Wow.
– No hard feelings. – Wow. – Oh, OK. – Wow. – Crazy. – OK, cool. – Before we get the correct answers, who
here thinks the offensive team is gonna win? Lemme hear some noise. Hey, if you woulda said Warren Sapp, maybe, dawg.
– Who here thinks the defensive team is gonna win? No. 6. He’s gonna have
his own party on the beach. Gronk, Rob Gronkowski. No. 5. This is why I kept saying “retired.” Dan Marino, Mr. Miami. But he ain’t goin’ clubbin’. The fans were wrong on that one. No. 4, Marquise Brown’s teammate. Mr. Miami, Lamar Jackson. – Oh, his money good anywhere. No. 3, I don’t know what the fans
are thinkin’, but a maybe. Ryan Fitzpatrick. The current quarterback. – Yes, sir! He a Arizona guy. I love it.
– That’s fair. – Lemme ask: If you guys went to the club and Ryan
Fitzpatrick had a bottle of Ace of Spades— – Nope, Tito’s. – Tito’s. And was like, “Hey, come over!” Would you party with Ryan Fitzpatrick? – I know there’s a keg party somewhere. He’d gonna bring a keg.
– A keg party? – You ain’t never seen a keg at a table, have you?
– Yeah. – That might be something new. – Ryan Fitzpatrick wheeling in a keg. No. 2: Tom Brady. – Oh, it’s a wrap.
– He walks in the club— – Oh, it’s a wrap.
– Y’all lost this ish. – It’s a wrap. – Throw in the flag.
– So, now here’s the deal. There’s one spot left. Offense has guessed Deion Sanders. Defense has
guessed Odell Beckham. If it’s not on the list, we’re going to a Super Sudden-Death Overtime. – Oh, Super Sudden Death! Is Deion Sanders or Odell
Beckham Jr. No. 1?
– No. – Ding, ding, ding, ding!
– Odell Beckham Jr.! – Hey, hey, hey! Defense win championships! – That might be a sore loser. That was
“Ditch the Playbook: Football Feud,” presented by State Farm.

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