Tackling Diabetes in San Antonio | Humana

It’s a challenge when you get up in the
morning, take your pills, check your sugar, your fingers hurt. My parents both had diabetes. Both of them had it. My older sister had diabetes too and she’s
now deceased. I’m Charlie Castleman, Jr. and I’ve had
diabetes for 20 years plus. Here in San Antonio, unfortunately, the diabetes
rate is significantly higher than the national average with 14% of our population having
diabetes. The American Diabetes Association in partnership
with Humana and the San Antonio Health Advisory Board came together and we really identified
that we need to promote programs that are focused on diabetes prevention and management. The Diabetes Resources Guide is a website
where anyone in the community, physicians, people that have been diagnosed or people
who are just looking for information, can go and find free to low-cost diabetes programs
for prevention as well as self-management. We really want to see a flourishing San Antonio
and we are on our way to getting there through the partnerships. One of the beautiful things about the committee
in bringing all of these different groups and resources together is that now we have
a one-stop shop for patients to go. Patients who needed help, needed education,
needed resources but maybe didn’t know what was available to them. It’s about collaborative care and I think
as we move into the future of healthcare, the more we can collaborate, the more we can
come together for the for the good of the patient, the better off we all will be. We want community members to use the Diabetes
Resources Guide to sign up for a wellness program, so that they can prevent and better
manage their diabetes and that we can create a healthier environment for our community
with more healthy days.

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