Tim Hightower- NFL Running Back and doTERRA Performance Advocate

Fifth-grader to my mama, I want to play
professional football, wrote it down on the sheet of paper, I will carry it around
with me everywhere I went. I didn’t have a flashy collegiate career just was a
lot of hard work and a lot of just keep your head down and keep working. And just
believe that good things are happening. It was never this high point to where I
felt like I arrived. It was always something to keep me humble, to keep me
focused, to keep my head down. When I was your age, well you know what I
thought? I thought if I make the NFL one
day, I make a lot of money, all my problems gonna go away because
people with money don’t have any problems.
-That’s not true.
Who said that’s not true? Amen! When you see me you see NFL player, that’s what you see, that’s my platform,
that’s the opportunity I have. Who am I? First of all I’m somebody who’s been
created with a purpose. My purpose is to use my gifts, my passions, my abilities,
and my influence to do what? To be successful but more importantly to show
somebody else how to do it. Family is foundation, it’s stability, it’s
everything before life got, you know, all the responsibilities, and the demands,
the high pressures, all those things. It was family, it was community, it was
values. I didn’t really understand the importance of a holistic lifestyle, of
taking care of my body. I always train hard and man, I gotta give this to my wife. I have to give her all the credit for that. She really
started to introduce me to a different approach, so introducing me to essential
oils. You know calming down and just relaxing in the Rubs. I mean that deep
blue is, that’s my best friend. It’s been a really cool discovery of
different ways that we can go about taking care of our body and just living in general. Don’t just be content with where you are now but to search within yourself, use
the people around you and to use the gifts that you’ve been given on this
earth, to make this place a better place. You know, so that’s what drives me every
single day because I’m always trying to figure out, man how can I learn, how can I
grow, how can I maximize my potential and how is this impacting my family, my
future generations in my community, and that’s I think that what keeps me going everyday. you

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