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OK, so I am joined by the coaching staff here at Premier Football Academy, we want to find out a little bit more about what it is. So, first of all guys tell me, what is Premier Football Academy? Premier Football Academy is basically just like a basis for six to 16-year-olds to increase their footballing ability at like a helpful and calm environment. If you want to get away from anything, then we’re just here to help and improve at a Premier Academy standard of football, basically. Yeah, and how is this academy different from other Grassroots Academies around the area? It’s we learn from many, many, many different countries. So we bring Italian style, Spanish style, Germany style, Belgium style, English style, of course, into coaching. By different ability, by challenge the player, by improve the muscle memory, by improve the decision making, so all this link into the one session. I used to work in Real Madrid’s Academy, and we take a lot of from there They learn about decision making. So we set up sessions which you have to have decision making before you’re doing the skills. Obviously a lot of people, a lot kids have been getting involved in this. But it’s not just young boys, young girls can get involved too, can’t they? I’d like to try, and me being one of the coaches, bring a lot of girls into the football. And show them like they can have fun and maybe progress with a career into football. And then finally Owen, tell me why if a kid’s thinking about comingalong or joining an Academy, why should they be coming along to this one? I play it nearly every day myself. Love playing football, and I’m sure many kids out there do. So, I think it would be easier for them to come here, and get away from the streets, and enjoy a friendly, family environment. Yes. –With us as coaches. Yeah. Well certainly, it looks like the kids are really, really enjoying this this evening. I wish you the best of luck, guys. Get involved in the Premier Football Academy, get in touch, and get them down here.

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