The NFL in London – what’s it like to go to a game?

American football one of the proudest
traditions of the United States of America this sport is woven into the
fabric of everyday life so why would you come to London England to watch a game the NFL has been playing games every
year in London since 2007 and the fans will love it but it’s not just about the
game itself when you mix American football with a historic City of London
you get some pretty interesting things before the game even starts there’s
plenty of fan events around the city in the lead-up to the game’s me your
favorite teams fans in a typical English pub absolutely try and meet your
favourite player so that they can sign your stuff totally this is Nelson a
galore of the Eagles and trying to get anywhere near him was hard work because
it was so busy they actually closed the queue to meet him 40 minutes before she
even arrived so this is pretty much the best I got they have a tailgate party
outside the stadium which has a lot of fun things to do but I warn you about
two things number one you’ll have to pass airports tile security just to get
into the tailgates and – you’ll be queuing forever to do anything because
there’s so many people that attend the game the tailgate is usually packed so
try and get there as soon as the doors open if you can it’s a pretty cool place
to hang around drink a few beers and watch the cheerleaders but if you
actually want to do something like have your picture taken with the Vince
Lombardi Trophy you’ll be queuing forever this line took 50 minutes
funnily enough though the queue to buy overpriced beer was surprisingly short
and if you want to buy merchandise boy you’re in for a wait this is the queue
to buy stuff at the NFL shop it took about an hour to get from the back of
the queue to entering the place boy these guys must make a killing who
finally real merchandise but once you’ve thrown your footballs and got your free
swag it’s time to pass a not a lot of airport security to enter the stadium
the game today features the Philadelphia Eagles and the Jacksonville Jaguars and
boy there’s a lot of Eagles fans here they’ve taken over the entire city I’m
not joking everywhere I looked there are Eagles fans everywhere
they’re also barricading the streets for some reason but you gotta admit these
guys travel really well the cheapest tickets are understandably the
nosebleeds were ants at butts Wembley is a great stadium and there’s not really a
bad seats in the house if you can’t get tickets to the top of
the lower tier or the middle tier that’s probably the best view of a stadium and
you’ll find fans of every team here quite literally it’s kind of like the
United Colors of Benetton you’ll never get bored here at an NFL game and
there’s always something going on just go for the atmosphere and if you know
what’s going on that’s a bonus by the way if you don’t know the rules of
American football check out my video on my other channel here it’s a great sport
pretty ill-tempered plays beating the hell out of each other and it’s great
when a team scores especially if you have rowdy fans like these Eagles now
people might have realized that I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan in a stadium
predominately packed with Eagles fans they absolutely hate each other and yeah
I got a few remarks but overall these Eagles fans were alright it’s different
here as you can talk to fans who support other teams with no animosity whatsoever
everyone’s here to have a good time and there’s almost like a party atmosphere
going on I don’t think I could get away with this in Philadelphia if you’ve
never been to an American football game before I highly recommend you come to
one and if there’s one in London and you can get a ticket absolutely you have to
go ok Nick I’m salt what do I do well you’ll need to get tickets they
sell out really quickly so you’ll have to be on the ball and get your tickets
as they’re released sign up on the NFL website for notifications the prices for
nosebleeds are actually okay I’ve paid just 42
pounds but sky’s the limit and if you buy them on
the resale market god help you London is a notoriously expensive city
so bring money lots of its flights hotel stays attractions and transportation can
all add up massively to get to the stadiums you’ll need to use the
underground tube system and NFL games are sometimes in different stadiums
across London so you’ll need to find out which the nearest tube station is so for
Wembley it’d be Wembley park etc is there anything else yes be prepared to
queue for absolutely everything whether you want to go to a player signing the
tailgate party or the game itself you’ll be in a mile-long queue so get there
early and be patient if you liked this video please be sure to like share and
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suggestions on what I should do next let me know but in the meantime thank you
very much for watching and we’ll see you in the next episode Ninh Ly – – @NinhLyUK

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