Penn State Fantasy Football Camp

Penn State Fantasy Football Camp

I had an appreciation before, but now my body has a full appreciation for all the pain that they go through. You know what, they’re hanging in there pretty good. Here we go, get ’em in there! Go! Stop! Earlier today I caught a pass, and I turned around, and my 14 year old son was doing this. I could cry right now, and I just started bawling because this is all I ever wanted to do, and for him to be able to see it. It’s a dream come true. These guys are having a blast, I mean there’s a wide variety of talent, as you can imagine, and their ages 28 to 65, and everywhere in between, they come from ten different states and walks of life, but their all drawn together by their love of Penn State, their love of Penn State football, and they all dreamed of maybe having played, none of them got the chance to do this. They’re hanging tough, legs are a little weary, a little tight, but they’re getting ready for game day, and that’ll be a thrill when they run out onto the field at Beaver Stadium. The primary goal is to really get an inside look at Penn State football, I mean, in the 5 days they’re here they’re getting coached by some of the great coaches, they’re learning, we did one practice just defense, one just offence, one special teams, and now game preparation. I’m just gonna take my eyes, and focus on his waistline, no matter what he does, I’m gonna be in a great position to pull the plug. They’re getting inside the Penn State football program, as nobody’s ever done before. Well I got the team beat in age, if nothing else coach, I’m 65 and having a blast. Go ahead Boss. It’s the way to keep young. Big Zack Mills fan. Lucky seven. Twenty Eight. No special reason, just my old high school number. I’m a Curt Warner and a Tom Bradley fan. Number’s twenty five. Jay Paterno, baby. I think I’m ready to bring some glory to the number, maybe make it a little better than thirty one. Blue and White forever, baby.
Penn State pride! And here come the Nittany Lions!
[Cheering] There’s the opening kick, and the 2007 Fantasy Blue and White game is underway at Beaver Stadium. Looking, looking, good protection…
He’s got him at the 3, the 2, touchdown, Penn State! He finds his tight end at the goal line, touchdown! …to the other side, he’s got him at the 40, now the midfield, and down at the white 46 yard line! … pass to the nearest side, to the 40, out to the 48, another blue first down! Far side, corner of the end zone, did he get his feet down, yes he did! Touchdown, white squad! It’s down to this now, blue team 30, white team 24, white ball at the blue 12, fourth down. Lots of time, lots of time, complete, touchdown Penn State! We’re tied at 30! The kick is up and the kick is good! The white squad has come back, to win the 2007 Fantasy Football Blue and White game, 31 to 30. It don’t matter who won, who lost, everybody was a winner today. This is the greatest thing in any of our lives except our wives and our children. This is worth it. We are! Penn State! [Cheering]

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