Patrick Mahomes’ Voice Is the Best Thing at the NFL Carnival | Gridiron Heights S3E5

WOOHOO!!!! Hey, Aaron, is it just me, or is this year’s Quarter-Season Carnival… kinda soft? Sir, you’re going to have to leave Noooo I love quarterbacks I’m sorry Hey look, guys I finally hit the target! I’m sorry I know everyone’s rooting for me Don’t worry The Colts will help you win! OH, I’M PATTY MAHOMES AND I SHOOT REAL GOOD Come ride Booger McFarland’s Sideline Machine! WELL, THE CONDITIONS HERE AT THE CARNIVAL ARE VERY SCARY Sir, you’re up Nope. Not yet. Man, where’s Eli? He said he’d connect with us here HELP! I’M NOT A MOBILE QB! I’M OLD AND SCARED God damn- Odell, you’re polite now, remember? I love dealing with Eli I can’t move my feet! ELI! WHERE ARE YOU?! I won’t leave my corn pocket A PASS-RUSHER LOOKING FOR A PASS-RUSHER! ANY QUARTERBACKS! I’M LOOKING FOR ANY NON-CONTROVERSIAL QUARTERBACKS! ANYBODY ON THE STEELERS! WHERE YOU AT! Shhhhhhh Don’t tell No siree, Bob that maze is too tricky for me! WOW, WHAT A FUN, EASY MAZE Subscribe to this channel Watch more episodes I gotta go

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